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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A very popular gift for a new home, wood 5th wedding anniversary or a special 40th, 50th, 60th birthday, or just to keep the door open in your own house. Acting as shims, space-fillers, or securing pieces, and leveling tools, customers have ordered thousands of our wood wedges. Wood wedges are exceptionally versatile, able to be used in a wide range of applications as cost-effective, easily created shims.
Home and office applications – Wooden wedges are endlessly effective and reusable in applications around homes and offices. Pool and Gaming Tables – Wooden wedges are indispensable for quick and easy repairs and adjustments for tables where a level surface is necessary.

We offer finished or unfinished wood wedges made of virtually any wood species to meet your specific application or design requirements. This beautiful olive wood door stop is probably the most attractive wooden wedge door stop you'll ever see! Despite ordering several personalised items you turned the order around in a matter of days. These utilitarian components act to improve the function or fit of another item – often at a lower cost than a similar piece made of plastic or metal. Our wedges have been used for:door construction, door installation, shims, striking tool handles, door stops, window installation, cabinet installation, caning, pool table leveling, electric transformer seating, craft products and more. Since wood does not conduct electricity, it is ideal for these types of applications where metal could interfere with the performance.

Window wedges are especially ideal for stopping rattling and creating a better fit in traditional sash windows. For home entertainment fixtures such as pool tables, air hockey and foosball tables, wooden wedges can be incomparably effective in leveling, adjusting, or even repairing these fixtures for extended performance and longevity.
They can be simply inserted between the sash and its corresponding box frame, securing the window and extending the performance of the window, and lowering the potential need for repairs further down the line. They are effective tools that are on average cheaper than their plastic or metal counterparts.

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