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Chrome Users:Right click on image and save to your device and set this as wallpaper through windows or through your image editor. Sometimes it feels like Apple really is taking over the universe, which wouldn’t necessarily be such a bad thing (we think). Sticking with the theme of colors, this paint splash is one of the more hip and vibrant desktop backgrounds you can find.
In many ways, the Mac has revolutionized the way we all think about computers, especially in the design world.
Chances are, if you own a Mac computer, you probably have a deep appreciation for typography. This soaring Apple logo background has a decidedly retro vibe to it, especially since this logo is the one that was in use from 1976 all the way through 1998.
If you like to spice up the look of your desktop, there’s a good possibility you’ve customized the look of your browser as well. Take a look here for detailed instructions on just how easy it is to convert your favorite browser themes into amazing desktop backgrounds – you can even create your own browser themes that can also be turned into wallpaper! ABOUT BRAND THUNDERBrand Thunder interactive themes are available for some of the most recognizable brands in sports, music, publishing and the most popular browsers. A desktop computer is ideal for students since it has minimum chance of getting lost or stolen, and is much cheaper than a laptop.
Prepare for the company’s inevitable domination with this space-themed Mac desktop background.

If you find yourself eagerly anticipating each new software release from Apple, this is the perfect background.
As a visually-appealing computer, there aren’t many ways to better complement that than with this vibrant, jaw-dropping array of color. It’s got somewhat of an 80s vibe to it as well, which is a decade that is fast becoming vintage in itself. If you are a designer or artist of any kind, ask yourself this: why haven’t you joined the Mac revolution yet? Instead of working at a desk or in a cubicle, you dream of some beautiful escape from your current reality. Not only is it something fun, but it should also be noted that Mac computers have done wonders for photographers in the digital age.
And if you want to be continuously amazed, think about how far computers have come since that time. Despite Apple’s hip, industry-leading capabilities that continue to alter the way we see technology, the idea of juxtaposing those qualities with vintage desktop backgrounds for Mac computers is too enticing to pass up. Some computer rental companies offer advantages like free delivery with installation, guarantee to replace or repair, and immediate delivery.
Other Mac desktop backgrounds are great, but this one really shows off what it’s capable of in terms of visual display. Luckily, there are plenty of HD Mac desktop backgrounds to help take your mind to another place.

And did you know you can easily use your browser themes to create free Mac desktop backgrounds too?
Computers help in making learning more fun, and also easier, with the wealth of information available through internet and various kinds of software.
If you opt for a computer rental, you will get desktops that come preloaded with the right configuration, operating system, anti-virus software, etc.
You also need to have applications for word processing, spreadsheet, preparing presentations, image editing and drawing, and a PDF reader.
Because of its large screen, a desktop is preferred as a home entertainment system to watch movies, online TV, etc. Rentals allow you to upgrade to the latest versions at zero extra charge, and even update your computer with latest releases of software. Whether you’re looking for bright, eye-popping colors or motivational phrases to greet you each morning, there is a perfect desktop background for you.

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