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Here’s the more detailed scoop on how we got our pristine store-bought whitewood from Home Depot to look worn and aged on our completed console. But before I got to beat any of them up, my first step was sanding the four edges on the top of each board using my palm sander. In the shot above you can also see some of the fake nail holes that I made using an improvised nail punch (check out the video for more clarification on that method, which I couldn’t photograph since it took two hands). Using a big screw that I found in the basement, I dragged the thread across the board which roughed up the grain. On a couple of boards I did this all the way up and down the length of the board, giving them a really cool and distinct look. If you watched the video, you can also catch a couple of techniques that I forgot to photograph: namely dragging a paint can opener to make long smooth scrapes down the length of the board (another effect that I really liked after stain was applied) and making those nail punch holes that I mentioned earlier. Our materials included rubber gloves (because stain is messy), a cheap $1 paint brush like these (because stain is messy and tends to ruin good brushes) and spare rags to wipe up excess stain (because stain is… well, you know). We made a video of this process too, in case you’d prefer to save yourself all of this pesky reading (and want all the deets instead of just the highlights). The only thing we didn’t like was that we wanted to get some boards even lighter than the stain seen on the above left (which was applied thinly and then wiped away immediately).
It was by far the closest that we got to replicating the look of the pallets (you can see a random pallet board on the left in the picture above for reference). Update – Wanna know where we got something in our house or what paint colors we used? Truth be told, I used to think making wood look old was cheesy, but you did such an awesome job that I may just change my mind.
I just realized the really eerie thing about this is that my dad has this random running joke about my long lost brother – who he happens to call Ernie. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. Subject to wear and tear day in and day out, kitchen countertops must be updated eventually. No matter where you live, a Chicago apartment or a rural Montana ranch, kitchen counters see a great deal of wear and tear. Have you heard the one about The Mustard Ceiling turning three oak doors into a gorgeous countertop for $100? For good reason—it’s affordable, durable, and pretty darn cool-looking—concrete is becoming ever more popular in DIY countertops.
10 Great Tutorials Showing How To Distress And Age Wood - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Many people like to DIY things like a hobby and also have the pleasure for their own creations. It was sort of a one-two punch of distressing wood + staining it that really did the trick. Basically, I winged it by trying a handful-ish of techniques that looked cool and then used them sporadically throughout my pile. For starters, I picked out as many pieces of wood from Home Depot that already had flaws or interesting details to them – knots, chips, dark stripes, whatever. This wore down the crisp edge into a rounder and smoother one, so they looked older right off the bat.

I actually did this to each piece (besides sanding, it’s the only thing I did on all of them). Since stain catches and collects in all of these dents and dings, it tends to accentuate them (which is a good thing, in this case). Whitewood or pine is relatively soft, so it’s easy to leave some dents with just a few light bangs.
After sanding it down again it really started to look like the wood was slightly rotted, just like some of the spots on the pallets that we couldn’t use (more on that here). But since this kind of thing is my idea of fun, I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. And for more of that varied and timeworn feeling, Sherry tag-teamed the boards with two different stain colors – Ebony by Minwax, and Dark Walnut by Minwax (which we already had from staining the bottom of the console). Keeping in mind that we wanted a fair amount of variation from board to board, Sherry did a few tests first to see what each of the stains looked like with a light coat of stain (wiped off quickly) and a heavy coat (which was allowed to penetrate for a bit longer). We thought the Dark Walnut would help it relate to the bottom of the console (as well as some of the other dark woods in the room) while the Ebony would be a closer match the the gray pallet boards that originally inspired us.
So Sherry pulled some weird technique out of her you-know-what and it ended up working perfectly.
We’ve heard of some pretty cool aging methods with household items like vinegar and baking soda.
It was 100% worth the effort and time, because this is a beautiful piece you’ll be proud of for YEARS to come! I’ll be faux-weathering two interior barn doors we built this weekend and can’t wait to try your method! It’s not necessarily the voice, but the cadence and phrasing of your words that match the way Bert speaks. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Thank goodness that Imperfectly Polished makes it oh-so-simple with a trio of step-by-step tutorials: prep and planning, pouring and curing, and sand, seal, wax and enjoy. Now Domestic Imperfection demonstrates how they can look like a million bucks in DIY countertops. A lot of them also wonder how they can do those amazing techniques to make a wooden furniture look old or have an Antique look. Too much of the top coat came off, so now I’m trying to figure out how to clean up the mess and start over.
That way I’d end up with a mix of weathered looks, almost as if the boards had been scavenged from a few different sources after lots of character-creating trials and tribulations. It gave each board some very subtle dings that I thought wouldn’t hurt across the board (literally, har har). I liked to concentrate my hits in one spot because it looked more organic than having a few evenly spaced out hammerhead impressions.
And after I had taken out all of my aggression worked my new-to-old magic and had given everything one last light sanding (to ensure a smooth and not splintery finish), it was time for Sherry to take over for the staining portion of The Console Table Show. In reality, on a lot of the boards Sherry actually ended up using a layer of each color to achieve a tone somewhere in the middle so nothing looked too jarring. Basically she pre-washed the board with a light coat of plain water, let it soak in for a couple of seconds, and then went over the still-damp board with a light coat of stain (that way it soaked up less color thanks to the water that it absorbed first).

So we were thrilled with the colors and the variations that we landed on, thanks to staining some and allowing the stain to penetrate a while, wiping it down right away on other boards, and using the water technique above to get some lighter variations. And once we hang curtains it’ll soften things up for more of a balanced look (admittedly the room feels pretty hard now, but that should change).
It is one thing that will give the different impression of the house because the continuous decoration update will make the home occupants less bored with the presence of the house. Using the preexisting laminate as a template, the couple cut the doors to shape, before sanding and staining them for a rough-hewn yet refined look. There are many ways to achieve the effect of well worn, aged, and antique wood on your furniture. On another site, I saw someone using the side of a candle to rub the edges, and that technique might work a lot better for sloppy folks like me. For those who’d like more info, you can see this entire technique in action on the staining video. It can improve the feeling of comfortable stay in the house especially the interior area of the room. That said, The Home Project managed to install stainless steel DIY countertops for under $500! There are many ways to make a wood have the aged look, and depend on the kind of wood you have and if it’s a hard or soft one. The starting point, as you probably recall, was a pristine pile of freshly bought 1 x 4″s that I cut into 2 foot lengths.
Other unlikely countertop materials include pebbles, vase gems, coasters and license plates. We found  some amazing tutorials for you so that you can see these ways and decide what you like and what fits in your DIY skills. It can be done through the various things such as adding the special touch to the decoration elements of the room. For wood, either apply a new stain or experiment with a distressed finish, following in the footsteps of the Buckhouse blog. You can also making the redecoration process so that it will give you much new impression without reducing the balance of the decoration budgets.You can use the wooden furniture as one of the object in home decorating ideas. The wooden elements can be used as the alternative decoration elements that fully customizable. You can try the distressing wood idea in order to gain the better decorative touch for the wooden furniture.
The fist of the simple thing that you can do in order to change the appearance of the wood is by using paint, stain or Vaseline in order to get the distressed wooden elements performance.It will not only simpler and easy, it will give you many advantages in relation to the decorative visual appearance of the room.
After the desired color of the paint dry, you can polish it by applying a little bit damage that can be revealed through the hammer or nail.
It is also can be more effective to use the sandpaper as the alternative tools to realize the distressed feeling.

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