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We’ve recently talked about the latest iPad rumors and now it’s time we took a look at another tablet that has just been released: the Lenovo Tab S8. The majority of Lenovo tablets with screen sizes under 10 inches are running Android operating systems. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In the coming months, Lenevo would be launching 3 new tablets, Miix 300, Tab 2 A8 and A10-70 respectively. Lenovo Miix 300 has 2GB DDR3 RAM and it will ship with Microsoft Office 365 apps (activated for 1 year).
Tab 2 A8 will be sold with Mediatek MT8735 or MT8161 processor, each version will feature 8 or 16GB storage module. Lenovo A7-30 low cost tablet has been quite popular among buyers, especially those who are looking for a device which can make calls too. As for the tech specs, the new model features a 7-inch IPS display with the same resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.
Even though this is just an entry level tablet, it comes with over 10 gesture control features. As mentioned above, the Lenovo Tab2 A7-30 went on sale in China for 999 Yuan which comes to around $160.
GizmoChina is a technical blog about products in China and subculture which includes smartphones, electronical gadgets, and everything else that comes under the genre. After scoping out the Lenovo Tab A7 and A8 tablets during Pepcoma€™s DigitalFocus event in New York City the other night, we finally came to the largest sized tablet in the newly announced A-series a€“ the aptly named Lenovo Tab A10. Interestingly, the Lenovo Tab A10 is the only one in the series to gain an optional keyboard accessory. If you find that a bit familiar, it’s because it’s the same resolution as Google’s Nexus 7, which costs $229. Lenovo claims that a single battery charge will keep it running for seven hours, which is pretty impressive.

It has 2 MP front camera, 5.0 MP rear camera and a 8 inch touchscreen HD display of 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. According to Lenovo, this device can work for 420 minutes when its battery is charged upto 100%. Now, the second generation model of the device, namely the Lenovo Tab2 A7-30 voice tablet went on sale in China for an official price of 999 yuan. Since, first generation model was available in a number of countries worldwide, expect more details about an international release soon.
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Being a part of the a€?full-sizeda€™ tablet segment, ita€™s naturally going to contend with some big named devices in the space.
Forking over $50 to pick up the optional keyboard dock, it sprinkles on a convertible design that turns the tablet into a laptop-like computing device.
The front-facing camera has 1.6 megapixels and the back of the tablet is packed with an 8-MP camera. As you can see, the tablet is now much smaller and compact than the older model but retains the same 7-inch display which makes it better portable and easier to hold with one hand. We can also recommend any of the following alternative browsers: Firefox,Safari, Opera or Chrome.
Then again, ita€™s out to appeal to those who adore the size, but dona€™t want to spend more than $300 on a full-sized offeringDesignWell, this isna€™t all that surprising! Not only do we gain a full QWERTY keyboard for better input, but the keyboard dock also doubles as a useful and sturdy folio case to store the tablet in for easier traveling.DisplayYikes! Apparently, the chip is capable of running applications that are PC oriented and of rendering HD videos. When launched, the WiFi and LTE versions of this tablet will be priced at 12000, 17000 INR.
When youa€™re being produced for dirt cheap, style and fashion arena€™t going to be points taken into account with the design of a tablet.

Factoring in its 10.1-inch screen and 1280 x 800 resolution, the Lenovo Tab A10 settles on having a below average pixel density figure of 149 ppi. Looking at the Tab A10, it sports the same identical design language wea€™ve seen with the Tab A7 and A8, but in a larger size of course. Ita€™s hardly a number to raise eyes, but nonetheless, we have to point out that ita€™s sufficient enough for basic use a€“ such as surfing the web with ease. Modesty is something we can vouch that the A10 is after, seeing that its plastic chassis has a pleasant soft touch matte finish to it. Fortunately for this one, even though it lacks any attractive elements with its design, ita€™s at least very pleasing and comfortable to hold in the hand. Needless to say, ita€™s not a piece of silicon wea€™d drool over, but wea€™re happy to report that its performance is at least responsive with basic tasks. Intensive tasks on the other hand, youa€™ll probably find yourself biting down on your fingernails as you wait in anticipation for it to catch up. CameraGenerally speaking, entry-level tablets sometimes omit having any cameras from their bodies.
Lucky for this one, Lenovo is kind to include some basic ones a€“ a 2-megapixel front facing one, and a 5-megapixel rear one. Who knows how they actually perform, seeing that snapping a few from our brief time with it didna€™t produce anything too spectacular looking at the samples on its screen, but we can imagine that theya€™re not going to be class leading.ConclusionWho in the world would want to pick this up, especially knowing that there are several models with specs in them that are more prized? For starters, we need to point out that the Lenovo Tab A10 is priced to sell to those on a budget with its hard-to-miss price point of $250.

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