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Cutting Edge Stencils has featured this Paisley Allover stenciled furniture painting idea by Domestic Imperfection blog countless times! This stenciled furniture painting project was created by Hannah from Hannah and Jerod blog. These stunning revamped pieces were stenciled by Paisley Perfection and are being sold on Etsy! Last but not least, we have these two stunning tables stenciled with the Paisley Allover stencil by Personally Created.
I didn’t want to tie a bunch of knots to have to work around, so I cut a continuous strip of fabric. I still haven’t finished it though, I think I tend to have that problem with crotchet and knit projects, they always look much easier than they actually are.

I also taught my best ever Serger Basics Class this Saturday, at Odegaard’s Sewing Center. CopyrightAll original information posted here belongs to Tina LaChance of Red Thread Sewing, Flagstaff, AZ.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. With the hundreds of stencil designs Cutting Edge Stencils offers and the thousands of paint colors available, the sky is the limit!
The Paisley stencil has been used for so many successful furniture painting projects and hopefully you have the confidence to try your own! She posted a great Chunky Crocheted Cat Bed Tutorial, and since my cat always steals my dog’s bed whenever given the chance, I decided to make my cat (Danger) one of these beds.

Also, my cat is gigantic, and I realized that I had to go one more increasing round at the bottom (he’s 15 pounds!), which meant some pulling out of stitches. I have been teaching this class monthly for just over a year now, and I’ve been working on streamlining the lesson plan each month.
You should definitely add the color scheme of this table to your list of furniture painting ideas.
My father in law spent all last weekend building us a table top for this great cabinet I found, and we spent all week varnishing it and making it pretty.

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