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Since we are planning to move in the near future, I decided to create something that I can use now as a computer desk and later as a book case. I wanted to keep the design as clean as possible, so I used dowels and glue for the joints. There are a number of types of prebuilt shelves you can buy that will work just as good as this. I had Home Depot cut one of the boards lengthwise into 4 even pieces to become the legs and the other two pieces cut in half to become the shelves.
If you want a simple, cheap, DIY sit down desk, check out this desk I made a while back out of pallets. Lastly, I added a couple of cross braces to add stability, and painted the entire thing white. Recently I purchased a new tower PC, and it includes built-in Wi-Fi and I moved the old one into another room in the house.
Once installed, connect to your home network using the SSID and Password configured on your Wi-Fi router and enjoy your old computer in the new room!
Best part about the entire deal is I got to move my mini pc onto the desk with no cables other than Power and Video. That router allows you to do things like plugin USB Hard Drives and Printers directly into the Wi-Fi router in order to make it available on your wireless network. I have that same ASUS router (T-Mobile was giving them away for free if you had T-Mobile Service) and I agree with Vadim, it’s the best one out there. I had a desktop tower built last year and at that time, I had nothing that was wireless, so I didn’t have wireless built in.
I was a bit fearful of the decisions I was about to make, as I’m not that brilliant when it coms to any thing wireless. Recently I set out to find a new desk for my computer to rest on and came across a lot of ideas that I thought were worthy enough to share.
OneLessDesk from Heckler Designs has a 2 deck design and takes up merely 12 inches of space when put away. At one time, you needed a desk that could fit a mountain of paper, a two-foot-deep monitor, printer, and a CPU the size of a Labrador. If you normally tend to work on a laptop, this floating Ledge desk from Urban Case might be all you need. Milk‘s computer desk is another minimalist desk concept that is defined by clean lines and in-built compartments for hardware and fish tank!
The Airia Desk From Herman Miller is the latest example of the design giant’s genius.

The Signalement Desk designed by Germany’s Peter Petersen as part of his Tank Collection, and is made entirely of medium density fiberboard and looks like something from the future. If you are the kind who gets easily distracted, you would love the ReWrite desk by GamFratesi. The iDesk is as sleek as any iMac, making it a great décor compliment to your computer. MisoSoup Design’s K Workstation looks like a single piece of material mounted to a wall to provide a workspace, storage and overhead shelving with the aesthetic fluidity of a noodle. The XYZ desk offers something revolutionary – it integrates the computer right into the desk. What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes.
Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. I measured out where I wanted to put the shelves, drilled the holes, installed the dowels, and then glued it all together. If you wanted something more simple, and something that will still be usable later, then I think a heavy duty storage rack will work great. Mine is actually such a low profile I have to turn the keyboard sideways to allow the tray to slide back in. Since I got tired of having to move my computer, and since I have an iMac coming, I needed a new desk. Depending on your location, you may be able to get away without staining or painting, but in the high humidity we have here it would probably have already rotted away. Well, I had absolutely no desire to mess around stringing an Ethernet cable all over the place, so I figured adding a Wi-Fi adapter was the simplest solution for getting the Internet and home network connectivity. Just plug it into an open USB port (usually the back for antenna’s or front ports for ones without an antenna) and Windows should recognize it and install the drivers for you. So I read, and read, and read as much as I could find on how to make my rather new Windows 7 desktop wireless. I also purchased a Roku 3 for $88 and I am now the happiest 63 year old lady around my neck of the woods! It maybe Outlook, I’m not sure, as Outlook is new to me now also, as I quit paying $60 a year for MSN.
Not only am I saving $110 a month (!!!), I’m also getting movies and TV channels galore!!!
Design wise, I am more of the minimalist so naturally the ones I tend to like also favour this type of style.

We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. The advantage is that I can try it out, and if I don’t like it, I end up with a book case. I think I could make this current design work, by adding a slide out piece for the keyboard and mouse.
The shelves are adjustable, they have a smooth shelves, and they come with decent dimensions (though maybe a little too shallow).
Basically I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make it white like the rest of the desk or stain it wood colored. All you need are some sliding mechanisms (like what any drawer would have), a piece of wood for the tray, and a couple of brackets to mount it to the desk.
I checked out a few of the ones available at the local stores, but after not liking the styles (or the prices), I decided to build my own. Then 2 months ago, I wanted to cut the cord to Charter TV because they wanted to increase my bill by $40 per month. Nearly every TV channel I was getting thru Charter, I’m now getting thru Netflex, and the list of movies will always be never ending and interesting. These minimalist computer desks we are going to feature are light weight, easy on the eyes and most of them are as sleek as the technology they are designed to hold.
If I do like it, I will be able to still turn this one into a book case and build an even better one later.
You may find that the shelves shouldn’t go where you thought they should (my computer was sitting to high when I first tested it). With the exception of 3 pieces (the top and two supports) the entire thing is made out of pallets.
Just don’t forget to change all the defaults and crank down security a bit regarding the WIFI Password, SSID Broadcasting and default Admin PW. Or, if you want to freak out your neighbors, call it something like NSA SURVEILLANCE DRONE 7.
My friend had some extra paint left over from painting a few shelves, and I thought the dark brown would be a good contrast to the otherwise complete white. So not only did you cut the cord and save cash but you did it with a two month ROI (Return on investment) not to mention now you have Wi-Fi in the home and more stuff to watch at the same time.

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