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Through my blog I plan to share some of my current projects and show you how oak framed buildings are made and constructed. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and should you wish to discuss any project you have in mind please contact me for an informal chat about your plans. The log store is complete, logs included!Check out details of my next project which is starting very soon.
We all know that burning logs can dramatically lower our heating bills, whether you have an open fire or a wood burning stove.
We review the log stores from all the major online retailers and we include links to those retailers in our reviews. Our customer vote for the best value small store goes to the Store-Plus Log Store from Shedstore. Both these single bay log stores from Rutland County Garden Furniture are sturdy, tough and would look good in any garden. If you are looking for a big good value log store that you don’t have to build yourself, then the Touch-Wood Wooden Log Store which is sold by Amazon, could be what you are looking for.
Our reviews are sorted by small, medium and large sheds, and we offer practical advice on setting up and constructing your own log store, which logs to burn and lots more in our logs info section. Price does not include delivery which will be calculated based upon the customer's delivery postcode. The image shows a combination of two double bay log stores together with two single bay stores. This combined three bay store can be used to store two local authority wheelie bins and firewood or simply as a three bay log store.

We can build a timber bicycle storage shed to your measurements to make best use of your available space. We can build to a timber log store with doors to your measurements to make best use of your available space.
We can build a timber log store to your measurements and your design or design a firewood storage shed for you. Please send us your measurements or storage requirements and we will provide you with a quote. Photographs used within this website are original material and are the intellectual property of Devon Log Stores.
If you can buy your logs in bulk, or forage for logs it can reduce your bills even further.
Customer feedback confirms that it is easy to assemble and the slatted construction means that logs are seasoned quickly, as the air is allowed to circulate and the moisture can escape. Customer feedback confirms that the this store is sturdy and easy to assemble. See our review. It comes ready assembled, or is built for you on site, using treated tanalised timber and an attractive feather edge boarding roof. There are over 30 log store reviews and cover most of the wood sheds that are available on the market. We make stores to fulfil customer’s requirements and will design a store to meet your needs.
Use of our photographs will be charged at a rate of £50 per image per calendar month.

However, you will need a weatherproof store for your logs, where they can dry naturally and will not be exposed to the elements. It is around seven and a half feet wide, two and a half feet in depth and four feet high, and will hold well over a cubic metre of logs. The Winchester Single Log Store is available from Shedsworld and in our view is such good buy that it may be cheaper than building your own store out of old pallets and wood.
The big 1.7 cubic metre space, a 15 year anti-rot warranty and ready built for ?175 is unbeatable.
There are many log stores on the market, but which is best for your budget and the space you have in your garden? The low wide design provides opportunities to store logs in lots of locations in your garden. See our review. At Amazon most reviewers have given the wood shed five stars because it was easy to assemble and really sturdy when built. We reckon this is a bargain, and we don’t know how long it will be around at this price.

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