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As a vigilant home or business owner, you can actually make your steps safer without putting a huge dent on your financial coffers by using non slip treads wooden stairs are specifically designed with. Durable and effective, vinyl is one affordable anti-slip stair tread material that you can easily apply to your steps. When it comes to non slip treads wooden stairs also widely used rubber materials for a firmer grip.
A popular non-skid option in both home and commercial complex nowadays, aluminum treads for wooden stairs also provide great traction and support that ease down accidents in your home. Unlike other non-slip no-skid treads for wooden stairs, fiberglass materials make use of screw to hold it in place. When installation of permanent anti-slip materials is not an option, you can always resort to using adhesive tape as a temporary solution. Non slip treads wooden stairs are designed with, indeed, make an excellent protective element. Since my last post where I left you off at the staining of the stair treads, Ia€™ve been a non-stop painting machine! To start off, I first taped off all the areas that werena€™t to be covered with the primer and that was basically just the newly stained treads and the surrounding walls. Once the primer was dry, which didna€™t take long (the stairs were thirsty!), it was time for the 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Aura paint.A  For this project, I chose the color Snowfall White, which is essentially white, but has a slightly warmer hue (no blue undertones). And of course Ia€™m using my favorite Purdy Brushes (I wasna€™t paid to say that a€“ just sharina€™ the love).
The painting around the balusters took a long time and it was the most grueling part, but honestly looking back, it wasna€™t that bad and ita€™s done a€“ YAY!A  Once I was finished with the white areas (the risers and the balusters), it was time to paint the newel post and banister.A  A few people thought I was crazy when I said I was going to paint the post and banister instead of staining it to match the treads, but Ia€™m glad I stuck with the idea, because I love it! I decided to use the same color as my kitchen cabinets which is Benjamin Moore Texas Leather.
A little trick that Ia€™ve learned along the way is to score the joint where the tape and the painted surface meet with a sharp razor. This allows the tape to be easily removed and avoids the paint from coming off where ita€™s supposed to stick (see below where I didna€™t score the joint). Pssta€¦A  You probably didna€™t realize, but check out all the mouldings in the foyer and front room a€“ I painted them white too. The carpet treads have velcro on the back, so they easily attach to the stairs with a sticky back.
I've been wanting to take the carpet up from my stairs, so I was so excited when I saw this. Weave Washable Stair Treads "These anti-slip stair treads will protect your wood flooring while providing more secure footing for you and your pets. 15 Great Uses for Beadboard (including the stairs!) I think this would look nice on my stairs. Every six months the non-stop house projects start to become too much for us and Jason and I realize we need a vacation (usually because we are driving each other crazy). At the Stella Journey home we removed the carpet on the stairs, installing full oak treads and a new oak starter step. If I wasn’t already sold on the idea, then this gorgeous staircase from Take the Side Street would have done it! Since our basement is going to be a playroom, basketball, football, baseball-watching area, maybe I could stencil our favorite team logos? We used to have ugly (or mismatching rather) stairs in our house, and I was nervous about painting them because it seemed like such a big work.

