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Kitchen wall decor is something very different from the other room decorations and it is very interesting to design too! This kitchen is one of the beautiful designs that I personally like as it looks very neat, tidy and very apt according to the place. It’s not only necessary to decorate the kitchen wall with paintings but you can also make it look rustic or something similar like this. This is a very interesting wall decor not because of the neat storage space idea, but because of the bulletin board that is attached to it and you can pin your favorite quotes, health related articles or something that is related to recipes, nutritional facts and lots more. You must’ve seen black boards in schools or in kids room, but is there harm if it is placed in your kitchen?
IKD’s kitchen design services are not endorsed by, affiliated with or sponsored by Inter-IKEA Systems B.V. March 20, 2014 By Jenn Whinnem Leave a Comment We love creating kitchen designs for small spaces. Smaller appliances like toasters, food processors, and blenders are handy, but how often do you really use them? Adding additional vertical shelves to store your baking trays more efficiently is a simple solution. A FINTORP magnetic knife rack not only frees up storage space on your counter or in a drawer, it’s better for your knives. This small kitchen uses the GRUNDTAL system of small shelves and hooks (instead of FINTORP) to store spices and kitchen utensils.
Wine glass holders mounted on wall or under wall cabinets can safely store your wine glasses without sacrificing any cupboard space. Stainless steel shelves next to an oven are perfect for pots and pans and other accessories.
To display your delicate fine china in your kitchen, place them in a glass cupboard rather than on an open shelf to protect them from grease and dust. Drawers are perfect for storing all sorts of items from crockery to dry grocery, they allow you to find things easily. A range of drawer inserts and organizers are also available to keep your kitchen drawers tidy. To make things easy to reach, store frequently-used items between your knee height and eye level. A wall rail system is a great way to utilize the often wasted wall space above the benchtop.
Empty wall spaces in a kitchen can not only be used for storage but also decoration and other purposes. If planning a wine rack in a kitchen, place it away from any heat sources such as ovens and dishwashers since the heat can ruin your wine. Install a multi-bin system under or near your sink to sort out different kinds of recyclable waste on the spot. Recycling bin system that slides out automatically when the door is opened and a handy large wire basket above for recycling newspaper and cardboard.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is general only and does not purport to be comprehensive. If you want to make your kitchen look very unique and at the same time beautiful then you should have a look at these examples below to remodel your kitchen into something interesting like these.
The walls are painted in pure white with a wooden bar that is fixed to one side of the wall to place small bottles of seasonings and the walls are painted with cute little utensils, wine glasses etc to make it look very cute. White cupboards are attached to the walls for storage purposes and a wooden branch kind of bar is attached above the stove.

Dining tables with few chairs are placed alongside of the wall where beautiful scenic view wallpaper is attached. This will make your bulletin board an interesting one for you and for guests who visit your kitchen. Kitchen organization is one of the trickiest things, simply because there are so many little things you need to pay attention to. Paper cones, coated with decoupage fabric, made to store the wooden spoons and other kitchen utensils. There is more than one way to fill tor backsplash area with smart kitchen storage accessories. A floating shelf looks more open and less cluttered than adding another cabinet to the mix. But have you seen seen those clever little hook and rail systems in the showroom at your local IKEA store?
This kitchen owner put his IKEA magnetic knife holder under his IKEA wine rack, but you can put this anywhere you have a wall. FINTORP cutlery caddy, condiment stand, and wire racks make a pretty display of living herbs and spices. Tuck kitchen appliances, food that doesn’t require refrigeration, and more into the cabinet. Shelves should not be too deep in a pantry as items at the back will be hard to find: shallow shelves give an overview of everything.
Drawers with fully-extending runners give full view of the contents as well as making maximum use of space. For example, plates can be stored in a drawer in a specially designed plate holder to keep them in place and to make handling easier and drawer inserts can be used to hold items securely. If planning to store your cooking knives in a drawer, put them in a dedicated knife holder to prevent the blades from getting blunt. These drawers are handy for storing large items such as platters and baking trays and rarely used items. Things such as kitchen utensils, paper towel holders, dish drainers, spice racks, wine glasses and knife holders can easily be hung onto the rail.
In this kitchen, the wall space is used to create an indoor kitchen greenhouse by hanging herb pots on the wall.
For serious wine lovers, a dedicated temperature and humidity-controlled wine cabinet is a preferred option. The wire basket also helps sponges and dish brushes dry better by letting air circulate around them.
Whether you are skilled Barista or just want a smooth cup of coffee you can find a machine for you.
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If your kitchen looks messy and untidy, do you think your guest will be able to eat the food you cook comfortably? You can place plates or photo frames on this wooden branch to make it look beautiful, and also the other side of the wall is designed with stone tiles to give the natural rustic looks. This type of kitchen creates a beautiful and peaceful ambiance not only while you eat but also during cooking. Look how interesting it is to paint the walls black behind the storage space as you can write what you have got in the shelf. Depending on the size of your kitchen or the design of your cabinetry, there are various products that might be helpful to de-clutter your precious space.

Alternatively, they can be placed in a knife block or on a magnetic knife strip mounted on the wall. Combining this with ample amount of sunlight creates an earthy country feel in the kitchen. A pull-out tea towel rail under the sink is also handy for hanging tea towels out of sight. Give them the pleasure of enjoying a clean and healthy food, for not only how you cook is important but also the look of the place is very important. Wall-mounted shelving is a great way to organize everything from spices or dried-goods in pretty containers to cookbooks. When you compare the costs between items in the FINTORP line to any of the cabinets, you’ll quickly discover that this is an inexpensive storage solution. It provides ample storage space and easy access to the content without taking up too much space and can be as narrow as 30cm so it is perfect for small kitchens.
If you’re looking for a cheap and convenient way to store your daily use utensils, the Grundtal system works well in small kitchens. All sources we use to create our articles are and will be credited with a proper link-back However, we are hosting a lot of uncredited material from unknown authors we received via mails, from friends and our readers. If you own copyrights to some material such as images or data and you want us to remove it from our pages, contact us to claim your ownership and we will either credit you and your website, or if you wish – completely remove the content. Smart, isn’t it?Knife rack by Geofrey Lilge — $75 CAD via Wood Design The wall mounted knife rack is made from solid walnut. Store them high on the wall, above the backsplash.View in galleryUse clothespins to hang kitchen towels. Apply a strip of double-sided tape to the back of wooden clothespins and them stick them on the wall. In fact this pot rack is made out of a wine stave from French Oak wine barrels in the Napa Valley. Use pull-out drawers to store and organize all the little items.View in galleryUse the corner spaces efficiently and get extra pantry space with these lazy susans. The same thing goes for other containers.View in galleryMake the most of your pantry by choosing the right type of shelving. For example, these shelves wrap around the pantry and let you see everything without having to dog through big piles.View in galleryDesign your pantry the same way you design a walk-in closet. You can move the whole set wherever you need it.View in galleryGet all the loose stuff you have on the countertop organized. For example, use them to store and organize kitchen utensils and brushes.View in gallery You can also use wire baskets for vegetables. Perfect for the pantry or for cabinets.View in galleryInstall a wire basket on the side of the kitchen island or cabinet and use it to store your cutting boards. For example, they can fit under the shelves.View in galleryMake the most of your kitchen island with wire baskets.
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