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I wanted a LEGO table for my son that looked more like my furniture and less like a preschool, and preferably at a fraction of the cost. I knew I wanted to let the wood-grain show through, so I gave it a coat of dark (almost black) stain.
I wanted to give it a little height, so that it was at just the right level for my son to play comfortably, so I added wooden craft balls to the bottom. As a result, her little sister who pretty much wants to copy and be like her big sister in every way, has started to love Lego too. It was as easy as that and was such a cheap way of making them a little base for the beloved toys. We had a fair few new people join in with the ordinary moments last year which was just lovely, it is a great way of finding new blogs to read. I’ve chuckled reading this, as I have blogged about Lego today for my #ordinarymoments! Quite possibly one of the best ideas I’ve seen in ages, I don’t know why Lego is so painful?!?
Thanks Sherry, we can’t take credit for the original idea, but we are so thrilled we did it! This is such a good idea, my girls love lego but we tend to play it on the floor which can be a bit of a nightmare when cleaning up. Thanks lovely, yes that is the only problem when you have a younger sibling about the house isn’t it? Colourful lego duplo bricks for little children to constructor in stack on the wooden table.
By making one myself from an old end table, a solid beautiful piece of furniture is exactly what I got. I had to use my mini screwdriver because of the position of the screws, which was a less than awesome experience for my knuckles.

I got a little lucky with these, because I had some LEGO points (I told you my son has lots of LEGO's, right?) that I was able to cash in, so I only paid about $8 for all three. I remember that Mads got a princess Lego friends castle for Christmas a year ago and that Mr E spent most of Boxing Day building it, and then she ended up not really playing with it all that much. Their tastes when it comes to the little coloured bricks are very different, Mads loves all the Superhero range, her favourites being a Batcopter and a Joker steamroller, as well as the Lego City range with things like the police van and a deep sea submarine. A few times recently he has come home with little sets for them and we aren’t particularly big on buying the girls random toys as presents without a reason, so I think it as much for his benefit as theirs! On the way back from visiting my Grandparents we stopped off at IKEA and bought a ?5.00 LACK table, you know the white side table that almost everyone has somewhere in their house. But literally you would have thought that we had bought them an all singing and dancing activity table for the way their faces lit up when they walked into their bedroom and saw their new little table propped up with all their favourite Lego pieces on there ready for inspection. Firstly we have somewhere to store all their bits, without it looking too cluttered or living on the floor (ouch to standing on Lego) and secondly they truly love playing with it, with them often being found in their room having lots of fun with each other.
And the ones I have seen are always so bulky and expensive, this one is perfect in their little bedroom!
My 3 love lego too and we ended up putting it all in a ‘under the bed’ storage box so they can properly spread it all out whilst it stays in one place, I may have to steal your idea too! Yep we store it in boxes in their room too, but it is nice for them to have some out on display.
Then she started to get into getting those little bags of Lego mini figures, where it is a surprise as to which one you get.
He absolutely loves sitting down with Mads and working on building something together and I must admit I love to watch them get so into something together. They actually squealed with joy and got straight into playing with it, both looking so cute sat on the stools chatting away to each other and getting involved in their imaginative play. If you want to join in, the linky opens on a Sunday and stays open until the following Saturday.

Aw that is lovely to hear about your Dad, mine is amazing and although I am not as close to him on a day to day basis as I am with my Mum, I absolutely adore him. We love legos but still focus on Duplo Legos sets because of the possibility still of Baby Boy putting magic wands, tiny cannon balls, etc in his mouth.
There is a chip out of one of the corners on the lego mat, but you can find them on ebay last I checked.
If, however, in the future it starts to loosen up and come off, I'll try something a little stronger. But always with Lego Batman included, he comes to pizza parties, in the swimming pool, you name it. Over Christmas they spent many  a lazy wet afternoon working together on their latest project. Then when we got home we set about making them something that we knew they would absolutely love. I can’t see their Lego obsession finishing anytime soon and I hope their love of those little multicoloured bricks brings years of enjoyment for them both. Over the course of the last year, she has become really obsessed with Lego and it is by far her favourite thing to play with toy wise. He really has got really involved in helping her, playing with her and finding new things that she might like as her next treat, birthday or christmas present.
We got four square base plates (they aren’t official Lego ones but we got them from a company called Bargain Max) and all we did was superglue them to the table.
It is really nice for them to find a common interest and watching them gives me flashbacks of my Dad doing the same with me when I was younger, although not particularly with Lego.

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