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Woodworking in America is well-known for its excellent Marketplace, which we covered in several posts last week (here, here and here, for example). Peter Galbert started his chair making passion when living in New York City and made chairs in a 5th floor walk-up apartment.
In this class Wilbur showed off several different Japanese saws and chisels and described their uses. He explained the differences between a Kataba saw and a Ryoba saw (apparently the Ryoba isn’t necessarily a bargain just because it is two saws for the price of one), as well as the how the small details in the design of the Maebiki saw made it ideal for milling down logs.
Wilbur also gave a great explanation for why Japanese saws are able to be made so thinly, and will still cut straight. In this class, Roy went through the step-by-step process of creating the Roubo Bookstand from just one solid piece of air-dried Walnut. Throughout the centuries there have been a wide variety of finishes based on the materials that were available during that time period.
Class quote: “Every time you make a pot roast, you are starting a woodworking project whether you know it or not!”- Don Williams explaining hide glue production. Megan Fitzpatrick gave an informative and at times hilarious presentation on the history of Popular Woodworking and the process she goes through to produce each issue.
Chuck taught the process of carving shells for period furniture, including designing the patterns and the actual carving itself. Deneb taught us that you should have a basic set of 3 different hand planes for the 3 different types of board cuts you need to make: roughing, flattening, and finishing.
It would be sacrilege to attend WIA and not enjoy the sight of Frank Klausz cutting a smooth and simple dovetail joint. On the second day of WIA, Peter Galbert was up early to teach an 8:30 class on Rocking Chairs. Drew Langsner, also dressed in the apparent presenter uniform of suspenders, used large single ply models of tool edges to demonstrate the best way to sharpen your carving tools for green work. A beautiful new wood construction center at Seattle Central Community College has been built in response to an uptick in woodworking jobs, giving area residents a modern space in which to learn old-world craftsmanship. Many of the woodworkers taking advantage of the new Seattle facility are new to the craft, coming to it from professions ranging from fishermen to physicians.
EasternWhitePine.org covers news and resources related to eastern white pine, the industry, people and technology that make it a sustainable design option.
Enjoy repetition of materials and activities to further explore, manipulate, and exercise the imagination. When my wife and I were about to have our third child, I decided to build a cradle, whether out of financial necessity or a desire to create something.

I have had to admit to myself that I don’t do professional quality work but with the right power tools and the unlimited supply of very detailed patterns by very knowledgeable people we who are not very good at creating fine woodworking have a chance at making and repairing all sorts of projects made of wood.  It is a wonderful hobby and a very good way to relieve tension. When working on a small carving that can be held in the hand, hold the wood in the left hand (assuming you are right handed), the knife in the right. Hold the handle in the palm of the right hand to push the gouge; hold the metal shaft with the left hand to guide the cut.
After the structure has been established, you can begin to put in the details with the smaller U-gouges.
But the conference is also known for the fantastic classes offered by excellent instructors. But between the pictures, quotes, nuggets of useful woodworking information and videos below, hopefully you can get a taste of how great it was. The standard makeup of his chairs includes: A soft wooden seat, turned legs, and a split wood top, which allows for exceptional strength and bend-ability.
In Roy’s typical fashion, there were some very funny moments wrapped up with a lot of very useful woodworking knowledge. Don showed us a variety of these finishes and techniques, and how we can “apply” them in our shops today!
For these 3 cuts you need a Jack Plane (rough, coarse, heavy work), a Jointer Plane (interacts with the high points of the board), and a Smoother Plane (makes short, fine cuts). He pulled the rockers off of a chair he had never been satisfied with and used it as an opportunity to demonstrate to the class how he would go about balancing a new set of rockers and aligning them so the chair feels right to the individual sitter. Many trades took a hit during the recession, but recent projections show that demand for wood products is experiencing a slow but steady increase. At the workshop, students learn basic woodworking skills while working on community projects, like turning lumber from trees cut in a local park into picnic benches for that same park. Small, private schools like the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine also teach traditional skills, with hands-on, in-depth training. Typically, children have trouble holding a saw straight, so the blade often bends and gets caught in the wooda€”bringing the project to a halt. Personal safety is a critical component of demonstrating and teaching carpentry for preschoolers.
They should leave a shiny cut through the wood, with no white streaks that indicate a nick in the blade.
Note, if the wood seems to be tearing, and your tools are sharp, then you are probably going in the wrong direction. Keep the left hand behind the knife and use the left thumb on the blunt side of the blade to act like a lever to control the cut.

With your left hand firmly holding the metal shaft of the gouge and resting on the wood, it can act like a brake so that the tool does not slip out of control when pushed forward. The most common mistake of first time-carvers is that they are not aggressive enough in removing material. Excellent instructors who you can then walk up to at the end of the class and personally ask that woodworking question that has been keeping you up at night.
And when Popular Woodworking announces the dates for Woodworking in America 2015 (any day now, according to editor Megan Fitzpatrick…) make sure you put it on the calendar and buy your tickets so you won’t miss out!
Instead of sand paper, he uses scrapers when finishing his seats, which gives it a better look in the end. He taught us that finishing is a period of steps where you’re not messing up what you did before.
One of our favorite moments from the class (and there were a lot of favorite moments) was Megan telling us about the first issue she edited, and all the red ink she wasted ‘correcting’ all of the mentions of ‘rabbets’ and ‘moulding’. The boat, which is no longer seaworthy, will be rebuilt again and again over the coming years as students learn to make repairs, restore rotted areas, and remodel the interior. By using a saw that was meant to be bent to cut angles, children can still cut even though they may be twisting the blade a little bit. At this point, it is important to keep tools razor-sharp if you intend to leave the tool marks as the final texture. At one point in the class, someone in the audience said he was amazed the planing Don was doing wasn’t tearing up the wood, and Don invited him up to give it a try.
He believes that if you’re not making chips of some sort during this process, then you’re not doing much of anything. The Adventurous Child selected the Keyhole Saw so that young carpenters can complete their projects independently with pride and confidence. As you continue carving the shape, you want to turn the carving upside down and you’ll see shapes and bumps that you hadn’t seen before. If you have not established the large shapes, no amount of beautiful detail laid on top will save ill-defined forms.

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