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Three weeks after the Denver, Colorado-based owners of the Chestnut Hill Village apartment complex on Stenton Avenue agreed to a list of property improvements aimed at thwarting a rash of break-ins there, residents say they have failed to keep them safe. According to Tom Lind, president of Concerned Residents in need of Better Security (CRIBS), that action list included installing new locks on all the exterior doors of the apartment buildings by February 18.
Victims from two of those break-ins attended the CRIBS meeting February 22 at the clubhouse at the complex. She and her roommate Rob Kern were aware of the 15 or so burglaries in the complex over the last year, and they were always careful to set the deadbolt a€“ except this one time.
Over the last several months residents have thwarted at least one burglary in progress by themselves. Adding insult to injury, Lind and other residents claimed their fliers announcing the two CRIBS meetings held last week were systematically removed by management despite being located in approved posting areas on the huge campus. John Serafin, the community manager at Chestnut Hill Village, told the residents last Monday that he spends a good deal of his day trying to complete the improvements on the action list, which include improved exterior lighting, new parking regulations and re-enforcement of individual apartment doors. But if corporate headquarters was the place he was going for the answers, he might be out of luck. Some residents at the CRIBS meeting said they were already doing what they could do about security, in spite of the policies at the complex.
And Tom Keenan, who supervises a group of college residents at Chestnut Hill Village, went even farther. Tom Lind (far right) gives residents of Chestnut Hill Village and update on recent discussions with apartment management about improving the safety there following a rash of burglaries over the last several months.
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But when management failed to meet that deadline, he said, there were two burglaries and one attempt in the unaltered buildings on the very next day.

The property owners, Apartment Investment and Management Company (AIMCO), sent a letter praising that action and encouraging residents to contact the police if they had any information about the crimes. He said he respected the residents and that he was committed to working with them to keep the community safe. But Duffy emphasized his openness to the residents and the good progress he was making on the safety action items. Aaron Palmer, a resident of the Town Homes at Chestnut Hill Village said he has long complained about the low quality of the exterior doors on the units, until he finally got fed up with the lack of response from management and took matters into his own hands.
According to him, more two of the apartments he is in charge of suffered burglaries over the last few months, and still he feels he has to do things for himself. After the outdoor furniture, try to locate about interior colour, I understand this one is very widespread, bright, dark in addition to colourful living spot theme can be fascinating possibilities to choose. The door jamb should be bigger than the door to make it fit when you swing in open and close.
They come in the daytime, make their way into an apartment building with an old lock (Lind claims there have been no robberies on recently re-keyed buildings) and they use a crow bar or some other heavy tool to force their way into the apartments. But Lind and the 40 or so people who crowded into the clubhouse last Monday night thought the largest apartment management firm in the country should be doing something more. But when residents asked why the signs were removed, and whether they were, in fact, located in the designated posting areas, Serafin did not have an answer. She said the new exterior building locks would be done this week, and the latch protectors to the several hundred apartments in Chestnut Hill Village would also be completed this week (that work started Monday), while the lighting upgrades would be done by the end of March. After you locate the impression, I hope you locate something new in addition to you can take advantage of the hints for your own living spot interior project.This Outstanding Installing Exterior Door Red Brick Wall impression is one impression part of the outstanding Installing Exterior Door. Being able to use both level and hammer is the main requirement for installing an exterior door. The impression above is one of the many impressions from the main entitled Installing Exterior Door.
It is not that hard to get this kind of door installed especially when you have the skills in home improvement project.

Our installers are Certified in removal or existing trim and moulding woodwork and replacing your frame and door, along with installing all necessary hardware and door knobs that come with your new door.Doors require a perfect installation in order to consistently and perfectly snap into the Latch, Clear the door jamb and swing open and closed while being level. When you have any of these stuff in your residence or even your private spot, was it gonna be Outstanding ? So, if it is about time to get the door replaced with the fresh brand new one, let’s make a determination and get things worked.
Many people don’t realize that doors and the corresponding frame that they are sold with come level, but that the wall openings that you install them into may not be level and perfectly square. Read again our main piece of writing at Installing Exterior Door.For bed room, you need to make sure the interior offer you more comfort level, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, there will be unique preference in addition to you can locate the hints from the interior spot impression below. Keep reading for the detailed info about installing exterior door.These are things which you must do to get an exterior door installedFirstly, you must get an existing door (the old one) removed before replacing with the new one and be sure that you have a level door sill. When you are locate for hints to have, collect, or obtain the product in the near future for example, the outdoor furniture provided by Doors & WIndows above are many of the best you have to have.
We take care of all the unknowns and can assure you that your new or replacement doors will open and close correctly and be perfectly square.
And then the end must be sill which is continued by centering the top opening and get it raised into place. Get the door leveled by putting a shim of ? inches wide on the door’s hinges side.Then after doing the previous level above, you must make the bubble show that it is level by using a level. Then get the level placed on the side which has no hinge for adjusting the frame until it is level.

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