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Computer is also called a high speed calculating machine which takes the data, which process the data and which gives information to outside world. Diligence: even computers work throughout the day they don’t get or feel boredom and uneasy. Incoming search terms:computerapple desktop computermain parts of computerversatility of a computerapple computers full system photo Download Now! Tags: best computer, Computer, computer manufacturers, computer parts, desktop computers, gaming computer, pc computers. I want to make my computer wireless - wtf do i do?Ok, i'm a complete dumbass when it comes to computers.
There are many ways to connect your inkjet, label, or Laserjet printer to a wireless network and make your printer wireless. If you’d like to save some money and already have a computer connected to the printer you want to make wireless, this method is the easiest and cheapest. Pros: Sharing a printer on a network is nearly free because most people have all the necessary equipment.
Cons: Since the printer relies on the computer to connect to the network, if the computer is off, no one can print to that printer using the wireless network. Then, you should see the newly shared printer in the list of available printers to add to your computer.
There are many Internet routers available today that provide additional functionality such as connecting a usb printer or hard dive. This router from Apple provides very good wireless range and easy USB printer setup support and is often called the catelac of wireless routers.
In addition to the feature set of the D-Link DIR-628, the DIR-655 provides gigabit LAN ports for even faster wired connectivity and an additional antenna for extended range.
For those geek enthusiats that require and update on status on demand, the DIR-855 gives you the feature of a large LED screen on the top of the router providing network statistics and current connectivity issues. This is probably the most popular way of connecting a USB only printer to a wireless network. Pros: Generally inexpensive compared to a wireless router or buying a printer with built-in wireless capabilities.
This moderately priced print server from Linksys offers a great list of compatible devices and allows you to print, scan, fax, copy and more.
If you’re looking to print wirelessly and want to connect other wired devices such as a computer, additional printers, or storage devices, the NetGear WGPS606 is an ideal way to connect all your equipment wirelessly. D-Link competes with Linksys with their DPR-1260 which provides all the main features of its rival with an added bonus, increased range. Canon is also in the game with yet another similar printer with built-in wireless printing.
Brother has recently come into the laser printer market (compared to how long HP has been it in) and provided a unique solution. I have a router ASUS WL-500gp connected to an HP printer and would like to connect with my PowerBook G4 to this printer. If I go with the Setup Assistant I stop when it asks me the Name or Address of the Network where the printer is. Hi, I am having a problem with connecting a Printer hooked up to a 10.4 mac to a Windows XP using wireless. This website would of been very helpful while setting it up, however I’ve already done these steps. I am looking for a great wirless printer, as I like to print for example from my laptop in the garden. The printers recommended in this article are good printers, I recommend clicking on one of the printers and look around amazon. Thank you so much – this information was so helpful, easy to follow and I got my printer set up on the network and can now print from my laptop! I have just tried (many times) to make my HP printer wireless by following your instuctions only to get the following message at the end . I haven’t come across that error message so I would reset your printer driver by removing it from the printers folder and re-plugging in your adapter. I have wireless hp printer ,I am trying to photo copy a ducument what I always did with no problem . I think you best approach is to connect the printer to your router via an Ethernet cable (if it’s close by).
Unlike what I’ve found among the Apple Discussion Groups, this is a very clear cut article on how to set up wireless printing.
You see, the neighbor purchased a MacBook that came with a free printer, but not a wireless one.
I have a wireless printer connected to my router and I am able to print to it from a laptop no problem. A few people have asked about that on this blog, but sadly, no such product exists because the printers just can’t support that like a computer can. Can I have a printer hooked up to my desktop pc and also share the printer using a wireless print server. I have several computers hooked up to our wireless router and a printer hooked up to one of our main computers. I bought an apple AirPort Extreme and hardwired it to the brother printer and added the AirPort Extreme to my linksys network. This diagram illustrates use of a Wi-Fi wireless network router as the central device of a home network.
Key Considerations -All devices connecting to a wireless router must possess a working network adapter. However, if all WiFi computers attempt to use the network at the same time, slowdowns in performance should be expected.Many (but not all) wireless network routers also allow up to four wired devices to be connected via Ethernet cable.
