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My 4rm Resale Flat in Ubi (Hacking the kicthen, crushing the cockroach base camp) - MyHomeTown.SG - Public Forum - Home Matters - My New Home - Renovations and Final Product ! Secondly, you can totally remove the store room and have a much bigger kitchen which can incorporate yr dining room. That bedroom 3 which is now smaller in size and being utilised as a storeroom can be converted into a room for a child or 2 (double decker?). With HDB flat  prices escalating faster than the speed of lightning, I am sure you will made a tidy profit when you sell your Ubi flat after getting your dream BTO flat.
Yehuo: I suggest u wait till the documentation is all done (after second appt) before renovating.
The DIY tools, most expensive is the Bosch Impact Drill GSB16Re, bought at King George Ave for S$113.
The reason of buying Bosch Impact Drill is to drill a hole to install the water heater in common toilet (the old one spoiled by me when i washed the toilet, the water flew in causing short circuit).
Thanks to all the brothers who shared their renovation, I realized that L-Shaped kitchen should be the best in utilizing the limited space.
KD Max v4.0 is a kitchen cabinet design software tailored for kitchen shops and all kinds of cabinet manufacturers. Simply get the basic kitchen size and layout from your clients and start immediately designing the kitchen by selecting numerous built-in collections of cabinets and kitchen equipment. After final modifications you can prepare the quotation and output the working drawings in standard DWG format to manufacturers within several mouse clicks (including individual plan and different sides of elevation drawings). Our 2nd appointment is in early Jan but the owner agreed to let us move in early with the condition that we bought over her furnitures (2 new bedroom sets which she bought in order to rent out the flat, but later decided to sell the flat).

The wall erected by ex-owner is nice too, only that I am little headache where to put my TV set now. Current 4 room flats are about 91 sq m, and that includes lots of wasted space like balcony, bay window, planter, air con ledge.
I personally don't like that wall in the living room as it makes the living room space looks much smaller. Now these children will take at least 12 years to grow before the room gets too small for them.
Daughter and husband may also decide to move out and buy a flat of their own when their brood gets bigger. When I was renting, the landlord asked the plumber to come to change the tap and was charged S$70. Replace and change any cabinets, styles, and accessories in seconds if you clients change their minds for the design.
Users can also customize and build their own cabinet styles using an easy to use interface, and then sort them by attributes.
A a€?Quotation optiona€? dialogue box will pop up in which you can input the unit priceof product and the statistical method of door panel, drawer and handle.
However I realized that I must have been too excited and starting this thread too early, coz I only have the floor plan now and cannot show the photos of flat`s internal which I believe is important for your suggestion. I bought the Joven 565 for S$98, the space only allows this type of slim water heater with basic function. Users of KD Max need not to have proficient computer knowledge; one-day training is more than enough for general users.

Within about 10 minutes, the whole kitchen designed from scratch is ready for presentation.
In addition, the BtoCAD software is included in KD Max for automatic generation of working drawings after placing all cabinets. You can incorporate bedroom 3 partially into yr MBR so that you have an enlarged private space.
And when they move, if they have to reinstate the flat back to its previous state, it shd not cost an arm and a leg.
Instead I used the Ikea Kitchen Planner to make the following: (I do not want Top Cabinet, thinking that most of the space actually occupied by the hood and fridge) This Ikea design cost only S$1500 (include Laver dining set but exclude sink, tap, hob and hood) Installation charges separately. All dimensions on working drawings are automatically built and you can add any labels and remarks as you like. As the ideal kitchen is presented clearly, misunderstanding between your staff members and clients during any stages of design process can be minimized. Whetherthe command can be used depend on if there are selected options in the quotation list and ifthe selected data is quotation data or the additional accessory data.
After ex-owner cleared all her stuffs this week, should be able to start hacking this weekend.

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