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A dear friend of mine is pregnant with her third child, and I couldn’t be happier for her. For both lap desks I started with a basic Sterilite storage container (6.2 quarts) with a locking lid and I velcroed a clipboard to the lid. If you remove the lids you can see I got a bit carried away filling the desks with activities. Because these lap desks are being given as new big sibling gifts, I did include one baby themed item for each child: baby bottle i-spies. Besides the baby bottle i-spies, I tried to keep the desks mostly focused on the individual interests and developmental level of each child. For the older one I included in her folders a Dr Who coloring and activity book, coloring pages of famous art (which I paper clipped together by artist and included a small note card with the very base information about the artist), dot-to-dot, kids Sudoku, mad libs, and a notebook which I taped a list of creative writing prompts inside of. For the preschooler I also included a Dr Who coloring and activity book, alphabet coloring pages, and various Star Wars worksheets and activities from these two printable packs: from Homeschool Creations and from 3 Dinosaurs. Both children also have a pencil pouch packed with regular pencils, colored pencils, and a giant eraser. And last but not least both children both have a paddle ball, techdeck skateboard, rubix cube, cup and ball, magnetic doodle pad, and a mini tin with a puzzle. I’ll be mailing these lap desks out to the mom along with a TARDIS diaper cake later this week.

In the mean time, LittleMan has shown such an interest in them that I’m considering making him his own to use during quiet time. This Wooden Lap Desk with Storage gives you a simple and convenient way to work on projects while you rest on the bed or on the living room couch. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Beautifully bound in exclusive embossed patent leather, this lap desk has so much to offer. That said, I remember how difficult it was to entertain LittleMan quietly when SunnyGirl was still a newborn. Because the clipboard is held on by velcro, it can easily be removed and stored inside the container. Both children have two folders of fun (slightly educational) worksheets, coloring pages, and activity books. Most all of these can be found at Party City, Dollar Tree, or the under $5 toy aisle at Walmart. With any luck the children will find them interesting enough to let the new baby (and their mom) take a nap or two. I had thought about going with something that had padding but in the end the sturdier, more basic option won out.

The bottom cushion is full of Styrofoam beads to keep your lap comfortable as you work, and the desk itself is designed to look like an old-fashioned school desk for a nostalgic touch. So, in lieu of being geographically close enough to take the kids off her hands a few hours here and there, I’ve made these lap desks for her children.
The clipboards were plain when I bought them, I painted the top portion with chalkboard paint, separated it from the bottom with a strip of scrapbook paper, on bottom of both clipboards is an alphabet chart in cursive and a hundreds chart. I scoured the internet for these items and was able to find everything for free, I will link all of these free resources as I mention them.
I took pictures of the trinkets before adding them to the bottles and used a simple paint program to add text to the images.
The desk lid lifts up on back hinges to reveal a hidden storage compartment for your reading glasses, note taking materials, and other supplies. Both children also have 3 plastic soap boxes with little self-contained activities similar to toddler busy bags but more appropriate for their age range. Cushioned for ultimate comfort and protection, this stylish lap desk includes 2 individual pockets to store all your belongings, plus one large pad of paper and 3 pencil holders.

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