The range of WiFi equipment varies depending on many factors including layout of the home and any radio interference that may be present.If the wireless router does not support enough Ethernet connections for you needs, add a secondary device like a network switch to expand the wired portion of the layout. The My Passport Wireless drive broadcasts its own wireless network that allows up to eight devices to connect at the same time and access any content stored on the drive. The portable wireless drive features Wireless N with MIMO technology for enhanced wireless performance so that users can access and transfer files quickly, as well as stream up to four HD videos simultaneously.
With the My Passport Wireless drive users have anywhere, anytime access to their favorite digital content by using WD’s award winning WD My Cloud mobile app for iOS or Android mobile devices. In additional to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the portable wireless storage drive is an ideal companion for cameras with its integrated SD card slot. Computer is an electronic device and it is manufactured with the help of electronic components such as resistors, capacitors and integrated chips and etc. The basic principle is to connect the printer, install the drivers, and share the printer on the network.
The following instructions provide a basic understanding on how to quickly share a printer. You may have a strange named computer, but most networks are small and it should be fairly easy to find out which computer is which.
If you’re running a different version of Windows, sometimes these drivers are incompatible (ie, Vista). With the increased demand of wireless printing, many electronics manufactures are entering into the market and including USB printing functionality with their routers.
Typically easier to setup and the router provides a higher range of service allowing you to move further away from your printer and still have the ability to print.

I’ve provided a link directly to the router on Amazon should you want more technical specifications or to purchase it. Although the expansion is somewhat limited, this small white print server packs many features including the ability to connect a usb hub to the usb port and connect a printer along with storage devices to share. The price is considerably higher, but if backing up files is one of your goals, Apple makes it very easy if your running a few Macintosh computers with OS Leopard installed.
The DIR-625 is D-Link’s entry level router and provides a fair set of features, one of them being the ability to share a printer wirelessly.
The DIR-628 is another of D-Link’s entry level routers and provides a fair set of features, one of them being the ability to share a printer wirelessly.
Besides the hardware upgrades, this router has a better software feature set including better firewall protection. It’s main feature besides wireless printer sharing is the fact that this router provides QoS or Quality of Service support. The downside to this method of connecting devices to your wireless network is that sometimes there is a bottleneck in network traffic. It’s only officially compatible with HP printers (most of which are of the LaserJet series). There are many different companies today that are offering printers with built-in wireless connectivity. In the past, their business model relied on the fact that the printers would be cheap and the ink cartridges expensive. This all-in-one has the same basic set of features as the Lexmark, but the ink costs a bit cheaper in general.
The color ful (yet small) lcd screen provies a quick and easy way to print right from a camera or other device.
Although HP wasn’t the first manufacturer to include wireless as an option for its printers, the setup seems to go a lot smoother with HP branded machines. I spoke with apple care, and they said I should download bonjour for windows, because that is what the mac printer sharing emits. Can I use my old 2WIRE dsl router to convert a printer to a wireless and connect in with my MACs or my new uverse system? I am using Windows XP and the problem I am running into comes when I go to add the printer to another computer. Meanwhile I have a desktop pc which is connected to the router via ethernet (distance to router too far for wireless). I tried using a Linksys wps54g printer server and when I set it up i was able to use the printer wirelessly with my laptop but not my desktop. I can already print by connecting the printer to my computer via USB, but would like to print wirelessly. As illustrated in the diagram, connecting to the router a broadband modem (that has one or more built-in adapters) enables sharing of a high-speed Internet connection.Wireless routers technically allow dozens of computers to connect over WiFi links. When first installing this kind of home network, one computer should be cabled to the wireless router temporarily to allow initial configuration of the wireless features. The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of continuous streaming and up to 20 hours of standby power making the drive a perfect travel companion. The WD My Cloud mobile app easily connects to a My Passport Wireless drive for simple product setup, and once setup the mobile app provides intuitive navigation, sharing and playback of the drive’s content. Whether shooting large commercial photography and video production or just taking photos and videos of the family while on vacation, the My Passport Wireless drive will never let you miss a moment because your memory cards are full. As a storage technology pacesetter, the company produces reliable, high-performance hard disk drives and solid state drives. Laptop would be PCMCIA and PC would probably be a PCI card or USB. Then you just get 'em talking and they all come with easy software to see what is going on. Hope that helps! Other computers connected to your wireless network can print to this device after a proper driver installation. You can also add shared printers from a Windows computer here, but that procedure is out of the scope of this article. If your sharing tab looks like the representation above, select the option that you understand the risks and you want to share you printer (bottom link on picture).
