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For the grass skirts, I also used some flower sprinkles (from Wilton– purchased at my local craft store). May 23, 2013 By: Mel Lockcuff80 CommentsMinecraft has become a HUGE deal in our house, between my boys and my husband. The first step is to bake 2 square cakes; Jacob wanted chocolate, so I picked up 2 chocolate cake mixes to make the process easier. When cakes have cooled, place them on a cake board that’s been wrapped in white freezer paper. About Latest Posts Mel LockcuffMel is a wife and homeschool mom to 2 boys, as well as a lifestyle and travel blogger residing in Northwest Arkansas. Now we’re ready to gift our guests when they come, each receiving their own Hawaiian grass skirts for dancing the hula! Marie is founder and managing editor of Make and Takes, and author of the book, Make and Takes for Kids. Make sure your icing is thin enough to easily squeeze through the grass tip, or it will be very difficult indeed (don’t ask me how I know this). This is such an easy cake to make, and any Minecraft lovers will definitely dig it (no pun intended). This is a great idea (LOVE the Oreo idea!) My husband is definitely a huge Minecraft geek and Oreos are his favorite cookie… so this is an obvious choice! After teaching preschoolers for over 30 years, I never stop collecting ideas and learning fun, new techniques.
It really is important for us to know the right ingredients when it comes to mixing, pouring and finishing concrete, which is known as the most challenging process.

Add a strip of sticky back velcro to each side of the skirt at the back to help secure it to each guest’s waist. There’s always a project going on at her house and is often cluttered with crafts, glitter, and glue. Join me on my next adventure as I share crafts, recipes, travel adventures, back yard escapades, and more. When he requested a grass block cake, I mulled it over for a bit, figuring out the best way to make this cake. The Wilton website gives a great tutorial for how to create the grass, but basically, just squeeze the pastry bag to create your grass and then pull up or away.
I have an old shredder at school and we have a big Easter grass project I was planning for today. I am definitely going to use this great suggestion for making my own colored grass, as well as your Koolaid scented rice and the egg matching and color matching games for our program. However, you do not need to waste a lot of money to hire a professional contractor to help you with the concrete kind of things since I will show you DIY concrete patio and I really know that this is something you need for a very long time. I’ve come up with a fun DIY option for grass skirts, repurposing plastic tablecloths. I like to use the glue strip devices, makes it easy to add glue that will dry fast and permanent.
This can be an activity each guest can do as they arrive or you can have them all ready to go ahead of time.
It was a fun process and even more fun to see the smile on his face when it was all said and done.

The regular buttercream icing needs to be green, so add enough green food color until satisfied with the shade you have.
It works like a charm to create beautiful patches of green grass for the top of the grass block cake. The secret to making the chocolate buttercream icing look even more like dirt and mud is to crush up Peanut Butter Oreos and mix in with the icing. It’s ok if it looks a little messy, just makes for a more authentic look to your grass block. The hardest part to deal with on this DIY concrete patio is all about how to get the right ingredients before mixing the concrete.Basically, there are three points to consider by the time you want to make a concrete mix and it is important for you follow those things. With the fold at the top, now fold it vertically a few times until you about 5-6 inches to work with. You need to know exactly the answers you are looking for in order to work properly on this project. It’s not like you do not know how to mix the concrete, but some dedication is all people needed to handle this project well.Before you go down that project, it is important to make sure that saving 10-20% of the money by hiring professional contractor is going to worth it in the end.
The satisfaction and knowledge are something you will get by do it yourself concrete project.

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