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All IKEA fans like you and me are avidly reading through the pages of the new IKEA 2008 catalog. One of these tools is the IKEA Home Kitchen Planner, which is especially designed to help you furnish that area of your house. Home Kitchen Planner features a very simple interface where you to create your kitchen's floor plan, choose the new furniture and even see how everything looks in a three-dimensional image.
On the downside, I was disappointed with the program's overall impression: the interface looks dull, furniture is poorly drawn and the 3D rendering is clunky.
IKEA Home Kitchen Planner is a cheap, efficient way to check how your new IKEA kitchen will look like before actually buying anything.
One of Australia’s most awarded Designers , Kim has won over 15 regional ,state, National and International Based awards for his designs in the past 5 years. Several wall have been removed to the adjoining area, with the wall removed, functional zones are incorporated into this kitchen project.
The integratity of the materials used has been preserved in this kitchen with use of clean, sleek lines and an unclutter design.
With every appliance, food stuff and utensil having a designated home, the kitchen can’t help but remain free from clutter. A large island bench at the front of the kitchen doubles as both food serving and dry bar areas. Recognising the need to blend the kitchen with the existing décor of this renovated Queenslander home, earthy tones were chosen to complement and enhance the existing surrounds. The muted earthy tones were also used to compliment the natural splender of the river and flora surrounding this waterfront residency.
Task lighting has been provided via downlights to illuminate the visible workspaces and to provide unobstructed lighting while preparing meals. All of the above lighting solutions emulate the rectangle shapes and materials used throughout the kitchen. Engineers advice was sort to determine if the existing walls at the front of the old laundry could be removed to open up a free flowing space.
Sliding glass pantry doors where incorporated to the pantry to reflect light back into the internal kitchen. Check out the latest news and reviews about the interior design and kitchen and bathroom  industry. Please click on each image to enlarge and maximize your browsers screen for best resolution. A 35 page resource guide of tips, tricks and lots of useful links to help you with your projects.

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Showcase videoHere is one of Cucina's project completions showing how both contemporary and traditional styles can complement each other well. Quality and StyleKnown as the kings of Quality & Style in the local kitchen business, we have partnered with the best kitchen manufacturers across Europe to deliver your kitchen, on time, to budget, every time. We use proven kitchen manufacturers that combined with our design and project management skill enables us to deliver fantastic kitchens at affordable prices. It includes the complete kitchen bedroom section of the IKEA catalog and enables you to plan your kitchen's new decoration without moving anything a single inch. The program also generates the approximate budget and enables you to upload data to the IKEA server, so that they're ready to use when you visit your local store to buy the furniture. Simply enter the measurements of your current kitchen, then drag and drop cabinets into place. In some areas, it’s even possible to save your design to an IKEA server, allowing you access to your plan on any PC with an internet connection. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Clear and defined pathways have been created, aiding the user in daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning and storing consumables.
The depth provided by the strong caramel tones of the Marble gives warmth and character to this sophisticated space. This bench provides the perfect environment for entertaining with wine and beverage centres neatly positioned underneath. Drawers have been used in lieu of cupboards to provide a more erganomical use of space and have been designed to incorporate specific needs. Movement sensors have been connected to downlights in the pantry to provide adequate lighting to this area day or night.
Benchtops and ample powerpoints to the pantry provide adequate and accessible storage for small appliances.
A track was sourced that could be recessed into the timber floor to allow for a seamless (non-trip) transition from the main kitchen floor into the appliance pantry.

Note these are JPG images displayed on a computer monitor and as such the resolution has been degraded. We Can Help.Making a decision to buy a new fitted kitchen can be a daunting thought for many of us. All the Lorem Ipsum generators on the Internet tend to repeat predefined chunks as necessary, making this the first true generator on the Internet.
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See your kitchen idea in 3-D view - try out different cabinets and doors without even getting out of your chair!
While cooking on the Freestanding range every utensil is within easy reach with the use of appropriately place storage inserts. Your completed drawings submitted on PDF or plot file will be much more clear and crisp than these samples. With so many options, styles and finishes available it can be a difficult and stressful undertaking.We recognise that you might not have the technical know-how to specify or visualise your new fitted kitchen. A integrated dual rubbish bin is incorporated under the sink for all recycling requirements. Together with sliding glass doors and movement sensor lighting, this pantry provides a concealed practical space for all food and appliance storage requirements. All drawers and floor cabinet doors can be touch opened with elbows or knees, this provides greater convenience when a cook has their hands full. Working together we can visualise your intended space right down to your preferred interior finishes. We can show you options for kitchen worktops, flooring and decor to help you decide on the best choice of finishes before you buy.Coloured ElevationsColoured elevations provide an extra level of detail so you have all the information required in order for your kitchen fit to proceed efficiently and accurately. Used in conjunction with the plans and 3D images your fitters are provided with all the information they require to provide you with an accurate fitting service.Scale PlansAccurate plans are created from your supplied dimensions. All kitchen plans are numbered and annotated and provide clear instructions to you installer of how you fitted kitchen is constructed.Easy to Understand QuotationsAll kithen quotations are clear and easy to understand and detail exactly what components are included in your new fitted kitchen.
Complete transparency ensures you are not paying for any hidden extras!Lets Get Started!We believe our online kitchen design service is represents excellent value for money. We go one step further to provide you with a high quality kitchen planning service from the comfort of your own home.Our kitchen design service is available to customers across the UK.

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