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Doors are one of the important parts of a house that serve as protection against intruder or burglars. If the exterior entry door of your house is already in wear and tear condition there is already a need for you to replace it. This is the simplest and manageable way on how you will be able to change your old exterior entry door. Last week, we were finally at the point where we could install the new front and side doors. Of course, it never fails that once we get into a project at the Rebel house, we find a few more things that need to be repaired.
We were not replacing the door with a pre-hung brand new one (which would have made things much easier!).
It is a little tedious to make sure the jamb is square and to shim the spaces so it can be secured in the opening. Once the door was shimmed in place, we stood the door in position in the jamb to check the fit. The door was then permanently secured in the opening and we were able to open it and close it with no problem!
Here at Designs by Studio C, I offer DIY projects, how-to information, and furniture plans. Homewyse calculator: cost install garage door, Get an instant estimate of the cost to install a garage door! 2016 garage door installation & replacement costs, On this page: what is the price of the garage door itself? Since then, drywall has been hung in the basement, doors installed and most of the painting has been completed. One question readers often have is how to install an exterior door so I was excited to learn that that would be part of this remodel.
The guys got started by taking the old door off its hinges and removing the door casing and brick molding. It’s important to clear away old caulk and adhesive so that you have a clean surface for new framing. After the framing was completed, the guys removed all the braces from the door and set it in place to test for fit. Most exterior doors are installed with the brick molding against the face of the block wall. After the guys were satisfied with the fit of the door, they put down a heavy, double-bead of adhesive under the threshold and in the corners. The guys inserted shims between the door jamb and rough framing as necessary to ensure a perfectly level door and that the door would open and close smoothly.
When the guys were satisfied with the shims, they inserted screws behind the weatherstripping to anchor the door to the rough framing. Next, they cut the shims by scoring them with a utility knife and breaking them along the score line.
Joe’s crew used a can of Great Stuff on the outside and inside of the door, filling the gap between the door and the framing. Pro-Tip: Use a minimal-expanding, low-pressure foam formulated not to bow window and door frames. Subscribe and never miss an article!Free articles delivered conveniently to your inbox(and no spam, we promise)Enjoy this? Not saying I have perfect grammar, the sentence structure just mislead my overactive imagination. What is really bad is I correct MYSELF when I say something and then notice a grammar mistake. How prescient that the cave-dwellers, aeons ago, chose to portray Sam the mold-sniffing dog as their eternal monument. Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. A seasoned pro shows you how to replace a front door, step-by-step, including measuring and ordering a new door, removing the old one and ensuring that the new one goes in perfectly square and level and is fastened securely.
Please note: as each type of replacement door is different, it is highly recommended that you pay close attention to the installation instructions included with your door. We currently don’t have an exterior door video, so we strongly recommend watching this interior door installation video as it is nearly the same with the exclusion of 2 steps. NOTE: This step may be skipped if the exterior door being installed does not have any exterior molding (casing or trim on the exterior face of the door) pre-installed.
Another way of sealing the door sill instead of caulking is to use a self adhesive door sill guard. Starting on the hinge side of the door, screw in the Quick Door Hanger bracket located behind the TOP door hinge. Now check the reveal (spacing between the door and door jamb) around the top of the door all the way to the top bracket on the latch side of the door.
If the entry door being installed is a very large or is a very heavy door, additional reinforcement may be desired. Remove the center screws from each of the 3 hinges and replace them with long screws that reaches all the way into the wall stud (about 2″ or longer screws).

If you pre-drilled the door’s exterior brick molding in step 1, you can now add finishing screws to the molding to help secure it to the building. This is the main part of any residence that provides you security that is why you have to make it sure that this is properly constructed especially the exterior entry door.
There are new models of these kinds of doors which you could choose from and which will make big difference to the appearance of your house. Each door had been kicked in so many times, that I lost track counting the nails and screws used to hold the jamb together!
We were using a door Matt got from a friend, which meant that we needed to purchase a new door jamb kit. We had already installed the door on the hinges, so we marked the position of the hinges on the jamb, then chiseled a mortise for each hinge. Whew! We replaced the exterior trim, then filled the gaps between the jamb and framing with insulating foam for doors and windows.
If you like sawdust in your hair and paint under your fingernails, this is the place for you!
The old door in the basement was original to the house, and Joe installed a new, slightly larger door in its place. It’s pre-hung which makes it easier to install because things like weatherstripping and hinges are already in place.
You can see the block wall, pressure treated framing, blocking, door jamb, insulation, brick molding and threshold. Joe’s crew accomplished that by setting the nails a little deeper and using a power planer.
Altogether, they shimmed behind each hinge, the latch strike plate and at the top of the door. Hopefully when they come back to trim it out, they actually remove the brick mold entirely and replace it with something thicker to cover the gap (rather than just adding some new trim adjacent to the brick mold. I know this isn’t going to be as simple as removing hinge pins and inserting them in the new doors, any tips for this job I am about to tackle.
We have a side garage door entry that I would like to replace with a steel door since the old wood door is water damaged. My thought it is would be fun for someone in the future to discover it…at least I would like that! While 2 inches doesn’t seem like much, when you consider that it can be the difference between getting a couch in the door or not, every inch counts! Got a question on your own project?Ask your question in our Home Improvement Help Forums.Otherwise, leave a note here! We follow pro remodelers as they tackle tough renovations, developing step-by-step guides based on their real-life experiences. This is done so that the door can be placed into the building’s opening with the exterior door molding still attached. These types of self adhesive sills have a polyurethane seal in the adhesive that will properly seal the bottom of the door BETTER than using sealing caulk.
You can either caulk the face of the molding that will be going up against the exterior of the building, or you can caulk the exterior of the building around the door opening. From the inside of the building, using a hammer, hammer each of the 6 brackets back to their original shape from STEP 3. Screw in the top Quick Door Hanger bracket, making sure that the reveal is the same on the top of the door and to the top bracket.
If it is desired to reinforce the door with shims, shim the top of the door, shim just above or below the latch stop, and shim as close as possible to the hinges.
Using Minimum Expanding Spray Foam Insulation, fill in the crack between the door jamb and the wall.
I had a bathroom door that I had hung using the old shim method, and no matter what, I couldn’t get it right.
Every part of it must be built sturdily to ensure that this will always protect you and your personal belongings from unwanted strangers.
This can be easily done by you by acquiring doors that are easy to install just like the pre-hung unit. It was not as easy the first time as we expected – there was a lot of fiddling to get it right – but we survived! If you have received any of these plans from Designs by Studio C via a downloadable purchase or as part of a paid compilation, you got suckered.
Last time we left off, Joe brought in Dave and his mold sniffing dog, Sam, to detect any mold in the basement.
If you’re interested, you can read more about how to install drywall, installing pre-hung interior doors, and painting like a pro at those links. Otherwise, they would have had to mark and drill holes, add anchors and then screw the boards in place.
This was because the next bigger, standard-sized door would not fit, and that’s how the old door was installed. Install without the hard work of shimming and no nailing through the door jamb, leaving no nail holes to patch!
I followed the instructions as I saw them in the video and twenty minutes later the door was hung plumb and trimmed.

