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Although I was grateful it would let some light in, I’m not always a huge fan of in-stock metal doors. Then I used the same brush the whole time and started layering on…starting with the lightest brown and some darker browns.
I would just keep on layering and adding and layering and adding until I covered the whole door and was pleased with the look. It looks a little more terd brown in this pic than it actually was:)  But after I got this part done, I added some black around the edges to give it a deeper look and dimension. I would just put about this much on the outside of the panels or edges of the door and then paint it in to blend well.

At first I didn’t paint the grid, but after assessing it I realized it made it look a bit cheaper with a white grid, and did the same process on that as well. Doors are super hard to get good pictures of I have realized, the light is hard to photograph! Just what I was looking for, we just put a metal door on our bathroom, we got tired of termites chewing through our door every 5 years so metal it is, and now Im gonna see how well it turns out and test my talents following your suggestions, and BTW your door looks amazing. I did it all at one time, it was actually quite nice so that the paint blended together a bit better. Doors by DecoraThis door in made from Knotty Alder and is stained with a Dark Walnut stain.

Was this several coats of waiting for the door to dry before layering, or did you paint it all at once using the different colors?
I think it was a picture of your awesome kitchen that caught my eye and so I had to see more.

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