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Essas lesoes causadas pela posicao incorreta de trabalho, acabam afetando principalmente a regiao de membro superior, abrangendo a area da cervical, cintura escapular, tendoes, musculos, articulacoes do braco e punho, coluna, alem dos nervos perifericos. Apesar de se pensar em LER apenas como alteracoes osteomusculares, alguns estudos evidenciam a grande relacao dessas patologias associadas a ansiedade e depressao, estando ligada a situacoes onde o individuo apresente insatisfacao pela atividade de trabalho, contribuindo para o aparecimento de patologias psicossomaticas, necessitando de um acompanhamento mais especializado e mais interdisciplinar para ser tratada. Devido ao grande numero de estudos relacionados ao tema, recomenda-se que cada patologia seja estudada individualmente, e nao generalizadas dentro de um grupo onde nao ha especificidade estrutural para ser tratada, originando assim um diagnostico vago, dificultando o tratamento fisioterapeutico e medicamentoso. E importante salientar que a patologia nao gera incapacidade, mas sim diminuicao de funcao, portanto conforme o tratamento vai sendo realizado, percebe-se grande melhora nos sintomas quando associados as alteracoes do ambiente de trabalho, e os casos em que nao se tem melhora nos sintomas, que e um percentual muito pequeno, sao resolvidos com intervencoes cirurgicas e com programa especifico para reabilitacao, trazendo ao individuo o retorno da funcionalidade e as atividades laborais. Os cuidados preventivos incluem modificacoes no posto de trabalho, fazendo com que este seja adaptado ao colaborador, conforme analise ergonomica realizada previamente. AVISO LEGAL: As informacoes disponibilizadas nesta pagina devem apenas ser utilizadas para fins informacionais, nao podendo, jamais, serem utilizadas em substituicao a um diagnostico medico por um profissional habilitado. One of the central elements of Jim Halpert's character as originally conceived is his devotion to playing pranks at the office to relieve boredom. By far, his most common target is his overbearing desk mate, Dwight Schrute, though he later moves on to playing pranks on Stamford co-worker, Andy Bernard, when he transfers branches. Here are some of the more notable pranks Jim has played on Dwight, Andy, or any other unsuspecting co-worker.
Jim changed Dwight's assigned "race" from "Asian" to "Dwight" in the Diversity Day exercise.
Agreed to participate in an "alliance" with Dwight, using it to feed his paranoia in a variety of ways including dying his hair blonde in order to spy on the Stamford branch and hiding him in a box. Convinced Dwight to purchase a purse from a vendor ("Hot Girl"), and then made fun of him for having it (deleted scene). Jim found Dwight's wallet in the parking lot, and decided, on Pam's suggestion, to give the wallet back to Dwight intact and unchanged. Puts Dwight's Items In Vending machine Following this, he hands Dwight a bag of nickels, for him to use to get his wallet back. Gave Dwight dubious "tips" on public speaking The prank backfired; the speech was a smashing success. Incrementally increased the weight of Dwight's telephone handset then abruptly decreased the weight, causing Dwight to smack himself in the face with the phone. Placed a bloody glove in Dwight's desk and attempted to convince him that he had committed murder. Convinced Dwight and Michael that gaydar was a genuine electronic device that can be purchased.
Jim initially declined to participate in this prank (which Pam had been running since before Jim's return), feeling such high-jinks would be inappropriate given his newfound responsibilities, but changed his mind after realizing that what he did at Benihana was no different than what he had done in the past. Jim had Andy believe he and Pam were not getting along and he was having an emotional break down.  Andy then told everyone in the office to leave Jim alone which then backfired when Phyllis told Andy that Jim was messing with him.
Recorded with a stopwatch all personal time that Dwight takes in order to prove Dwight wrong when he claimed that he has never stolen company time ("Business Ethics") Jim timing Dwight when he said that he never steals company time. Jim convinced Dwight he was William, M Buttlicker, in a role-play to help both Dwight and Jim improve the way they speak to customers.
Scared Dwight by sending him a scream video It seemingly backfired when Dwight knew what it was, but as he watched it anyway Jim popped up next to him in a mask.
