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Justly, the heart of the home belongs to the living room, so the owners are trying to arrange it in such a way that it represents the harmony, comfort and could impress the guests. SHIPPING QUOTE ADD TO CART + INQUIRY Request More Information Re: Piece 1396845680 Notify me of new products like this. In the modern living room in addition to its usual attributes such as chairs, sofa, quite popular is the presence of Japanese coffee table. If you like to invite your friends to your place, but you haven’t enough chairs to seat them, so you need ottomans.

Due to the function of changing the size and shape you can work and eat at this table or use it for keeping some things. If to speak about glass tables, the main task of correct handing is to retain the sparkles of the glass. The key benefit of this piece of furniture is a possibility to move it under your coffee table. Before cleaning glass and wood coffee table, it is necessary to remember a few useful tips.

Success formula for ideal furnishing plan is: the coffee has to be the size of one-half to two-thirds of the sofa’s length.

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