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Get two 24" and two 40" parallel clamps featuring the largest clamping surface in the industry – plus four framing blocks for squaring up assemblies and four bench dogs!
You can never have too many clamps and I don't have the nicer Jet clamps so it was time to upgrade with the kit at a good price.
A great way to form accurate, easy-to-assemble clamping fixtures for all types of rectangular clamping. The clamp slots accept most parallel clamp brands, including Bessey (K body), Irwin and Jet.

Exclusive Design (patent pending) Provides precision and power with exact 90 degree clamping at up to 1,000 lbs. Designed to hold two pairs of clamps 90-degrees to each other, the Cross Doca„? Framing Blocks make a once clumsy job simple. Each block has two grooves sized to fit the JET Parallel Jaw Clamp bars but at two different heights. That makes it possible to apply clamping pressure to the ends and sides of the project at the same time. Nothing is more aggravating than having a slightly crooked clamp push an assembly out of square.

Each Cross Doca„? Framing Block has holes for screws at the corners for attaching them to a board. They also have a threaded metal insert in the bottom for use with the JET Bench Dogs (Sold Separately).

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