Kimba – Let me encourage you to PLEASE, for the sake of safety, reconsider carpeting your stairs and the area just at the bottom (where someone would land if they, unfortunately, fell). I have the ones from Funky Junky saved and my husband is on board to do that…but we haven’t taken the leap! Next Post Previous Post Make Stairs Safer with Non Slip Treads for StairsEveryone has experienced that heart stopping moment where your foot slips off a step. Here at Polydeck we have several aggregate and colour options for non slip strips so you can complement your surroundings. Our entire range of non slip treads for stairs are made to measure to suit individual requirements. GRIPFAST non slip treads have been designed for a wide variety of surfaces including timber, concrete, timber, open grating and much more. If you would like more information about our anti slip products please don’t hesitate to contact us. Concrete Steps or Concrete stairs are usually the focal point of most entryways to homes and businesses. If you are having a concrete walkway installed, the concrete stairs can be poured at the same time to match the walkway design, texture, and color.
The versatility and durability of concrete along with the very low maintenance required, make the choice of having concrete stairs over wood stairs an easy one. Possible use of super fine sandpaper or light rubbing of steel wool in the high traffic area just to dull the varnish a little, little bit? This material is typically glued on the steps to ensure better grip to shoe, slippers, sandals and bare feet. This material is also great for indoor and outdoor use making it great for patio steps or steps that are exposed to natural elements like the sun, rain or snow. You can install one in place in times when you are still undecided on what permanent material to use.
Aside from preventing slips and falls, it also ensures quality of the stairs for a longer amount of time.
And actually, Ia€™m still painting (which Ia€™ll get to more in a bit).A  After the filling of the holes, the sanding of the wood, and the staining of the treads, it was time to paint the stair risers, the balusters, and the banister a€“ and thata€™s what Ia€™ll be sharing details about in this post. It was one of my all-time favorite colors and can be seen here and there throughout my home.A  Painting the post and railing gave the stairs a unique touch rather than a typical stained railing.
YES, as I was painting the stairs, I just continued right around the room (+ the dining room and kitchen).A  Those oak mouldings had to go!A  My goodness, the house feels so much fresher now a€“ more on that soon.
This collection shows an incredibly rich variety of carpet treads for stairs so you can easily choose the right one for yourself.
It's installed about 3 inches from the sides (and cut out around the newel post) in the Hollywood style, which is tailored and bespoke.
It definitely took a lot of time, because we had to sand them before, but I still feel proud when I walk up and down. Hopefully you maintained your balance and weren’t injured, but sometimes people aren’t so lucky and they do injure themselves – especially if they are elderly or disabled. These add extra grip and friction to the edge of the stair, helping people to maintain their footing and reducing the chance of an accident. In many cases, the law requires DDA compliant treads for stairs to be used, which are easier to see for those with visual impairments or disabilities.
Manufactured by GRIPFAST, the UK’s number one supplier of non slip strips, treads and flooring, treads for stairs feature a near diamond hard aggregate and a GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) substrate, guaranteeing strength and durability for 30 years.

The outstanding quality of our products means they are resilient to liquids such as oil, grease and many other chemicals – making them ideal for industrial environments. You can color and stamp a concrete stairway to look like stone, brick, wood, or many other designs.
The landings should be a minimum of 3 feet wide.Having a deeper tread with a shorter rise will allow for a more natural stride.
While we don't have any concrete answers to your questions, we do think it's the new varnish rather than the wood that is causing the issue. Apart from minimizing slips and falls, vinyl is also an excellent and less pricey way to prolong your stair’s quality and lifetime. With flat and smooth underside, you can easily hold this tread material in place to ensure firmer hold on the steps. This can be easily removed should you have already decided on vinyl or aluminum, rubber or fiberglass as protective element of your stair steps. When doubtful on your choice of materials and measurement, you can always reach out to efficient professionals and enjoy a more carefree home. You can see how they look like in different arrangements, which makes this site a wonderful place to choose from.
And, of course, painting or staining will be much easier on the budget than regular carpet or even a carpet runner. They have worn pretty well although they definitely show dirt–I think black would show an equal amount of scuffs, though. We offer both DDA compliant treads and nosings, which are available in a selection of bright colours to keep within the guidelines but offer you some variety to choose from too.
Concrete steps with an exposed aggregate finish are a popular choice because of their attractive look and non-slip surface.
Whether you choose to have decorative concrete stairs or plain gray cement steps, you've made a great choice.
We suspect with some good dirt tracking in over some time [1-2 months] that the varnish will stop being so slick. A great option for both residential and commercial stairs, utmost care must be done when buying and applying with adhesives. Even if you would never to anything that adventurous, you’ll be inspired by the idea. When installing on your own, make sure to remove any excess adhesive to ensure safety at all times.
This also makes great protective tread for pool steps and other outdoor high-traffic stairways.
Risers should be 4 to 7 inches in height and tread depth from 18 to 11 inches.Although the ratio can vary depending on the application, local building codes should dictate the maximum riser height and minimum tread depth. Rubber as a material is also highly durable making it more efficient and a top money-saver.

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