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Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Kano is a computer and coding kit from the London-based company of the same name. Based on simple steps: physical computing and play, the kit is developed to provide a holistic computing experience. Today, Kano is now available to the public, allowing anyone looking to learn how to code and construct their own computer.
While anyone can learn a lot from Kano's step-by-step instructions, the included booklets and overall design aesthetic of Kano and its Linux-based operating system are geared more towards kids. It's a move that makes a lot sense due to the inherently intimidating nature of computers and coding, and the best part about Kano is that you can be a computer novice and still construct, code, and tinker on a computer you've made surprisingly quickly.
Kano is built using the famously small-yet-powerful Raspberry Pi computer, which normally costs $35.
And while anyone can purchase a Raspberry Pi, Kano has engineered its own case that makes installing the included speakers as easy as building Legos. The included Kano books are color coded and trade complicated computer jargon to normal language.
Kano takes a similar approach in its operating system, which is broken down step by step in the second Kano booklet.
Coding is accomplished by slowly learning how to manipulate Kano Blocks, which transforms coding from a text-only infrastructure into a puzzle-piece-like exercise where you can experiment and alter the included games like Minecraft, Pong, and Snake.
Outside of Kano's guided coding tutorials, it's important to remember that Kano is full-fledged computer, capable of browsing the internet, playing music, and more. And while you could technically build a computer with the same specifications for less, you'd be missing out on the brilliance of Kano's entire ecosystem. Most importantly, Kano lowers the learning curve while staying lively enough to capture and keep a child's attention span.
Stuart has been a tech journalist since 1998 and written for a number of publications around the world. This is something very special as it takes people back to the early days of computing when you had to build your own model from scratch only to find that there was nothing for it to do!

Therefore, what do you get in the Kano make your own computer kit; inside you will find a selection of Kano Books, which are both illustrated and intuitive.
We can expect to see the Kano being delivered from the summer of next year, to reserve one of these cool DIY computer sets you can pre order one from around $120 or ?75!
The kit comes with a really easy to follow booklet, that takes you step by step through building your computer. There was great excitement when it started loading, and they took it in turns to follow the on-screen instructions to set the computer up. Once it was up and running, they started off by coding their own games of Snake {oh that brought back memories}. You can see more about Kano by clicking here, and also checking out their Facebook & Twitter. Really interested to read this review – my IT teacher husband was looking at this for kids in his yea 7 class. The kit includes a Raspberry Pi board and everything you need to build a computer, with the exception of a display. It is for everyone who wishes to be creative technologist and not somebody who takes technology just as a means to a well-paying   job.
The software Kano Open Source, is  a distribution of Debian Linux and  Kano Blocks, which is  a visual programming dynamic that allows users to develop with code blocks and then output the results in Javascript or Python for use in game programming etc.
The $149 kit includes all the parts you need to get started, minus the display screen, which you'll need to provide. It doesn't run Mac or Windows, but Linux, an open source operating system that a lot of other computers are already based on. Regularly turning up on television, radio and in newspapers, Stuart has played with virtually every gadget available.
Well the Kano is not that bad, but it does come in a kit form so that the buyer has to build it from the components.
The computer is powered by the Kano OS, which is based on an 8 GB SD card, and it comes with HDMI and Mini-USB cables.

The girls are always talking about friends who play Minecraft, but the thought of having to help them code always puts me off. If you take a look around the Kano website {which is itself really cool!}, you can see what you get as well as how it all works.
They’ve only just dipped their toes in the world of kano, but they are hooked already! The next step is connecting it up to a television or monitor in order to play a few classic games or maybe even write some code to make the computer do something like adding up or change colours. You will be able to play some cool classic games such as Pong and Snake with full music and sound available through DIY speaker. We can’t think of a better way to teach your kids (or yourself) the basics of computer science and programming. These things might sound simple enough but when you have done it yourself it makes all the difference and it does not stop there either as the user lets their imagination fly. What I really loved was that the booklet had really clear illustrations for each step, so even if you have pre-readers they could figure it out.
With Kano, anyone can build their very own computer in a matter of minutes and for less than $150.
Other features include the Towers of dynamite in Minecraft, custom case, with stickers, decals, or any printed design and just about anything else as the Kano is open source.
Smart power plug (all region pins available) and of course, there is even Wi-Fi powerup so now you are done!
Now you can start making hardware, hacking games (like Pong or Minecraft), composing music, and more!

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