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The only reason I built this bed was because the room is so tiny (8x8 with small closet) it was very difficult for the kids to play, and then put their things away in a space the size of a short hallway. And I don't know how easy this bed was to build personally, all I can say is I printed off the plans and handed them to the Ram and Grandpa Tim and said, I'll be out after I finish my post.
If you are building this loft bed without the stair platform, add 2x4s all the way down to make a "ladder" for the kids to climb up.
An alternative method is to attach metal bed brackets directly to the ends if you have those.
This bed is designed to work with a bunkie board, but we just used 2x6s cut to length as the bed slats. It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.

Hi Candace, there would be room, but I'd suggest making the legs a tad longer for a little more headroom. I really like this bed, just one question though, it doesnt seem clear to me, what does the mattress sit on, wood slats, plywood, or is this planned for a box spring mattress on the bottom?
They also sell what is called a bunkie board and also sell bunkie board mattresses - or mattresses with an included bunkie board.
I was going to the lumber yard to get the materials to make my daughter the fort bed TODAY, then I saw this was just posted. Ana this just might top the clubhouse bed, love how Grace can play underneath in her new 'fort' just like my kids do under the clubhouse bed. We loved the look of the bed painted white in the picture, and since his walls were already practically the same color blue (and a green accent wall), we decided not to stray far from the original design.

We estimated about $350 on the bed, that included the wood, screws, 2 gals Valspar paint, paint accessories, and the fabric bins and hamper. I have been looking for what seems forever to find something like this for her and was beyond excited when I saw this!
I was planning to do the one with stair storage, but with parallel rails instead of perpendicular ones.
Also, have you thought about adding a shelf or two under the mid platform to add some storage space.

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