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I’m giving you two months to find an old bookcase and make this awesome dollhouse for a little girl on your Christmas list. Opening dollhouse windows you can make for model buildings or dollhosues including shop windows, opening casement and other styles. Many people long to learn how make a dollhouse just as their artisan craftsman ancestors did.
Mar 17, 2011 · Learn how to make miniature dollhouse furniture, mini paper accessories and get techniques, tips monthly tutorials. Build a three story dream dollhouse perfect for 12" dolls with these free easy step by step do it yourself dollhouse plans! One sheet of PureBond plywood in Birch (yes, this dollhouse is made of formaldehyde free soy adhesive plywood!), seven pine 2x2s and some boiled linseed oil (can you believe this dollhouse is finished with oil extracted from flax seeds?), some scrapbooking paper and a quart of pink paint for accessories, and we've got an eco-friendly dollhouse that will outlast childhood. For the wallpaper, I simply decoupaged scrappbooking paper to each "room."  Quick and easy. For the stairs, I simply cut 19 1x2s to the width of the stairs, and glued and nailed them on top of each other. Just make sure you select "Dream Dollhouse" on the Collection dropdown so your plan will show up on the Dollhouse page.
It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.
JUST a few hours ago I was scouring the web and your blog for an easy DIY dollhouse for my daughter. Decoupage is when the paper is glued to the surface of the wood and then completely coated with a top coat of a clear glue which dries to a protective coating. Also, the stairs are *ingenious*, but thinking of cutting and nailing and gluing so many tiny pieces is kinda doing my head in a little.
This is the story of my $2 thrift store dollhouse makeover and how I furnished it for nothing. After spending so little on the house itself, I couldn’t bring myself to throw a bunch of expensive dollhouse furniture inside. Once again, it will be revealed just how much of a junk hoarder I am, but I am confident anyone could pull something like this off with a few months of saving recyclables.
The exterior went from the haphazard Disney contact paper look to a clean and fresh coat of aqua paint. The inside got a coat of bright white semi-gloss paint before I wallpapered with fabric and Mod Podge. When I was little, one Christmas my parents and my auntie collaborated to create a totally awesome dollhouse for him, and I loved it SO MUCH!
ANYway, I loved nothing so much as creating accessories and furniture and things for the dollhouse.
Hi Vicky, I didn’t make any people for the dollhouse because my daughter has like a thousand plastic figurines (think Mickey Mouse and friends) that I figured she would use anyway.

You could always paint up some simple peg dolls that are available at craft stores like I did here. This is really amazing, you have inspired us to get our old doll house out of the basement and revamp it.
I love your dedication to using things you’ve found around your home, your dollhouse looks like it belongs to The Borrowers!
Wow, I love, love, love your skilled use of color and the fuss-less miniaturization of everyday objects.
Ann has step by step instructions on her website so go check them out and make one for your little girl! Even though I have a dollhouse that my gma won in an action back in the day when I was little.
I have to say I think it's easier once the walls are nailed together, but before you assemble the floors. I was going to do a dollhouse for my small human's third birthday, but ran out of time and just sewed a quick (robot!) cape instead.
Ita€™s both endearing and annoying: who has room for extra boxes in various states of transformation all over the floor?
I am digging the white roof for wintertime, but may end up spray painting the roof a darker shade next spring or summer. Due to the dimensions of this house (and the odd angles on the second floor), pieces of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper just weren’t going to cut it.
After cutting around all those doors and windows, I think I earned a black belt in decoupage. I saw a headboard at my local Habitat for Humanity Restore for $15 and thought it would make an excellent dollhouse. I may be stealing your fabric wallpapering idea for my little girl’s dollhouse, which also came from the thrift store. I never would’ve looked at that house with the contact paper and envisioned what you were able to accomplish — wow! After I decorated one side of the walls, I realized that I would eventually have to nail through the paper and leave a mark! My daughter already has a KidKraft doll house, but I love that this has three floors and is double sided - even if it is huge!
Help your kids along by showing them these amazing dollhouses made from recycled cardboard boxes!I may love dollhouses more than my daughter does.
So I challenged myself to furnish this fixer upper using only things I found around the house: junk, recyclables, scraps and whatever materials I already had.
If there is a reason for my decreased posting frequency (besides being pregnant and having a non-napping three year old), it’s this. However, in today’s world of sharing DIY ideas, not only are there a million great ideas for building your own, but also a million more on how to creatively decorate it and fill it up.

I'm planning on making this for my daughter for Christmas and I'll be able to completely customize every last decoration thanks to you. So I would suggest building the walls, and then decorating, and then assembling the floors.
But since wea€™re all stuck inside, ita€™s the perfect way to combine two winter obsessions around here: getting crafty and enjoying the coziness of our home.
But it has been such a fun exercise in creativity to repurpose items that would otherwise be thrown out. Without further ado, here are 12 darling DIY dollhouses to inspire you!DIY Dollhouses Built From ScratchOur first DIY dollhouse, built by Ana White, is truly a kid’s dream! It boasts three stories, anywhere from 7-11 rooms (depending on preference), eco-friendly and child-safe materials, and a set of castors to move the big, beautiful home wherever you’d like.
DIY Cardboard Doll Bed visit Ambrosia Creative for the tutorialIn its larger scale, you can make a kid-sized house to go with it.
Or, make multiple sizes to fit every doll and action figure in your house, then put them in a dollhouse! The open, vertical design is ideal for smaller spaces, as it can be stored against the wall without missing any of the fun. DIY Cardboard Dollhouses Made By Kids via Doce Menos DiezSome dollhouses are meant for parents to make for their kids. With a bit of decorative paper, gift wrap, metallic tape, and spray paint, the house is decorated stunningly to please the dolls pigs that inhabit it! DIY Shoebox Dollhouse via Aprill AprillI just love the free-wheeling creation and decorations of this lovely house. With interchangeable backdrops and accessories, this vintage suitcase becomes a unique, space-saving dollhouse with unlimited options for customization! This incredible felt board with movable furniture pieces and accessories can be hung on a wall and takes up no floor space! Sewn to perfection, this imaginative DIY dollhouse idea has endless options for making your dream dollhouse with no limitations.
Taking 11 months to complete (you can see how it was made here), the detail in this DIY mouse house is exquisite. While you may not have 11 months, there are a lot of great DIY tips and ideas from this masterpiece to inspire you.I don’t know about you, but these impressive and creative DIY dollhouses make me want to run out and find some dollhouse-making supplies (despite the fact that I do not have any kids to make it for)! The beauty of making your own DIY dollhouse is that you can be as imaginative and whimsical as you were when you were a child and truly tailor the dollhouse to the interests of your kids.You have a long holiday weekend ahead of you, so channel your inner child and have a TON of fun making a DIY dollhouse!

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