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Items that normally might have been thrown away found new uses in a student exhibit in March at Plantasia, Western New York’s premier garden and landscape show. Aluminum cans became plant tags, coat hangers helped support vining plants and pallets became an A-frame vertical planter and an entire suite of patio furniture! The exhibit was created by students in the horticulture programs at Niagara County Community College (NCCC) and the adult education program at McKinley High School as well as the day program at McKinley High School.
The exhibit received three awards at Plantasia: the Buffalo Spree Award for Best Landscape, Best Garden in the small garden category and Best use of Water in the small garden category (the exhibit included a hydroponics demonstration).
With the second style, you take the lid of an aluminum can, poke a small hole in the lid and thread it onto a shepherd’s hook made of a piece out of a wire coat hanger. My favorite idea, though, was to take the entire can and poke it upside-down into the dirt. Tip: Dan Robillard, horticulture teacher at McKinley High School day program and adult education, pointed out that the students mixed in many vegetable plants among the ornamental plants– and it looked lovely! In order to prevent the spread of insects that might be living in the wooden pallet (and thereby prevent the spread of invasive species), pallets are treated to kill the insects.
The wood can be treated with heat in a kiln or oven, or it can be treated with a chemical called methyl bromide. According to this post on Instructables, pallets now need to be stamped to show which method was used to treat the wood.
The A-frame vertical planter was built by the adult students at McKinley with help from some of the high school students and is a simple project.
Simply take two pallets and nail on a brace (a horizontal piece of wood) in two spots to hold them together.
The furniture that you see in the photo at the beginning of the story is also a project that a beginner can handle, said Leshinsky, the NCCC student.
He used a full pallet for the back of the loveseat, seen in the center of the photo at the beginning of this article. The most important thing to keep in mind when building the chairs and loveseat are the angles, Leshinsky said.
The parts of the chairs most likely to show wear and tear are the planks on the seats, Leshinsky said. Other faculty members involved with the exhibit included Carolyn Stanko of NCCC and Ron Callea, high school teacher at McKinley. This entry was posted on April 2, 2013 at 1:31 pm and is filed under Garden tips, Recent events, Uncategorized.
I will use old plant markers from the nursery and use duck tape and make a new front & back, though the sun does fade the writing over time. Cheap Pallets is an online-only store that offers quality pallets at massively reduced prices. Attractive modern garden with beautiful furniture and led lighting spread wealthy highlight involve color allocation, element alignment, blending design correlation and design plan format, which the all part mix simultaneously to make eye catching modern garden furniture lighting. Next modern garden furniture lighting design show up commonly was distribute dissimilar character to environment nearby which is created with multipart design.
The modern garden furniture lighting planner effectively set simultaneously eye catching show up harmonization into a unification to built exquisite modern garden furniture lighting.

Design highlight to be signed about this beautiful modern garden furniture lighting is peaceful character alongside unprocessed design theme and component range.
Attractive modern garden with beautiful furniture and led lighting visualizations faultless stability, clean lines, and widespread simplicity make this pretty modern garden furniture lighting as one of excellent design plan. This outdoor seating furniture is made of solid teak wood, so creating the highest quality furniture, designed by Marmol Radziner to Danao Outdoor.
Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY.
You needn't spend a great deal of money or time making DIY outdoor furniture to bring comfort and convenience to your deck, porch, or patio. With June officially having kicked off the summer, we look forward to a season under the sun.
There are so many exciting DIY outdoor furniture projects on Ana White’s blog, including a simple cedar potting bench.
If you’re curious about, but wary of, experimenting with concrete, this trough-style planter would make a terrific starter project. With over two billion pallets in circulation worldwide, it's no wonder that they keep turning up in eco-furniture, whether it's the do-it-yourself or commercial kind. I’m always running out of plant tags, but I hate to buy them for myself because the nice ones tend to be expensive. The lid gives you a nice, large area to write on– You could include the the date you planted the specimen, the Latin name as well as the common name of the plant, or other helpful information. An accomplished woodworker, he already had experience building Adirondack chairs from standard lumber pieces in his home workshop. It’s difficult to pull pallets apart, he said, because the nails that are used in them are like panel pins (sort of like a nail with the ridges of a screw) and are difficult to pull out. When the students retrieved the pallets, the weather was in the high 30s  and the pallets were covered with snow.
You could sand down the seat and smooth the edges, Leshinsky said, or drape the chairs with a towel or add cushions. Leshinsky thinks the pallet furniture won’t last as long as furniture made from better lumber.
If a plank splits, you can remove it and replace it with a plank from a new pallet, he said. I guess if you have one set of broken mini-blinds, you’d have a lifetime supply of construction material. Don’t spend hours trying to save a few bucks only to end up buying a more expensive pallet. Executing smart design plan tactics and highlight design principle is the key aspect of this attractive modern garden with beautiful furniture and led lighting grow to be one of inspire modern garden furniture lighting design. This smart attractive modern garden with beautiful furniture and led lighting we think effectively mixing smart modern garden furniture lighting design plan, impressive design appear, component selection, strong representation of enhancement decoration and design format supervision. After appear at the attractive modern garden with beautiful furniture and led lighting image carefully maybe you will found numerous unique reference to be realized on your own design. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Consists of low-profile chairs, loungers and tables, which were created with simple shapes, so that the teak wood will provide a natural beauty. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
But if your deck, porch, or patio is lacking basics like tables and chairs, now is your moment to get busy with DIY outdoor furniture projects aimed at making your time outdoors both convenient and comfortable. Whether you plan to sit on them or to use them as side tables—or both—making a complete set is neither expensive nor time-consuming.
Here, it hangs from a tree limb, but if you’re more of a bench person, simply adds legs to the design. Easy to build, even for those with limited woodworking experience, the bench doubles as a bar or barbecue area for summertime get-togethers in the backyard. To achieve a light and lively table top like this one, round up some wood boards and some glass tiles, then get to work following Centsational Girl’s handy how-to.
The small plastic markers are cheaper, but they get knocked over in the winter by wind or rabbits or get pushed out of the ground when the ground freezes.
However, once the ink is dry, you can run water over it and scrub, but that lettering isn’t going anywhere. The post includes a picture of what the stamp looks like and what each part of the code means. He came up with the design for the chairs made from pallets after looking at pictures of similar projects on the Internet. He estimates the pallet furniture will last five to seven years and other furniture will last 12 to 15 years. A quick search on YouTube will generate thousands of ‘how to’ videos giving you a world of ideas to create chic and fashionable indoor and outdoor pallet furniture, bespoke household items, veggie garden beds, garden sheds and many more items and uses, all created from recycled pallet materials.
Equipped with a comfortable upholstered cushion is ideal for use both inside and outside, is ideal for creating the comfortable outdoor seating area in the backyard, poolside, patio, or anywhere else. Either way, it’s easy to imagine whiling away the weekend on this invitingly oversized seat, isn’t it?
Plus, your modern and minimalist result may be used in more ways than one: A patio planter today becomes a drinks cooler tomorrow, just in time for your Independence Day party! When I go out in the spring to see what I have planted where, the small tag is lying on the ground and I’m not sure what plant it goes with. Leshinsky took the wood to his workshop where the temperature was about 55 degrees Fahrenheit and the wood was much easier to work with. If you are looking for recycled wood, factory seconds or used pallets to make your own unique designs and creations-look no further. The solid teak wood not to be easily damaged and rotted, so the outdoor seating furniture is durable, and will offer the style and outstanding appeal. In the future, he hopes to reach out to larger companies by building custom-made pallet furniture, walls and flooring for offices.Check out more over at Palletso's website and Etsy shop.

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