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With a little spare time and and a few items you can find around the house, you can make your own balloon-powered paper car.
I Need a More Specific Step-Step Instruction on How to Use BeEF to Get Facebook Credentials. Here’s a fun cardboard box toy to make – a Hot Wheels parking garage with ramps! The great part about cardboard box projects is that the materials are free, and you can toss it in the recycling bin when the kids are done with it. The boys like the fact that it has so many ramps – and mostly play that the cars are flying off the ramp and through the air! I was looking at this with my oldest son and we were agreeing how much the toddler boy would like it.

You can have the latest posts from Frugal Fun for Boys delivered to your inbox every Friday! He used construction paper to decorate it, but covered it in a layer of clear packing tape to add durability. My toddler will probably destroy this pretty quick too but I’m going to give it a shot.
Youa€™ll need: a cereal box, decorative tape, fabric, wooden skewers (or yarn), hot glue, scissors, markers, 2 paper towel rolls. Start with turning inside out your boxA and cutting out rectangular holes (entrance and exit) big enough for your cars to fit through.
Then make fringe from a piece of fabric about 1 inch taller than the entrance hole and attach it to the inside of the box.

For exit hole youa€™ll need to make a fringe too and wrap it around the tubes with hot glue. As soon as youa€™re done, start decorating and adorning your car wash using tape or other embellishments and making signs.
Inflate the balloon and then place the tailpipe in the middle of the racer and let her rip.Watch this video for detailed instructions and to see it in action.

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