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We then screwed them all together and to the wall and built a hardwood face frame over the units to give it a solid, built in look. Then my electrical engineer husband added lighting into the closet that automatically turns on and off when the door opens.
Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. I don’t know why you would sacrifice precious clothes storage to display some rather silly and non-functional decor. I think you need to stop being so picky and quite frankly rude about what she has done with HER wardrobe. I’s like to do something like this but instead of clothes storage have desk areas for 4 people on a 20 feet living room wall with doors to close them off and hide the clutter. Description: I put together the wardrobes and TV unit and then attached the wardrobes to wall studs. I then used various trim pieces to fill all gaps and make it look built-in to the wall and appear as one unit. We’ll probably be doing this soon as we have a similar wall with a window just like this.
Ypu can buy other finishes in the melamine furniture boards, just take a short shelf with you to get the best match.
Description: I got this great idea from a post on Centsational Girl and I had to have it for myself!
A great finished project, we have a similar one without all of the fancy mouldings because it actually fits perfectly in the space we have. Description: A neighbor showed me this site when I was looking to build a custom built in wardrobe for my daughter. Sold the home months later and heard from the owner that the bar was the deciding factor in buying our house over our other neighbors.
My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".

I painted everything with white paint because the wardrobes and TV unit are not the same finishes and stained the pine boards on the TV unit. Basically, they were thin metal parts that he put in the hole in the floor and directed the air through the hole we cut in the front of the unit. My husband and I were talking about having California Closets build us something almost identical to this but they would have charged a ton of money. I love Hemnes to start with, I love built-ins, I love window seats, I love how seamless you worked, how you took the air vent into the baseboard (and the baseboard itself) and how you played the window’s asymmetry with the curtains. If you could make some of those boards loosen or slide out somehow, you can use the spaces between the tall unit and the bench to store sensitive documents or other items you wish to secret away. For extra security, we attached the other set of brackets to the top bookcase into the wall. Buy your bookcases – We got 4 Billys with extended depth and height, 2 shorter (in width) bookcases and a TV stand and overhead storage.
Build up the space on the flooring with wood boards so that when you place your Billys on them the bottom shelf will be flush with the height of your baseboard. Assemble bookcases and place against wall on boards in the order that you want them built in.
This required us to anchor the shelf to the others and to the wall to prevent any shifting. For a good video demonstration, watch the first episode of season 11 of Ask This Old House.
How did you attach the crown molding and the molding in between the seems of the Billy’s…?
My ten Billy bookcases are full of books and need to be turned into a built-in feature with the addition of a piece of wooden worktop shelving for a tv. My daughter has a small room and I’d love to create a space like that for her so she has the storage in the area that she needs. With my super smart and talented husband our end result looks like we paid big bucks to a professional!

Using a chop saw we cut them down to 80″ and assembled using the instructions that came with the units.
This way we had the closet guts with a high quality frame and doors that will hold up to wear without spending a fortune.
Their clothes have plenty of room, in my opinion, it actually looks like the clothes could be spaced out a bit more.
Using one set of brackets that come with the bookcases, join the bookcases together with one sitting longways on top of the other so it forms an L shape. Tom Silva does a good job of going through the steps, including how to scribe the side moldings to an uneven wall.
Currently her room has no closet what so ever and I was looking to create something like this that would not take up that much room and look absolutely amazing.
The space being occupied by a hamper is an opportunity lost – a hamper can go anywhere. They probably have a chest of drawers for any clothes they decide not to hang and don’t need more wardrobe space. I’ve been thinking about taking the closets out and replacing them with two big wardrobes. Be careful where you drill as most of the shelves are hollow so aim for near the pre drill dowel pieces go.
And I think a drawer to hide the hamper is a great idea, who wants to look at a hamper of dirty clothes when they walk into a room?

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