Seemingly wrapped Dwight's chair, desk and everything on it in wrapping paper when in fact he actually replaced his chair and desk with a Christmas-wrapped cardboard version of the desk, and an incredibly loosely assembled chair. Tricked Michael into thinking it's 5 o'clock with the assistance of the rest of the office ("Company Picnic"). Jim tricks Dwight into fighting himself by determining that Dwight's only worthy opponent is himself ("Murder") Dwight's only worthy opponent is himself. Communicated with Pam in Morse Code, to talk about Dwight in front of him, and tricking him into thinking there was a bomb in the office.

Tricks Gabe in to listening to an audio recording of Jo Bennett's long, boring autobiography by editing samples of Jo's voice together. Tricks Todd Packer into leaving Dunder Mifflin for a non-existent job in Florida, with Dwight's help. Tricked Dwight into thinking the office was mounting an insurrection against him, after he became acting manager, by putting up notices for a group called the FIST and talking about a mission called "Operation Overthrow". Pushed Dwight off a stool he was secretly sitting on, after Dwight claimed he would constantly stand at work to increase productivity. Attempting to trick Dwight into playing a prank on him by letting Dwight overhear his credit card number and security number. Let Dwight write the word IDIOT on Dwight's forehead, in an attempt to frame Jim to get his Christmas bonus, rather than tell Dwight that Andy had decided not to withhold anyone's bonus. Placed a meatball on Dwight's chair, filled his desk drawers with meatballs, and encased his stapler in a large meatball.
Tricked Dwight (and, inadvertently, Erin) into thinking Jim's hotel room was a murder scene by placing a suitcase of money on a chair, writing "IT WAS DWIGHT" on the wall, hanging a rope made of sheets over the balcony, and falling out of his closet, pretending to be dead. Suggested he'd poisoned Dwight after Dwight began suffering stomach pains (which later turned out to be appendicitis). Tricked Dwight and Gabe into competing a leg-curl competition, during which, he had them rest their arms on pillows, then had them each hold phone receivers, while Pam took a picture, which was then photo-shopped to make the two look like they were at a slumber party.
Jim switched Dwight's suit with a tear-away velcro version while at the dry cleaners, then tore it off of Dwight in the Dunder-Mifflin parking lot, leaving Dwight in his underwear for his co-workers to see.
A man dressed like Jim, claiming to be Jim and everyone else believes is Jim takes Jim's place, Jim and Pam's actor friend Steve, pretends to be Jim while Jim is at the dentist. Convinced Dwight that electromagnetic radiation causes infertility, Jim placed a bag of popcorn with only one kernel popped under Dwight's chair hoping that Dwight will believe the poorly insulated wiring is what caused it. Tricked Dwight into believing he was on a radio talk show, Jim, Pam, Nellie, and Darryl tricked Dwight into believing he was on a radio talk show to talk about Dunder-Miflin. Sent Dwight (and unwittingly the entire office, except Pam) on a quest for "the Holy Grail", using a series of clues called "The Dunder Code" which Robert Dunder had supposedly left in the office years ago. Pam, Ryan, and Kevin mocked Michael's efforts to talk about the death of loved ones, by recalling scenes from the movies Million Dollar Baby, The Lion King, and Weekend at Bernie's, and passing them off as memories.
Pam tricked Dwight into running laps around the building to see if he could beat Toby (who was not participating), using a digital thermometer as a stopwatch, then leaving him outside.
Karen tricked Jim into believing she dated most of the guys at David Wallace's cocktail party. Pam drew of a sketch of a local flasher to look exactly like Dwight, except with a small mustache and no glasses, which Dwight, who did not recognize himself, then papered all over the neighborhood.
Daryl tricked Andy into thinking Sabre was covering up that their printers were a possible fire hazard. Pam, with Kevin's help, rearranged the elevator buttons to prank Dwight, to make up for accidentally ruining Jim's key prank (see above). Dwight defaced his own car, writing "JIM IS AWESOME" in an attempt to frame Jim and get his Christmas bonus (see above). Dwight filled a bucket (taken from Jim's garage) with various disgusting ingredients and placed it above the door to the break room, intending to drop it on himself and blame Jim.
As lesoes por esforco repetitivo (LER) sao denominadas como as patologias especificas que afetaram a integridade anatomica do individuo, consequentemente da atividade laboral que exerce, sendo classificada como ergonomicamente incorreta, equiparando-se com a dor osteoarticular relacionadas ao trabalho (DORT). Porem, a DORT e ligada diretamente a LER, sendo este o fator gerador, necessitando que o ambiente de trabalho seja vistoriado e examinado em uma analise ergonomica, para comprovar a existencia do fator de risco. A maioria das patologias, estao associadas ao membro superior, coluna e cintura escapular, envolvendo estruturas musculares, tendineas, ligamentares, cartilaginosas, fasciais, neurais e osseas.