Ignore any MS-DOS naming error message you receive because few computers use MS-DOS anymore. If you don’t see your computer in the list, you may need to check and make sure that all computers within the network are on the same domain. Wireless printing is also very similar to the Express and Extreme, so installing a wireless printer on a Windows computer requires a more advanced setup.
The reviews of this router indicate that the range isn’t as much as the Aiport Extreme, but the features of gigabit Ethernet, USB storage and printer support, and external antennas are great selling point of this router. This means that certain types of traffic can be given a high priority over other types of traffic.
These small devices are called (or supposed to be called) a wireless print server or a wireless bridge for printers. Most of the wireless print servers available today are cross platform (works for Mac and PC).
Some adapters don’t have the best wireless range which can cause problems getting everything setup. The price is competitive, but the limited compatibility makes this wireless router harder to use for devices that are not HP branded.  If you have a recent LaserJet printer though, this is probably one of the easiest to setup and configure.
The black color tends to also look a little better since ink can generally get anywhere and everywhere. This is nice for an office that wants wireless, but needs a good backup solution in case the WiFi network goes down or their’s interferience. You will pay a bit more for wireless functionality up front, but the savings in repair and toner costs will save you money down the road.
Getting to know what that address is can be one of the hardest things when configuring a wireless printer. When I click on the printer, it brings up a window for a username and password and I never did make a username and password. Without the support of a manufacturer, like HP, designing something that would work in the manner you described is near impossible. My question is can I print from the desktop through my ethernet connection to router and so the wireless printer? A computer network is basically a group of computers that are connected via a physical bunch of cables, or via wireless equipment.Let's first look at a traditional computer network. Nearly any residential wireless router will have no trouble supporting the number of wireless devices found in typical homes.
For the frequent business traveler to the family on a road trip or creative professional working in the field, the My Passport Wireless drive is a simple way to connect all computing and mobile devices to content without any wires or Internet connection. The WD My Cloud app also helps unify all of a users’ content under a single app and user interface, by allowing access to content on the My Passport Wireless drive, the WD My Cloud family of personal cloud storage, and on major public cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive from just one app. The built-in SD card slot lets users copy their content from the SD card to the My Passport Wireless drive to make room for more memorable moments.
These drives are deployed by OEMs and integrators in desktop and mobile computers, enterprise computing systems, embedded systems and consumer electronics applications, as well as by the company in providing its own storage products. Its companies design and manufacture storage devices, networking equipment and home entertainment products under the WD, HGST and G-Technology brands. Following the pros and cons, I’ll show you how to setup a printer on a wireless network.

Changing the domain of a computer is outside the scope of this article but many resources are available online. It is also possible to install a printer that does not have native Mac drivers (for example, the HP LaserJet 2100) by using this hint from Mac OS X hints. One of the best features not commonly found is the compatibility to put Linux firmware on this router which includes DD-WRT and Tomato.
It also uses the 802.11n draft making transfers much faster if utilizing the storage feature.
For example, if you use Vonage, it’s important to give the phone the highest priority for the best call quality. This all in one printer really has a lot of great features built-in including scanning, faxing, copying, and of course printing.
As a recommendation, if you have the choice of wired or wireless and it doesn’t matter to you, always go with wired. How do I turn this setting off so that all computers on the network can connect to this printer without a username and password? I have managed to work out how to connect the two printers via network cables to the router(belkin) and can connect to this network via the laptop, But I can not connect to the belkin network and my wifi internet network simultaneously.
