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Take a few minutes of your time to design your perfect door, including door design, colour, glazing options and hardware. To find your nearest installer, simply enter your postcode or town in the box below and click the search button.
Alternatively you can talk one-to-one with one of our advisors by calling 0844 815 6591 during normal office hours.
The Bowater fully framed composite front door range is the perfect choice for homeowners who want the look and feel of a quality timber door but without the drawback of continual maintenance. Featuring 21 outstanding designs, five colours and two woodgrain effects (with matching frame if required) and over 3000 glass options a€“ your choice of door style is limitless.
Enhance your home with a stunning new UPVC or Composite Door from Bowater Doors featuring the ultimate in UPVC front door styling, security and thermal performance.
Constructed using a glass reinforced polymer (GRP) skin that provides the natural look of their traditional timber counterparts with none of the maintenance draw backs, this method of manufacture ensures that they will not warp or crack and eliminates the need for regular painting to keep looking at its best. See our full range of door styles and sign up to try our door designer to create a made to measure front door which perfectly complements your home.
All our doors are manufactured and supplied to order here in the UK and fitted using our approved installer network, giving you complete peace of mind that your new composite door will be covered by our 10 year performance guarantee. We all know that it’s good to be green and by making a few changes around the home, we can do our bit for the environment without too much effort – and we could save some money to boot! When looking at replacing their windows, many homeowners do not consider that they also need to be replacing their front door.
If you would like a quote for any of our composite front doors, then please provide us with your contact details and someone will be in touch very soon. PlatinumNRG offer you premium quality, British designed and manufactured windows, doors and conservatories installed by our network of exclusive PlatinumNRG partners. My wife and I had the dubious pleasure of locking ourself out of not only our front door, but also our back door. Would be burglars with such devices can be thwarted by always locking your split spindle doors from the outside when leaving home. The simple solution to not locking yourself out is to either never leave a key in the lock on the inside of a double glazed or triple glazed door or to have a lever lever handle which does not have a split spindle, meaning the door is only locked once it has been locked from either the inside or outside.

Don’t think that lever lever door owners are immune from locking themselves out, as if they do lock a multi-locking double glazed door from the inside and exit the property by another means (say a front door off the latch), they will be unable to get in through the locked lever lever door whilst the key remains in the inside lock. The same rules apply to the master leaf on French doors, so when considering replacement French doors or replacement residential front or back doors, do think carefully which locking mechanisms you would prefer, and whether you want an additional mortice lock or thumb turn as well as the standard door multi-locking systems now required by UK insurance companies and British Standards.
New double glazed door and triple glazed doors are highly secure, but can be too secure for one’s own good if one does opt for a front door with a split spindle (which the majority of home owners tend to) and then like me stupidly leave a yale type key in the lock on the inside, forget it’s there and exit the premises, locking oneself out! We mentioned on Monday that we'd be rolling out a change to the menu to bring the heading under the Talk To menu. However - the company have queried the pull bar design and would prefer a lever style handle as this would enable a better locking system (5 point?) compared to the single key used. Sorry - we are due to meet with them tomorrow and would like some feedback before we make a decision on the styling. If someone is going to break in, I don't think a 5 point locking system will stop them anyway!
The London Door Company is renowned for making the highest quality period and contemporary doors to complement London’s vast architectural styles. We will also pass your details onto your nearest Bowater Installers who will get in touch to discuss your front door project with you. Visit Bowater trade area to find out the great benefits of joining the Bowater installer scheme. Sometimes the door can still look really good, has been looked after and is still in keeping with the look of their house. They are nervous to move away from the front door they have always loved, to choose what they think could be a modern, perhaps plain front door with no character.
The composite front doors we manufacture and are fitted by our top class installer partners, are secure and available in various designs and finishes that it will be hard for your visitors to tell whether it is a traditional timber design or a modern composite front door. Please take a look at our door configurator – a totally free design tool where you can choose different options and colours to see exactly what you would like for your front door.
Given I work at a double glazing manufacturers and installers and am aware of the dangers I felt like a complete doughnut.
Very simple, we left the door key in the lock on the inside of the door and then proceeded to exit the property. Many unwitting home owners with a split spindle assume no one can get in by the act of simply closing the door.

The only downside of lever lever mechanisms is that when unlocked, anyone can open the door and walk into your property. A mini-guide Hazlemere Windows Hailed As Inspirational In Exclusive List What to Expect from the Hazlemere Installations Team Download our latest brochureDownload now All content © Hazlemere Window Company Ltd Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
If it is very exposed to the main street, than maybe a 5 point locking system would be best. Our front doors never compromise on security or style, enhancing your home whilst adding value to your property. Likewise, the security is not always a thought as the look is still a really important factor for a front door.
More embarrassingly it was not the first time we have managed to lock ourselves out of our Buckinghamshire double glazed home!Never leave a door key on the inside!
Once outside and the door closed, we were unable to get back in by using the spare key, as those UK home owners with split spindle multi-locking double glazed doors who have done the same thing will know.
Obviously if you don’t have a letterbox near your front door, thieves would need to smash both panes of toughened glass before they could depress the door handle. That said, most UK householders tend to prefer lever lever handles on double glazed back doors and kitchen doors for ease of access to and from the garden, garage or patio area etc. But if it's any way private at all, I don't think a 5 point system would make any difference as it would probably be easier to just break the glass. There's gonna be a lot of glazing to either side of the door, so you have raised the same issue as my better half did-just a case of smashing the glass. Whether you have a UPVC, aluminium or composite front door or back door, leaving the key on the inside is fatal if you have a split spindle, which effectively means you cannot open the door from the outside without a key or a criminal device that goes through the letterbox.
We will contact you to arrange a free visit to your home at your convenience and will advise you on the best choice of product to suit the style and character of your home. We will then call you back at no cost to you as soon as possible to help you with your enquiry.

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