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Ideal for splitting hardwood, softwood and pieces containing knots which are difficult to split manually, a hydraulic log splitter is able to split great amounts of firewood with ease. Cut your soft wood or hardwood easily with this excellent log splitter which features a 7 ton splitting force and a 2200W motor. If you are an urban lumberjack, then no other log splitter is more suitable for you except this 1500W Hydraulic Powered Log Splitter. Featuring a 1500 watt power unit, this Handy little Electric Log Splitter is an electrically powered hydraulic unit. This entry was posted in Log Splitters and tagged Best Hydraulic Log Splitter, Hydraulic Log Splitter on August 21, 2013 by longer.

When we test a hydraulic log splitter, we can disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug and ground it to the engine block when the log splitter is not running. Compared to an axe, this log splitter can be safer with a totally safe two handed operation.
Ideal for any house with a fireplace, the1500W Hydraulic Log Splitter is powerful and convenient, making sure to be your best assistant. It also features adjustable stroke return, integrated log a cradle, a 14 second no load cycle time and log catchers.
Then replace the hydraulic oil filter, ensure the set screws in the upper and lower coupling halves are tight and there is a square key between the engine crankshaft and the upper coupling half.

The Titan-Pro 4 Ton is great for Light homeowner use and can get your jobs done effectively and efficiently. Pay attention to the temperature of this unit, it should not be run hot and you should cool it down for 30 mins after 1 hours use. It has a 25″ maximum log capacity and easily changes from vertical to horizontal operation.

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