Some doors will have bracing that holds them square during the installation process, do not remove this bracing until door has been installed. The brackets have a clearance hole in them, make sure when installing these 3 brackets that this clearance hole lines up directly behind the center screw in each of the hinges (you will be installing a long screw through the hinge and through this clearance hole in STEP 12). You may want to place the new door into the opening to check that the sub sill is high enough for the door to open.
Then caulk a wavy line down the middle to insure that the exterior door will be properly sealed at the bottom from leaking.
When using this door sill guard, simply place on the floor and run it up each side of the wall 3″.
Caulking will insure that once the door is in place, no water or air will leak around the door, causing rotting of the door jamb and wall do to weathering. Take note of what reference notch the level line drawn on the wall happens to pass through. NOTE: If you decide to install shims, you will need to nail through the door jamb, through the shims, and into the wall stud. The Quick Door Hanger brackets have a clearance hole for the screw to pass through, if the brackets where placed directly behind the hinges. It is very important to always make sure that the door is always in good condition and the brass doorknob still works well. In choosing the pre-hung door you have to get the accurate measurement of your doors opening size. It was a fascinating process, and I hope to bring you more with Dave and Sam in the near future. I suppose if your space is extremely limited perhaps they are unavoidable, but I’ll never install them again unless forced to!
You may also want to consider pre-drilling the door’s exterior brick molding so that you can add finishing screws to the molding after the door has been installed. Place the other 3 brackets on the other side of the door across from the hinge side brackets. If it is not, glue and screw a thin piece of treated wood down to the sub sill to raise the door to the needed height. NOTE: After the installation is complete, caulk the crack on the door where the exterior brick molding meets the door jamb and caulk where the jamb meets the sill. Screw in the next 2 brackets on the hinge side of the door while pulling or pushing the door jamb left or right so that level line goes through the exact same reference notch as the first bracket. If the reveal is too small or too large, simply pull or push the door jamb until the reveal has the desired gap, then screw in the bracket. Normally I’m skeptical with how easy everything looks in the how-to videos, but for $5, I gave it a shot. Get it from the most reliable hardware or furniture store that can assist you and provide you the exact measurement that you need for your new door.
For these installation instructions you will be using a package of The Quick Door Hanger interior door brackets, which are available at most Home Depot locations.
I am a DIY guy and previous attempt in hanging an occasional door would take me a couple of hours. An additional packet of 6 brackets may also be needed if the door being installed is very tall, very wide, or has a sidelight. Also caulk the crack around the outside of the door molding where the molding meets the exterior wall. Using the same reference notch for all 3 of these brackets ensures that the door will be perfectly level and plumb based on the drawn line.
If after all the brackets are installed, the reveal is not perfect, simply reverse the bracket screw and move the jamb to the desired location then re-tighten.
NOTE: Make sure when screwing in the 3 long screws that you do not tighten to much or it will begin to pull the door jamb in toward the wall. Use the right tools in removing the old door and installing the right door such as screwdriver. Place these additional 6 brackets; 3 along the top of the door jamb and the remaining brackets on each side of the door in addition to the first 3 brackets on each side.
To prevent this pulling in of the jamb, you can place shims or a piece of wood between the door jamb and the wall stud where the screw will go through.
NOTE: Use minimum expansion foam (specifically for doors and windows), regular expansion foam can add pressure and bow the door jamb as it dries, creating a bad reveal. It took about an hour, but that was mostly because I’m slow and wanted to make sure it was perfect before I put up the molding. Make sure that you slide the bottom of the door first in fitting it to the opening using wooden shims or level. I might take off another door that I had hung last year just to make sure it’s done right.

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