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Pliko Folding Booster Seat is a toddler seat for your child over the age of 4 months which is beginning to learn to sit. Pliko Folding Booster Seat is quite light and also practical, suitable to be brought travel.
In full disclosure, we were provided with a Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve Grill in exchange for our honest review. At Mommy University, we are always looking for toys that offer the opportunity for kids to learn through play. My boys love to play with pretend food, kitchens and cooking tools so when I saw the Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve Grill I knew it would be perfect for them. Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve Grill is a round orange, grey and black grill that is easy to push or pull due to its built-in wheels. As soon as my boys saw the Sizzle and Serve Grill box, they could barely contain themselves.
I loved watching my boys work together to make the meals and serve my husband and I dinner. As I stated in my article 10 Benefits of Cooking with Kids, involving kids in the cooking process helps improve a multitude of developmental skills. Flipping the burgers, placing them in the buns and balancing them on the plate all takes motor strength, manipulation and coordination. It is clear to see all the amazing benefits the Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve Grill offers children ages 2 and up. This booster seat can be folded practically serves as a dining chair, snack time and in play time.

With elegant colors and easy to clean makes this chair to be one child furniture that must be owned by every parent! For me, a toy has to spark the imagination while boosting skills like problem solving, fine motor ability and language development.
Although it is great for indoor play, it can also get kids excited for spring and playing outdoors. I was not even home from work for 15 seconds before they began begging me to open it and put it together. I also loved seeing how they used their other Little Tikes toys with this grill to expand the fun. By using play toys such as this grill, you are introducing your kids to the world of culinary arts. The position of the table can adjust in 3 positions and also with two high -level seats will make your child comfortable spending time while sitting in this chair. The set also comes with 2 burgers, 2 burger buns, 2 hot dogs, 2 hot dog buns, a bottle of ketchup and a bottle of mustard. Since I knew this toy would provide hours of learning fun, I had to comply with their request. For instance, they used the spatula and tongs from another Little Tikes grill this way they each had their own.
They get to imitate what they see their parents cook as well as what they see on cooking shows on television. This grill can easily be placed on your deck or patio so kids can grill their own burgers and hot dogs just like their dad (or mom)!

Kids will also love flipping their burgers and easily removing them from the grill using the spatula and tongs (both of which are easily hung from the side of the grill). I was able to put the grill together myself (which means it must be easy) and the fun began!
With the Sizzle and Serve Grill, kids can create their own meals with their siblings and friends then serve them to their parents. They are boosting their language skills by not only creating meals, but asking people what they want to order. This is wonderful toy for kids who have weaknesses in these areas because it makes enhancing these skills more fun than work!
By imitating the process first, they are more able to understand how to cook when they are old enough to do so.
They also have to either write down the order or remember it which boosts writing and working memory skills. Parents can also ask kids to describe what they are doing and what they will be doing next. Your child will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize that you are working their communication skills.

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