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Carved coffee tables are usually made of wood, but can also be made of materials like ivory or stone. The first thing to consider when choosing a carved coffee table is the material being used. Choosing a coffee table that is carved is also subject to the same rules as choosing a normal coffee table. DeliveryEvery item in our range has its own unique delivery time that is up-dated daily to reflect changes in the supply-chain. Nice quality flame mahogany top, antique Georgian style long coffee table, raised on square reeded legs.
Offering plenty of surface area, this useful table would be useful for drinks and magazines in a lounge room area.
This attractive mahogany large coffee table in the antique Georigian style is in good condition throughout, circa 1970. While a manufactured table with the appearance of being carved may still be beautiful, a table carved by an artist or woodworker can be a one-of-a-kind piece.
In some designs, the base is carved, while others include a carved surface that is protected in some way.
For example, the table should fit with the overall design of the room and be spatially appropriate. Many items of furniture are manufactured to order or made abroad and the delivery time reflects the time it takes us to deliver it to your home.

Approximate times are given next to each product description but these may vary depending on how busy the manufacturer is when you place your order. The ultimate summer classic, keep the summer year round with this simple clean line weathered table.
When choosing a carved coffee table, some important considerations are the quality of the material and the artistry of the design. Ivory tables are subject to a number of moral problems that relate to the way in which ivory is harvested, but can be extremely beautiful. Moreover, the detail available on tables made as art makes these tables centerpieces in any room. When the base or legs are carved, the top of the table is often transparent in order to display the artistry of the bottom of the table. Long delivery times are not unique to Blue Ocean Interiors, they are the norm with virtually all UK furniture retailers. A carved coffee table can be made in any shape, but some designs will be better suited to some rooms than others.
Even though many people might consider the best carved coffee table to be the most expensive or most beautiful table, sometimes a less expensive or fine table is a better fit for a room.
By making and delivering your furniture to order we are able to offer you the broadest choice of furniture possible, allowing you to choose the item that is just right for you and which will give you pleasure for many years to come.
While furniture is often a matter of personal preference, a carved coffee table can in some respects be valued objectively.

Different woods can also be used for different effects, some providing a lighter feeling than others. We use a third party 1 Man palletised delivery service where goods are delivered on a pallet to the ground floor doorstep only, should you require a 2 Man delivery team, please contact our sales team for prices and further information.
For delivery to Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scottish Islands and Channel Islands we will deliver to a nominated mainland GB address e.g. Onward shipping from that point is the responsibility of the customer.StorageIf you are having work done in your home please be aware that building projects are frequently delayed.
If you are unable to take delivery of your furniture when it is ready we will store it for you free of charge for 21 days. We can not store items beyond this time, if items are still in storage with us after this period the order will be cancelled and a surcharge of 10% deducted from your payment, the remainder of your payment will then be refunded to you.Damage in TransitIf your furniture sustains minor damage during shipping or contains a manufacturer?s defect. If this occurs you must inform Blue Ocean Interiors within 48 hours on 01484 465125 or use the Contact Us page for other ways to get in touch.
We will arrange for the goods to be repaired in your home if possible, alternatively we will arrange to have them returned to the manufacturer.

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