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Whether you are planning to invest your own sweat equity in a complete kitchen remodel or simply hope to make a few quick changes over the weekend, when every penny counts it's important to choose projects that will make a big impact for the lowest price possible. From paint and hardware to DIY projects and sources for budget materials, these 15 ideas will help you plan your kitchen update. Traditional Kitchen by West Chester Architects & Building Designers Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd. Traditional Kitchen by Springfield Interior Designers & Decorators Heather Freeman Design Co. I should also mention that since the previous owners had started renovations, plumbing had been completely gutted.
There is a small shed near the house and we assumed it was the well house, given the age of everything.
By this point, not knowing what the well was like, and knowing any pipes went under the driveway to the house, we had already decided to drill a new well in a better location at the back of the house. We also decided the new well pipes would come into the house in the new basement and not the old one under the original section of the house.
Getting the hot water tank in the new basement was super fun because we haven’t built any stairs yet.
We finally got the septic field plan approved, which was great because our initial suspicions were true.
Next up, he will fill the tank with water, and run some water through the waste plumbing he’s done already to check for leaks.
One of the biggest things to finish was electrical work, and I’ll skip the saga of getting someone to sow up to do the work, but finally they did and boy howdy a lot of work was done in a short time. Wires were re-run, cabling was sorted, all the room heaters that were scattered around were hooked up, and we had to go on a light fixture buying spree. After they re-did the wiring, Ron said the neatness of this almost brought a tear to his eye. Well, we fell behind with updates because we were so busy doing them, there wasn’t time to write.
One weekend I went around with the weed whacker and the next weekend looked like I had never even tried.
In addition there are 5 or 6 kinds of overgrown apple trees near the house, including a flowering crab, and we recently found a pear tree hiding. One of the biggest issues with all the overgrowth is disease, since the crowding keeps some of them damp and dark enough for all kinds of things to happen. In Mexican Bamboo, I wrote about my preparations for eliminating the swale of Japanese knotweed in our front yard. The initial growth period uses up quite a bit of the energy & nutrients stored in the root network. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll rip out all the large stumps and any large roots I can find in the process.
Although breaking up the root network means there are lots of pieces of root to grow over time, each piece has limited resources to grow a new plant making it easier to exhaust. A secondary benefit of breaking up the root system is that the size of the shoot is an indicator of the size of the root. An established stump can replace a large stock in a few days but smaller shoots growing from buried roots can be cut off every couple weeks with a grass trimmer. Now that the snow is mostly gone and the days aren’t too chilly, we could look around the yard again to see what was growing.
We walked over to the side of the house, around the front field and kept going uphill towards the back. That same evening our neighbour to the left of us hailed us both from his yard and came over to introduce himself.
The reason for moving the plants we found is twofold: one, to find what we have and propagate some of the horribly overgrown plants into healthier ones, and two, move the ones near the house so we can excavate the old basement walls.
During our wet & windy walk about the grounds, we discovered a long bed in the front lawn, full of quite huge hostas and some lilies. Right up in front of the house, under the picture window facing the road, is signs of a garden bed, but not much showing. Moving on from the front of the house, we went around to the side where the front door is located and the remains of the foundations of the front porch.
The bulbs will be moved when they are done flowering, since any work in that area won’t start until then anyway.
Now, on to the area near the back door, which had an obvious garden area with some struggling plants and yet another pile of building materials that were just dumped on top.

