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The most simple door that a villager cannot go through is an iron door powered by a button. An XOR Gate is relatively simple to make, and allows you to open the door using levers on both sides of the door.
I chose this design because it is compact and simple (doesn't involve repeaters or pistons), but there are other XOR Gate options to choose from if this one doesn't suit your needs.
With both of these methods you can open and close the door by flipping the lever or pressing the button. Since villagers cannot operate buttons or levers and zombies cannot break them, iron doors can be used to lock a house in a generated village.

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged minecraft-redstone or ask your own question. Minecraft piston door is only shut when lever is on, but how do I turn it off with another lever? Can the US military seize a country which has the ability to kill anyone based on the victim's name and face?
So, I decided to make a redstone door but everything I looked up on google seemed to complicated. When you press the button the door will open momentarily, with just enough time to walk through.

When controls (such as levers) are combined in an XOR gate, toggling any control will toggle the XOR gate's output.
Place a pressure plate on the side of the door you don't want the villagers on, but you can walk over to activate the door, then place a button on the other side. It's still possible that they will accidentally step on the plate and get inside but they no longer seek out my house at night.

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