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Along with the McCobb series of straight-tapered legs, there are now three period-correct style options in eight wood species and heights from 4” to 29”.
Business owner Mark Desrochers says "Mid-Century Modern is a very popular furniture style.
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The new Lasdun leg collection features nine short tapered feet specifically for use under case pieces and sofas.

Their products are sold direct to designers, commercial and hobbyist woodworkers, and do-it-yourself consumers across North America.
The new Wegner Danish Modern collection consists of curve-tapering legs in eight heights up to standard dining table height.
Saw down to size (or leave as is if your pallet is already the perfect size for your coffee table specifications!)View in gallery2. All pallets are made differently (and often with reused pieces of previous pallets) so they may have slats that are further spaced or closer together.
If the slats are further apart you can take pieces off the excess that you cut off and place them into the open slats as above.
Be careful during this step as the pallet slats could break when you are hammering them off, especially if the wood is super dry.

Use a few extra slats (or cut a few pieces of wood if needed) to reinforce the bottom of the pallet. Ensure that you have 2 pieces of slats going across the bottom of the pallet at each end so that you have enough room to put on the hairpin legs.View in gallery4.

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