We had already identified a couple of large bunches of irises next to the back door, along the foundation.
While we were trimming back dead growth and moving some garbage to take inventory of what was growing, I was absolutely beside myself to start finding more peony bushes.
Ron had found a red maple in this side garden and had moved it over to a stand of trees on the other side of the driveway. Ron also removed the pile of bricks that was at the end of the walkway to the mud room door. When we started to move some plants, we found a cluster of some sort of bulb completely under one of the ferns. The new nursery bed to the side of the house now contains two ferns, two rose bushes with dead growth removed & pruned, and a thick row of irises which will be divided whenever I put them back. Andrea mentioned the island in the last post & included a picture with placeholder cabinets.
While planning the island design I kept in mind that the cabinets would essentially be freestanding. The design I came up with was to have the dishwasher between two cabinets that were facing the ends of the island. The upper cabinets on either side of the space for the electric range had been installed but the lower ones had just been pushed approximately in place. We bought the range and dishwasher months before we needed them so that we could position the cabinets around them. As it turned out, one of the counter outlets didn’t have a wire that went to the electrical panel. If you continue browsing the site, you are giving implied consent to the use of cookies on this website. Stay focused on the results you are after (put on blinders when you walk past those $1,000 light fixtures) and be willing to get your hands a bit paint splattered, and you can certainly achieve beautiful results on any budget.
There was a couple pipes leaving the kitchen and some leaving the new master bath upstairs, but other than than, the only plumbing left was in an original bathroom that had seen much better days. It is large enough there is plenty of space in a corner to make a closet to hold the pressure tank and hot water tank. The septic field still needs to be built but has been started, and we can also start on the intake pipes, to bring water in from the well to the taps.
Those were moved to a carved out space in the back, which quickly sprouted the most clover I had ever seen in one spot. So many of the established bigger bushes are so overgrown and crowded it is going to take multiple years to get it sorted out. So, I intentionally waited until it had grown to full size to maximize the resource drain before starting at it. This swale is well established so I’m estimating that the combined loss is going to be about 20% of the stored resources. One of the things we decided to do was level out the ground a bit, moving the hay bales, and form a nursery bed for all the perennials we’d found.
We were simultaneously delighted and annoyed to find a whole flower bed under building material waste.
There were also a couple of ferns, a small maple tree in a pot (it might have just grown through the pot), and we were happy to find a quite tall rose bush. The small grove has lots of flowering shrubs and a couple of downed trees that we were still clearing up. Secondly, the location of the drain was such that the dishwasher couldn’t really be installed at the end of the island. There wasn’t a wall to anchor the cabinets to so I built a frame anchored to the floor for the cabinets to back against. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. With limited opportunities for decoration, it's important to make the most of the little things. If your kitchen cabinets have a dated finish or you want a more personal touch than standard-issue white cabinets, think about adding color. A palette of black and white with wood and metal accents looks sleek and modern in the kitchen. Roman shades add an elegant note to any room and look especially at home in the kitchen, where any softness is most welcome.
If your wood floors are not in the best shape and you want to avoid professional refinishing, try painting them instead.

If glass door fronts are out of the budget but you want to open up a bit of space, try simply removing the doors to your upper kitchen cabinets.
Ron has also done work to fit the pipes in the kitchen sink, as well as the pipes for the upstairs toilet. We did keep a chunk of pipe that goes out of the old basement wall, for support, and ran a new ABS pipe through it.
For now, we are in clean up and maintenance mode, cataloguing what we have and deciding what to do with it all.
We also found some commercial strawberry plants that the animals got to before we could, and some raspberry & gooseberry plants we were able to harvest.
For the rest of the growing season, it would invest its growing energy in extending its territory. Now, we could stomp around the yard and try and take the lay of the land while all the grasses were knocked over. In one afternoon, Ron was able to use the tractor to level out a spot of dirt for future temporary beds. Here we thought it was just a pile of garbage we needed to move, but no – green was poking around the sides.
There were also some struggling bulbs that had poked up that Ron had found under garbage, so those were cleared out best we could without moving the whole pile.
Peonies are picky, so we did a lot of research online abut moving them and worked out a plan. Once the bulbs are spent I can move them to a bed, store them, or place in their final home. We can grow some happy, healthy, tended plants while we work on the old basement foundation and clean up the front garden, taking our time to do it right. There will be a small set of shelves behind the dishwasher but I won’t add those until it has been plumbed and wired.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The hand-blown glass pendants shown here are a beautiful, versatile choice, and at less than $200, they won't break the bank.
Corral frequently used items on a woven tray, prop up a few wooden boards on your counter and display pantry items with pretty packaging. Try pale sage green, as shown here, duck egg blue or warm putty -- all versatile choices that go with many different materials and finishes. Get the look by painting only the bottom cabinets and the base of your kitchen island black, leaving the upper cabinets white. Replace the kitchen or pantry door with a sliding barn door, hang copper pots from a ceiling rack or bring in a timeworn antique wooden stool. Rustic wood shelves on metal brackets are easily (and cheaply) installed, and provide functional display space for everyday dishes. White is chic but will show every dropped crumb; pale gray and blue are also classic choices.
It's an easy change to make (just unscrew the doors and fill and paint the holes) that can add a sense of spaciousness to a small kitchen.
Finally got rid of him and we definitely need some repair work to the hole before winter and snow get in. Some of the branches are huge, and some covered in moss, so it is well overdue for pruning.
There are at least half a dozen large root systems, and eventually will need to be divided, so we will not want for peonies. The chalkboard surface will keep kids busy while you cook, or use it to keep a running grocery list, menu ideas or inspiring quotes and doodles.
So, we didn’t want any water equipment down there where it is also more likely to freeze. Since the hay was near the wall, and the ground very dark, we supposed it was part of an old barn. Turns out the teeny little well-looking building we thought was part of the house NEXT to us was our well.

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