Using permanent Ethernet connections make sense when the computer, printer or other device lacks WiFi capability or cannot receive an adequate wireless radio signal from the router.Optional Components - Networking the router for Internet access, printers, game consoles and other entertainment devices is not required for the rest of the home network to function. Additionally, when users need to transfer large amounts of data, the My Passport Wireless drive provides the option of using a high speed USB 3.0 connection. Additionally, with integrated FTP, the drive connects to compatible wireless cameras so that users can automatically transfer photos from their cameras to the drive as they are taking them.
The WD My Cloud mobile app currently is available for download for free from the App Store and Google Play.
WD’s leading storage devices and systems, networking products, media players and software solutions empower people around the world to easily save, store, protect, share and experience their content on multiple devices.
Setting up and troubleshooting can be teadous when finding out how a wireless printer works, but generally after everything is connected and setup properly, printing wirelessly isn’t so bad.
This article is focused on personal wireless networks since they are more common, easier to configure, and cheaper on the budget (most of the time). How do I fix this so I can be connected to the internet and still be able to use my printers? Can I use the bluetooth on Mac to print from this kind of printer or is it a hopeless situation? All you want to do is share information between each other and maybe you want to store some of the files in a central server.
Clicking on any topic will jump down to a more detailed explanation with various tips, product reviews, and recommendations.
Some time ago, actually a long time a go, this could have been done by physically connecting these computers together using coaxial cable with t-piece connectors.
If you’re looking to purchase a wireless printer that is also AirPrint compatible, please check out our Airprint printer buyers guide. At the ends of these connectors you would then use terminators to, well, terminate or stop the signal. What is a computer network - BNC ConnectorsYou would connect the T-piece to the computer and then connect the coaxial cable with BNC connectors at both ends of the T-piece.
One end would go to another computer and you would normally terminate the other side or take to another computer. What is a computer network - Simple networkAs you can see, this is a very simple and easy to understand picture. There is also a server just to show you that a server connects to the network just like any other PC. These systems will now share information between them such as documents or music or whatever it is they share. Instead of everyone keeping a copy of the same file on every computer, they can also save the file on the server to keep one copy in a centralized location.
Then tell him this, "I need an Unshielded twisted pair cable with RJ45 connectors on both sides, please" UTP cables are very common in networking. Below is a picture.What is a computer network - Simple network switchNetwork switches are pretty common these days. The difference between a switch and a hub is a hub shares the total bandwidth between all it's ports.
This has the advantage that network packets are forwarded to the correct port instead of sending the packet to all ports. To get an internet connection, you would need a router or modem connected somewhere on the network.
On your PC you just need to setup a default gateway in the IPV4 properties of the network adapter.
We will talk about the setup a bit later.What if you don't have a physical ADSL line, or what if you don't want to lay physical cables from one room to another or one floor to another? I will redraw the above picture again to show you how you can use this wireless technology.What is a computer network - Simple network wirelessSome of the PC's are not connected to the switch via a physical cable.
It's almost become a norm for companies to have wireless networks setup.You can find this technology at airports, coffee shops and at home. It's cheap and easy to setup.We could make the above network totally wireless by using a router than can accept a 3G modem.
I would not use this setup for medium to large sized networks, but for smaller networks with 5 or less systems.
3G routers have normal RJ45 ports so you could easily connect the server to it or you could also put the server on a wireless network.
Let's have a look at how we could totally make this setup wireless.What is a computer network - Simple Network 3GThe router, in this case, can use either the ADSL line or the 3G modem to connect to the WAN or internet. You could also have the physical connections to the router and then the PC's can use either the wireless or physical cable connection. You could also use the router as a firewall and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server.
This means that your router could be used to protect your network from the outside and give the PC's that connect to it, Internet Protocol (IP) address at start up. If you are just going to share files between computers then you just need to enable file and print sharing on the systems. If you want to connect to the internet, then you would need to use Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. All you need to do is setup your network interface card to get it's IP address automatically.
The router will take care of the rest.As you can see the answer to, what is a computer network, is quite easy. If you go into the internals of networks, you will see that it can be quite a complex topic. But this page on, What is a computer network, is just to give you an idea on computer networks and how they work.

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