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We Accept Company and Government Purchase Orders!Our Onyx mesh-style display racks from Safco are a functional, yet attractive way to display magazines. These tables are designed for high traffic areas where they will be used on a frequent basis, such as lobbies, entryways and waiting rooms. VI-STAR Magazine Rack Magazine Rack as Magazine Files, File Magazine Holders, Magazine Organizers, is useful for home and office.
Product DescriptionThought out, elegant and durable are words that can be used to describe the Brochure Displays FB-45.
Due to the custom nature of these racks, this item cannot be returned.If you have any questions or concerns, contact a customer service representative today. Product DescriptionThe new "Leather Look" magazine rack from Safco looks just like leather, but is actually made from synthetic PVC laminate.
ABC Office offers several hundred different literature displays, magazine racks and brochure holders.
These new racks are different from the Safco, Wooden Mallet, R WIREworks and Brochure Display racks currently offered.
PaperFlow 4064X4 Wall Mounted Magazine Rack (found here) – This new wall-mounted rack features four total pockets in a modern design. PaperFlow Model 285 Floor Magazine Rack (found here) – This rack features a modern floor design with a curved tower. Paper Flow 259N S Freestanding Magazine Rack (found here) – This rack features a freestanding design on casters.
PaperFlow 253N Freestanding Magazine Rack on Casters (found here) – This rack is shorter and more compact than most freestanding racks. PaperFlow 278N EPI Tower Magazine Rack (found here) – This rack features a staggered 10-pocket design in a vertical tower layout. PaperFlow 276N EPI Tower Magazine Rack on Casters (found here) – This magazine rack features a vertical tower design with to eight pocket sides, equaling 16 total magazine pockets.
PaperFlow 255N High Capacity Magazine Rack (found here) – If you need mobility and capacity in your magazine rack, you’re going to love this model. PaperFlow 252N Zig-Zag Magazine Rack on Casters (found here) – This magazine rack is designed for high capacity, mobility and easy access. Having used, sold and added dozens upon dozens of racks over the years, I have to say that PaperFlow offers a very unique design that sets itself apart from the rest. One of the best ways that you can clean up and organize your desk is by using a desktop display rack or literature holder. Visibility – Wire displays make literature, magazines, brochures and other material extremely easy to view. Affordability – While you might think wire displays would be expensive, they are actually competitively priced, right around the same price as a wood or plastic display. We have been selling wire desktop display racks, freestanding wire displays and wall-mounted wire display racks for years now and they have all been a huge hit with our customers. You can find our entire selection of desktop wire display racks here and our entire selection of magazine racks and literature holders here.
Presenting literature on a desk or table is sometimes one of the best ways to get your material out to customers, clients and others. Tabletop Business Card Holders – Business card holders look professional, are easy for customers to access and look far better than simply sitting a stack of cards on a desk. Tabletop Literature Racks – Tabletop brochure, pamphlet and magazine holders look great, take up little desk space and come in metal wire, plastic and wood designs.
Our plastic display racks are made from durable PETG plastic, which is shatterproof and safe. These three categories cover all the most popular options for displaying literature from a desk or table. Whether you need a magazine, literature or brochure rack, you may be wondering if you should go with metal wire, wood or plastic. You will find wooden display racks in doctor’s offices, school lobbies, waiting rooms and more. Metal Magazine Racks – Metal magazine racks are some of the most durable racks available and often find their place in retail environments. Plastic Literature Racks – Plastic magazine and literature racks are extremely popular in offices, lobbies, waiting rooms and other locations that need to display magazines, brochures and other material. The rack you choose to hold your literature will help mold the ambiance of your waiting room, lobby or store. Are you looking for a way to get your literature maximum exposure while taking up as little space as possible? The revolving design of a rotating literature rack allows a lot of material to be contained in a small space. Revolving brochure holders, magazine racks and book displays come in a variety of shapes and designs. R WIREworks 24PPCR Tabletop Revolving Book Display – Saves space and allows you to display books from a checkout counter or a table. R WIREworks 3284SR Revolving Book Display – Perfect for displaying books for retail sale. Safco 4324GR Metal Revolving Magazine Display – Contemporary way to display magazines in a lobby or waiting room. R WIREworks 32GNSR Revolving Comic Book Display – A popular new addition, which has become a hit with comic book dealers.

