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To complete the functionality and of course the unique look of our bathroom, a piece of unique bathtub will surely get the job done. Mimicks the feel of being on the beach when taking a bath with this uniquely designed Bath Boat.
Everybody loves to shower and stay longer and with a comfortable Wall Mount Shower Bath Seat Shower Bench Folding Seat installed, all will love to stay even longer in the shower. We all want a clean and safe environment at home and Simplehuman Sensor Pump is a tool that will help us in keeping our kitchen clean and free from dirt. It also has the easy to use volume control allowing you to control the amount of soap or sanitizer to dispense. We all want our place to look neat and clean even if it is the bathroom and the Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy will help us achieve it.
Forget about those magazines, newspapers, and tissue paper scattered all over your bathroom because the Chrome Toilet Tank Magazine Rack and Tissue Paper Holder is now here to hold all those and keep your modern toilet organized and free from clutter. As its name suggests, the chrome magazine rack and tissue paper holder can be placed over your toilet tank, meaning it can be reached very easily. To the least knowledge of majority of us, many homeowners love their bathrooms more than their living room or bedroom and so they put in elegant fixtures in it just like the USE Ollipsis Towel Stack Rack. The bidet is probably one of the greatest innovations when it comes to our toilets and the Astor Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment is another innovation that will allow you to enjoy the benefit of having a bidet at relatively lower price. This innovative design is the answer for those who want to enjoy the luxurious comfort and extreme cleanliness that a bidet provides but have a very tight budget.
Would you like to have a great shower without having to feel guilty for wasting so much water?
The rack is spacious enough for your various reading materials like newspapers, magazines, and more. Toilet Roll and Magazine Holder is a good representation of the quality we aim to provide our customers. Please note that we have over 9,000 products on our website and could not possibly hold all of these in stock. Delivery time frame will be approximately 3 - 21 working days for items that are in stock. If your item is not available within 21 days we will contact you with an update of when the item is expected to come back into stock. It is a customers responsibility to ensure that the dimensions are checked prior to order to ensure that there is no access issues. To assist us with processing your return we would request if possible that you provide photos of the damage. Use a postage service that is trakable and insured to protect yourself in case of loss or damage, with a courier service that will let us inspect the goods before accepting them into our warehouse.

When receiving any damaged items you must report it to ourselves within 48 hours of receipt and we will arrange a collection for the damaged items.
If using our bespoke service and the item is cancelled, then a 20% restocking fee will apply. When the order is placed at our website, credit card numbers are encrypted using 128 bit encryption, and information protected using Dynamic SSL technology. Classy traditional zine rack of wood with a blue-finished outside frame and an unfinished interior. It is an excellent metal wall magazine rack that is made of quality metal and has got a solid, durable construction. Fabric Wall-Mount Magazine Organizer (to keep all those magazines and papers off the table). After a long search online for unique bathtub designs, we have listed our top ten unique bathtubs below and see if you find them unique too.
With this small yet sturdy furniture, a comfortable shower experience can be achieved easily.
This lovely caddy will keep your bathroom essentials in style and keep your bathroom in order. It is a combination of two elements, a basin which we can use as a countertop basin and also a structure constructed of a circular array of 18 steel rods. The unique shape mimics a water drop, it slides down along the surface and leaves a footprint in the ceramic. It has the sleek design and clean lines making it a product that allows modern style and design meets function and usability. This sleek and clean towel rack from USE will hold your bath towels in a fashionable manner. It may not be able to hold extra thick towels but the teardrop form of the rack will make your bathroom look elegant and sophisticated. Unlike if you buy a bidet that your toilet will be bound for an expensive major remodeling, the Astor mechanical bidet toilet seat attachment works perfectly fine with any standard toilet and will transform them into a bidet in just a matter of few minutes.
Underneath the rack is a sleek and elegant tissue holder that has the ability to hold your two rolls of tissue papers. If you have a separate tissue holder in your bathroom, you can make use of the rack’s paper holder as a place for your tissue replacements so you can easily replace when you run out of tissue paper.
If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but HomeDosh will automatically receive a small commission. Please call first if you need to know whether or not an item is in stock or if this is something that is needed urgently. For delivery outside UK mainland (including Scottish Highlands & Northern Ireland) please contact us for a delivery quote.

Once the item is ready to be dispatched we will contact you to arrange a convenient day for delivery, as a signature is always required. Experienced with handling the items we stock this service offers a much more personal touch.
With delivery via pallet your items will be delivered as close to the front of your property that the driver can get. Items which are not faulty can only be returned if notified within the 48 hours as per the Distance Selling Regulations. Thanks to this collection, all potential customers will stand before a rare chance to find the most appropriate model for themselves. You won’t see any pipes in this piece of bathtub because they are hidden in the wooden chest beside it. You can seat comfortably on it while you enjoy massaging your body with your favorite scent of body soap or while you gently massage your scalp with your favorite shampoo.
With the modern touch-free mechanism, this sensor pump is sure enough to be clean and safe from contamination. You can even style your own caddy and prepare spaces according to the sizes of your essentials because this caddy is completely adjustable. This is not your ordinary urinals, in fact, you can also use it as the bathroom sink as well. With this features, the Chrome Toilet Tank Magazine Rack and Tissue Paper Holder can be your perfect addition to your contemporary bathroom, as it will surely match your modern bathroom interiors. Therefore, you don’t need to dig and search or one in your cabinet, which is troublesome especially if you are in a hurry. The pump works simply by just putting your hands under the sensor and it will automatically dispense soap or sanitizer. In addition, you can totally forget about the spills too because the pump is mess free too with its innovative no-drip valve that automatically snaps shut creating a seal the moment the dispensing stops, giving no room for drips and clots.
The unique turbine technology from American Standard allows you to have amazing shower while saving water, energy, and money. This company claims that if a family of 4 uses FloWise in the bathroom, this family could save average 8,000 gallons of water per year, imagine if there were thousands of family using this water saving shower head, how much water would we save a year?

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