Os tratamentos podem incluir procedimentos como imobilizacao com orteses por tempo determinado, fisioterapia com recursos analgesicos (eletroterapia e cinesioterapia), utilizacao de medicacao prescrita pelo medico e diminuicao do esforco para a recuperacao da estrutura afetada.

O treino do gesto de trabalho e o ensino de tecnicas podem facilitar a execucao dos movimentos necessarios para o trabalho.
The prank backfires when Roy sees Jim giggling with Pam at her desk and Dwight denies Jim's allegations about the alliance. The prank backfired when Charles Miner from Corporate visited the branch and considered Jim's prank unprofessional.
Jim's full plan was to slowly add an obscene amount of extra keys to Dwight's key ring just a few at a time.
This backfires after Dwight retaliates by terrorizing and scaring Jim in a series of surprise snowball attacks. Michael learned of the ruse, but decided not to warn Packer after he insulted Michael's girlfriend Holly. Jim had also pulled money out of Dwight's wallet and thrown it on the floor, knowing Dwight couldn't pick it up, and publicly praised Dwight's intention to never sit again, making it impossible for Dwight to sit in front of his co-workers. This backfired when Andy pointed out this was a fireable offense, prompting Jim to half-admit he'd done it. This turned out to be ruse by Dwight and Stanley to trick Jim into providing them with free meatballs. Steve is Asian and pretends that he has been this whole time and Dwight just never noticed.
Dwight seems confident and tells them that he is basically the CEO as David Wallace is very "hands off" and lets Dwight run the company.They trick him into taking off his shirt and pants by telling him the buttons on his clothes are making noise that is interfering with the audio on the “radio show”. He reveals that he called Michael to come in from Colorado with Holly to be his true bestest mensch.
This backfired when they both became stuck in the elevator and Dwight (who had been drinking excessive amounts of water) began urinating the corner. This backfires when Darryl takes his keys, preventing him from driving away, and the manager subsequently makes him clean up the mess. Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Desk Office With Pictures Small Office Desks Cheap Office Desk Glass Office Desks L Shaped Office Desks U Shaped Office Desk Office Desk L Shape Small Office Design Ideas Custom Desks Interior Office Design Computer Desk PlansJoin the discussion on this Desk Office With Pictures Small Office Desks Cheap Office Desk Glass Office Desks L Shaped Office Desks U Shaped Office Desk Office Desk L Shape Small Office Design Ideas Custom Desks Interior Office Design Computer Desk Plans using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. Ambas buscam as falhas ergonomicas que causam tais patologias, buscando alteracoes e sinais clinicos que possam evidenciar a patologia que se instalou no sistema osteomuscular do individuo, estando ela em processo agudo ou cronico. O incentivo a pratica de atividades fisicas, de manter habitos de vida saudavel, a oferta de ginastica laboral, quick massage e outras tecnicas que possam auxiliar o trabalhador a entender a importancia de momentos de descontracao para que o rendimento nao seja afetado por conta do cansaco e do estresse. This was admittedly against his will ("Branch Wars ")Deliberately guessed the wrong names playing "Celebrity" when Michael was giving blatantly obvious clues. Steve knew everything Jim knew including his sales history and his password to access his messages.
The four then play different "experts" and make Dwight believe that the paper is dangerous and the stocks are plummeting. By the time Dwight found the clues, years later, with the staff joining in, the grail had been found by warehouse worker Glenn, who was using it as a coffee mug. O incentivo ao estilo de vida saudavel, com boa qualidade de sono, manutencao da saude e bons habitos alimentares e de atividade fisica, fazem toda a diferenca quando relacionados a saude do individuo em sua integridade.
Por isso a empresa deve ter abertura para entender que a preocupacao nao deve se restringir apenas aos numeros relacionados a producao, mas tambem deve abranger cuidados com a saude de seus colaboradores, afim de que eles tenham boa saude para executar suas atividades de forma confortavel e prazerosa.
The four then make Dwight believe that David Wallace has become insane and kidnapped a mailman and is holding him hostage.

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