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Kickboxing Boxing MMA Heavy Bag Workout Non-Stop Elite Paced Workout that Kills Stomach Fat?
I have never been an overweight individual, so weight loss has not been a big factor for me.
Although, I have noticed myself tightening up and looking good in pretty much any clothes I buy. In all the years I did MMA, i could never manage to motivate myself to strike the bag nonstop. I struggled at first during the total body workout, but I was actually able to do it completely today. So, apparently my core and balance aren't perfect yet, but this program has done more for me in 3 weeks than all my years of other extreme fitness programs ever did. Warning this is going to be a long review because these workouts have changed my life, maybe even saved my life.

I first met Mike a CKO Kickboxing I moved and started using the 1 Hour Heavy Bag Workout and Power Striking.
I'd like to share with you how I went from being tired, out of shape and miserable to becoming a lean, energetic and a much happier, much more optimistic guy; all with just a very small time commitment and a few small changes to my lifestyle. You see, I used to be one of the millions of people running an ultra-busy life with a ton of responsibilities and no time to workout.
Between work, my family and all my other responsibilities, there was absolutely no way I can commit any time to exercise (or so I thought at the time). My "me time" had become practically nil and as I was getting older, my waistline was getting bigger and my energy was disappearing. Like most people, finding the time to work out was low on my priority list, but only because I felt like I couldn't fit it into my busy schedule.
Not only that, but thinking that I had to spend hours a week at the gym just completely demotivated me.

So I got a heavy bag and hung it in my basement, I started use the one hour heavy bag workout. Well, a couple turned into about 15 so my wife and I after our son was born decided to get back into shape.
Keep in mind I was out of shape so I truly thought I was going to die during the first workout but because of Mike I pushed through. It was a great workout and I couldn't believe how many muscle groups you work in just an hour, I was hooked!

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