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Industrial cart coffee table was originally from many factories throughout the United State to deliver goods everywhere in the factory. Even it has been hundreds years old, it is still popular and in great condition to enjoy by our grandchildren. You can buy partial cart which means it comes without top board since it is replaced with new plywood of it has been in bad condition. The best cart you may want to buy is the original cart since you do not need to have more woodworking and you can save more. August 31, 2011 By Beckie Like many of us, Taunnie from Mingled Elements has been longing for a a factory cart coffee table for quite sometime. Hey I have a question, I am writing an article for SheKnows on unique coffee table alternatives and I would LOVE to include 1 photo of this coffee table and your link in my article. This wonderful coffee table inspired by original industrial carts will make a great feature in your living room, whether you live in a warehouse home or are looking to bring elements of industrial chic into your interior decor. We’ve found a number of other unique and unusual items of furniture available from Alexander & Pearl.

Later, people are trying to find these carts as they are unique in characteristic and having natural vintage look. This table is getting popular as they are featured in interior magazines such as Southern Living, Coastal Living, and B-Metro Magazine April 2011. After buying vintage industrial cart coffee table, you could remove all glue, sticker and such from the wood and peg all nails. Since over a thousand dollars was majorly just slightly out of her price range, she commissioned hubby with the task of building her one.
Since I am just featuring her work, you might want to click the link in the feature to visit her site and ask her directly. Made to order using reclaimed wood and metal corner accents, the table is mounted on two sets of smaller and larger metal wheels, making it easy to move around and allowing for more flexible living. Now, these carts are looked for some usefulness including indoor firewood storage, unique coffee tables, as operational cart, display table, garden tools and more. You can find an antique industrial cart coffee table available for sale in store, which date back to the start of 1900′s.

You could sand with sandpaper to remove splinters and also smooth all edges so you can finish it. Industrial cart coffee table is great for beach houses, loft apartments, lake houses, retail display stands, coffee stores, hunting lodges, shoe store display tables, or any house for the room focal point. The best thing is you can sometimes find them still have the names of the original manufacturer on the cart side.
Apply protective clear coating to the bottom of the wheel so they won’t damage or stain your floor or carpet. You can also buy the cleaned cart which means industrial cart coffee table is in the original state but it has been refinished or painted.

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