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Gourmet Kitchen Design Ideas: Whether you are a professional or aspiring chef, or if you simply want a luxury cooking environment, we encourage you to find inspiration in the gallery below. Gourmet Kitchen Appliances: A gourmet kitchen is usually situated around the cooking surface, be it a full range or a range top. Essential Elements: Farmhouse sinks, beadboard panels, and open shelving are trademarks of country kitchen designs. A kitchen is believed to be the heart of a home… it is the place the meal is prepared and served (in many cases). The work triangle, present in virtually every kitchen, defines the distance between the refrigerator, the range or cooktop, and the sink. Are you looking for the rich elegance that evokes a sense of tradition or is it the sleek and defined modern feel? Take into account the mood, as well as, the functionality of your kitchen design.
A good way to ensure proper kitchen design is to use your present kitchen as a starting point.
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Deluxe appliances, large working islands, and food prep zones are expertly arranged in these amazing gourmet kitchens. The butler's pantry through the arched doorway includes a tall wine cooler just outside the kitchen. Their down-to-earth style and lived-in looks make country kitchens among the most comfortable and inviting rooms to be in.
Knotty wood cupboards or painted and glazed cabinets with simple styling provide a traditional country feel that's not too stuffy.

If you keep the triangle as compact as possible, you’ll reduce your travel time between these key appliances and make your kitchen more enjoyable all the way around. Natural characteristics of maple cabinetry include gray mineral streaks and variations in grain patterns and color.
And just because you have a small kitchen does not mean you have to spend less time there  so it should be both functional and comfortable.
That is why it is essential that this kitchen space is convenient, comfortable and efficient. Is the refrigerator in a user-friendly location that doesn’t cause traffic while you are trying to cook? Or if you prefer, you can make a statement with a stand-alone, like those made with a decorative vent hood and carved wood ornamentation or a stainless steel refrigerator.  Remember, the time to make changes is before the plumbing and electrical work is started. Maple is generally responsive to light and its overall color will change (usually towards a light yellow shade) over time, particularly when exposed to light. Wide-planked wood floors, antique brass hardware, knotty pine furniture, and antique knick-knacks all contribute to the casual atmosphere of the country lifestyle. By following some simple kitchen design ideas, you can also create a kitchen that would be easy on the eyes as well as functional. Is there ample space near a pantry to set down groceries?  Is the dishwasher placed for efficient loading and unloading? Maple is close-grained and well suited for use with enamel finishes and brown tones, and takes a polish well. When you are coming up with a kitchen layout, keep in mind the kitchen triangle, style, & functionality.
Check out these elegant and modern kitchen design icons, and get some great ideas to make your small kitchen space into a big hit.

Finally, the refrigerator should be on the large side (either deep or wide), and you might consider a large professional sink and faucet as well. Paint bead board cabinets and paneling with milk paint in airy hues such as butter yellow, light blue, or cream. Instead of glossy polished countertops, try honed or flamed granite which has a natural satin appearance.
You might consider an island or peninsula with an integrated eating area illuminated by pendant lights.
As you may see in some photographs, some designers choose to leave off the cabinet doors below the apron sink and add a patterned curtain to cover the open space. A trash pull-out near the main sink is useful, along with a pull-out cutting board or rattan baskets for storing potatoes, fruit or vegetables. If you love the style and simplicity of these country kitchens, be sure to take a look at our galleries of cottage kitchens, rustic kitchens, and French country kitchens as well.
The distances between the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop, known as the work triangle, should be ideally spaced four to nine feet apart. Aisles and walkways should be 36-48 inches wide, and no less than 42" wide where a work zone will be. If you enjoy the beauty and utility of these gourmet kitchen photos, you might also enjoy some of the Traditional, Italian, and Luxury kitchens as well.

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