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One of the most common questions that I get on mail and on comments is, ”Where do I start if I want to develop interest in carpentry” ? We unscrewed the glass fitting from the wall, and decided to merely cover it with the fabric. All the materials, supplies and tools required were bought at a local hardware store in Chennai. The wooden stick will form the base of the photo frame and will not be visible from the front. Rabbet is a step-shaped recess cut along the edge or in the face of a piece of wood, typically forming a match to the edge or tongue of another piece.
A Miter Joint (mitre in British English), sometimes shortened to miter, is a joint made by bevelling each two parts to be joined, usually at a 45 deg angle, to form a corner, usually a 90 deg angle.
As we step into the fourth year of Woodooz tomorrow, we wanted to look back at our most favorite project ever. It has been an enriching ride here in Woodooz with learning opportunities coming our way every other day. While I intend to do a "How to build your coffee table" using Sketchup illustrations (unfortunately, we never thought we would have a need to put up a DIY post ever and so we never took pictures at every step), I will leave you with the details on the materials, tools that I used to get this done. Do you place the phone face up on the table and barely hear your alarm because the speaker is in the rear ?
Like me, do you get into the habit of looking for your phone under the couch, under the pillow, or in the balcony, because you don't know where you kept it ?

When I started my first DIY project , I looked at videos and tutorials, and started picking up basic skills.
I had started the project on bedside table last week and had decided to put up the step by step process of the progress. Though, when I bought the terracotta pot, I had intentions of adding color to it, I had not planned on anything particular.
Not that I have gained enough authority on this subject, but since am quite often faced with this question, I decided to write about what worked for me.
Completing a DIY project, however small it may be, will encourage you enough to take up the next one. Carpentry is beyond the hard labor that it seems to be and beautifully functions as a hobby you can pursue with fervor.
These cut sticks will be glued to each other to form a rectangular base onto which the frame face will be glued. It is this table that made us ask the question, "Can we make it ourselves?" every time we wanted something for the home. Notice how stick 2 is in line with sticks 1, while the base (stick 3) that will hold your phone is glued on top of the side sticks ? I first painted the whole pot red (oil paint) and when I was looking for designs to complete the look I desired, I chanced upon Warli painting at Coloursdekor. After a little bit of research and reading up, I decided to do the Warli for my waiting-to-be-finished pot.

The objective of this post is not to make a professional woodworker out of you, but to draw your attention towards basic carpentry and the everyday projects that you can build around the house.
Woodooz is a result of our love and passion for our respective hobbies and is a sincere effort to educate people in India to look at carpentry as a fun and leisure activity.
We didn't want to throw it off either and so we decided to use whatever that was available to convert our wall lamp into something colorful. The inset dimension of the rectangular base should be equal to or slightly higher than the dimension of the photo being framed, else the photo will not fit into the frame. This will ensure the blade does not slip while cutting and will result in an almost perfect 45 degree cut. The internet had loads of information, the plywood store guys were not so helpful and we had no expertise whatsoever to even think that we could pull it off. It may have its minor defections, but to know that we built it from scratch has always given us immense pleasure. Considering it is made using very simple shapes, it is most certainly something everyone should give a shot at. Now am happy to move my pot from the balcony, right into the living room where everyone can see it.

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