R WIREworks 46SR Revolving Children’s Book Display – Perfect for use in a school, a library or a bookstore. Safco 5696CL Tabletop Revolving Plastic Brochure Holder – Great for displaying literature from the convenience of a table or desk. You can find our entire selection of revolving wire display racks here and revolving plastic display racks here. Are you looking for a cute and creative way to display books and magazines for kids and children in a reception lobby or waiting room? One advantage of using a wire magazine rack for children is because crumbs, paper scraps, crayons and other things children use won’t end up in cracks and crevices.
To begin with, almost 90% of our customers who purchase magazine racks for a doctor’s office use wall-mounted magazine racks. Plastic Wall Magazine Racks (found here) – Plastic wall magazine racks are especially popular with doctor’s offices because they are cheap, durable and make it easy for a patient to see the contents.
Wooden Wall Magazine Racks (found here) – Wooden magazine racks are very popular for use in lobbies and waiting rooms with existing wood furniture. Corner Magazine Racks (found here) – These racks are ideal for use in lobbies where there is limited space.
Tabletop Magazine Racks (found here) – These magazine racks sit on a table, counter, reception desk or other solid surface.
Free-Standing Magazine Racks (found here) – These racks are probably the least common racks found in a doctor’s office. Make your doctor’s waiting room a pleasant place for your patients with one of our magazine racks.
We get asked by many of our customers what the difference is between clear, acrylic, plastic and PETG display racks. Acrylic (Plexiglas) and PETG (glycol modified polyethylene terephthalate) display racks are both clear and are made from a type of plastic. You can find our entire selection of clear display, literature, pamphlet and magazine racks here.
Plastic display racks are commonly found in office lobbies, grocery stores, churches and schools. Reduce the amount of clutter in your office with this beautiful powder coated desk wall organizer. Literature holder is widely used in enterprises, advertising agencies, exhibition hall, leisure household, hotels, supermarkets and other places to promote the enterprise image.
Our company in Jiangsu had a long standing history and many years of experience producing high end store display fixture to retailers, exhibitions, shopping and commercial malls for toys, gifts, crafts, food and beverage etc. We have many ranges of choices for materials and customize designs that can cater to your demands e.g. There are many assorted colors to choose from black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and colors of your preferences. China Good Quality Retail Display Racks, Retail Garment Racks and Magazine Display Racks International Trade Site. Available with different amounts of pockets, these magazine racks are opaque, making it possible to see the literature being held. Sturdy plastic construction keeps files or magazines organized, out of the way but within easy reach. This high-end display rack is perfect for making magazines and brochures easy to view and access.
PaperFlow magazine racks have a more modern look and feel and are perfect for use in lobbies, waiting rooms, reception areas and other locations where customers, clients, students and patients will visit. The front support of the pockets is made from clear plastic and the back is made from injected polystyrene. With eight different rows, this rack can used to hold a wide range of magazines and other literature.
This design is great for use out in the open and allows for access by multiple people at the same time.
It features five adjustable shelves that can be used to hold magazines, brochures, booklets and more. It features a zig-zag design with three rows on one side of the rack and three on the other. If you need a magazine rack or literature holder for your business, school, library or church, definitely consider a PaperFlow. This clutter is annoying, and if you directly work with customers and clients, it can be equally frustrating for them. One of the most modern and classy ways to display literature on a desk is to use a wire display racks. Among many benefits, they are often available in a variety of different powder coat finishes, with black being the most common color. They can hold a lot of material, without any wear, and can withstand many types of direct impacts (i.e. If you can’t grab the material from the top, you can often lift it out or access it from the side. This is especially the case in a lobby, reception desk or table where people frequently pass by. Some of our carousel tabletop literature holders are made from PETG plastic, which is extremely durable and safe.

If you have a reception desk in a lobby, you can use a tabletop business card holder with multiple pockets for a variety of different people. Some models, designed for larger tables, can hold a combination of brochures and magazines.
Our metal racks are made from heavy-gauge wire, designed to stand the test of time and our wood display racks are available in a variety of different wood stain finishes.
With literally dozens of different models available, we are sure to have something you will like. The wood grain and color has a more traditional looks and fits in well in offices that have a more natural look and feel.
These racks are especially popular because they are affordable, make literature easy to read and are extremely easy to clean. Because the footprint is small, much of the display area is gained by height and rack design. Here are a few great magazine racks made by R WIREworks designed specifically for use by kids. Simply put, wire magazine racks are EXTREMELY easy to keep clean.  Most of these racks come in different colors. This is because wall-mounted magazine racks are out of the way, take up little space and don’t get moved around or damaged. Most wooden wall-mounted magazine racks are available in a variety of different wood stains.
Most doctor’s office waiting rooms don’t make use of the corners, making corner magazine racks ideal. They are often used to hold pamphlets and other medical literature and not for holding magazines (although magazine rack versions are available). Acrylic, although not used as much now, is still a perfectly acceptable term and we will certainly understand it if you call or e-mail us. They are good for use with multiple products and are especially popular due to the transparent properties of the plastic, which makes it easy to see material. On the surface color, customer can choose their own colors, like black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and colors of your preferences. We have our own factories to make wire & metal products, wood products, acrylic products and other good sources.
Capable of holding up to 1 ?" of material, this magazine rack is designed to be hung on a wall. Heavy gauge steel construction with a black matte finish gives this magazine basket a timeless look that will always serve you well. Not only can they be used to display literature to your customers, patients and clients, they can also be used to simply organize material on your own desk for your own use.
You can use tabletop displays to present literature such as business cards, pamphlets, brochures and magazines. This is ideal for retail stores, libraries, comic book stores and others that need valuable floor space for other material and products. A revolving rack makes it possible to see up to 3-4 times more material than a standard freestanding or wall-mounted rack. They are made from heavy-gauge wire that can easily withstand wear and tear without looking worse for wear. Many retailers use all these terms interchangeably and it can seem a little confusing a times. PETG plastic is designed to be shatter proof and eliminate the jagged cracked edges that used to be commonplace in older plastic displays. Although these are available in different designs, they are also available in different materials.
Magazines are especially popular for use with plastic (acrylic) display and magazine racks. The office desk organizer can work as a standalone unit or you can mount it on a cubicle wall. It can be used to hold different magazines for display, for sale or for easy access to customers or patients. Using L-shaped dividers, you can set this literature rack to hold 18 magazines, 45 brochures or a combination of both.
This rack looks classy and is perfect for use in medical facilities, waiting rooms and more. Wood magazine racks fit in well with a lobby, waiting room, church foyer or business office.
Build with Greenguard technology, this PETG plastic rack is impact resistant and features plastic that is 2.25mm thick. Corner mounted are used in tight spaces because they make use of the often forgotten corner. The most common color for metal display racks is black, although some chrome designs are available.
It is perfect for high-traffic environments and really finds its place in waiting rooms, lobbies, libraries, information centers and more.

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