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If you live in a loft or your home has one or two really large rooms, you might find that room dividers can help you to break up that space.
Create a custom door accessory with this fun Make Your Own Foam Door Hanger featuring a cutout foam door hanger with stickers to decorate it with. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The laundry bag on Martha Stewart’s website was an actual laundry bag, held open by a large embroidery hoop.
First I assembled the hanging hamper by sandwiching the ends of the pillowcase in between the embroidery hoop parts. The tissue is really beautiful and I love the idea of ??letting it go beyond on top, it’s perfect. As long as the hoop you are using isn’t wider than the diameter of your pillow case or laundry bag opening, I don’t see why not! I’ve been mulling over how to make a peg bag – this will be brilliant on a smaller scale!
My husband and my apartment is so small that we don’t have room for an actual hamper. Oh, also just thought I should mention I have two of these hanging up- one for lights, and one for darks. Hi, if you read the post you will see that this is actually not featuring a product, but simply an outline for making your own using basic supplies you can buy at the store. We live in a small apartment, and our bathroom is horribly tiny, so any clothes on the floor make it hard to even open the door.
Im going to make a smaller version with a smaller hoop and altered pillowcase to use for plastic grocery bags. Would you list of every one of your social pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?
You build a wood or charcoal and wood-enhanced fire in the firebox, so the heat is next to (not directly under) the meat. You control the heat and smoke flow in an offset smoker—in theory, at least—by adjusting the air intake and exhaust vents. To equalize the internal cooking temperature, manufacturers have developed what is known as reverse flow technology.
A more sophisticated reverse flow technology system, developed by Lang BBQ Smokers of Nahunta, Georgia, uses internal piping, baffles, and a chimney mounted on the firebox end of the smoker. But even if your smoker lacks reverse flow technology, you can ensure even cooking simply by moving and rotating the food in the cook chamber.
If you compete on the barbecue circuit regularly or own a restaurant or catering company, you probably own a larger offset smoker that burns “sticks” (wood) exclusively.
Problem: After just a couple of years, my inexpensive offset smoker is beginning to rust and the grill grate looks pretty rough.
Solution: Sand the rust spots with steel wool and repaint the affected areas with high-temperature paint. Solution: Seal the lids with high temperature silicone or high temperature gasket by the roll. Problem: I’m hosting a big family party soon and want to smoke pork spare ribs, but my grill grate isn’t large enough to accommodate the number of racks I’ll need. Solution: You can improvise a poor man’s heat deflector by installing a baffle made of sheet metal or even a cookie sheet. All of those barbecue pits listed are cute, but you left off the real deal brand which is revolutionizing the industry – Pitmaker.

Which means that this is the best possible year to forage from hedgerows and gardens to find natural Christmas decorations for the house. My mom and I are just about to start making one of these for my sweet little boy’s room, Paysen!
Just make sure your hook is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the laundry if you use a larger bag.
We never put wet clothes in the laundry because of mildewing, so it holds the weight just fine. I just tossed sons pop-up hamper in the trash because it got so holey, added an embroidery hoop to shopping list!
I’m a first time mom and I was needing hampers so I decided to try a little DIY project. But nothing establishes your street cred as pit master who means business like an offset smoker.
Far from home and restaurants, it didn’t take much for barbecue-starved welders to look at surplus oil pipe and 55-gallon steel drums and see grills and smokers. Texas metal fabricator Wayne Whitworth, founder of an oil contract-dependent business in Houston, started building barbecue pits to keep his employees busy during the downturn. The heat and smoke flow through a portal into the cook chamber where they circulate around the food and exit through the chimney. The hot air and smoke are forced to travel to the far end of the cook chamber before reversing course over the food grate and heading back toward the firebox and chimney.
Place soaked smoking wood chips or chunks (1 to 2 cups per hour depending on the size of the smoker) or small hardwood logs to the fire. You can buy mass-marketed units for as little as $200 or drop $5000 or more on custom-built smokers. If you cook a whole hog once a month, you’ll need a very different smoker than if you smoke the occasional ribs or pork shoulder.
Hinges break, paint flakes, metal rusts, and target temperatures are difficult to maintain. As for the grill grate, replace it or have it sand-blasted at a machine or automotive repair shop. 2) Throw a non-fiberglass welder’s blanket or space blanket over the lid of the cooking chamber during the cook.
The short side should be attached right above the firebox portal (use a self-setting screw), and angled downward toward the opposite side of the cooking chamber.
We just got an offset smoker from my wife’s ex-stepmother, and I had no clue how to use it. The trouble is that store-bought room dividers can often be either too expensive, too bulky, or just plain ugly. I decided to hang the hook on the lower half of the door, instead of in the middle of the door, so that I can still use a hook above it to hang clean garments, and so that our little girl can easily access the hamper when she’s old enough to put away her own dirty clothes.
If you prefer to use just one and wNt to cram it full before doing a wash then here’s an idea for you. They based the offset design on traditional brick barbecue pits where the fire is built in one chamber and the smoke and heat cross the food in another.
This flow of hot air and wood smoke is one of the defining features of the offset smoker, producing ribs and pork shoulders with deep red smoke rings and briskets with exceptionally crisp “bark” (crust).
So in addition to maintaining the fire, you also have to rotate the food or otherwise manage the airflow to avoid uneven cooking. One example is the convection plate found in popular smokers like the Horizon, manufactured in Oklahoma.

This not only equalizes side-to-side temperatures in the cook chamber, but helps retain heat when the lid is opened. Rotate the meat every hour or so, moving pieces that started at the cooler end of the cook chamber closer to the fire. Start your charcoal (I prefer natural lump charcoal) in a chimney starter and spread the embers over the charcoal rack at the bottom of the firebox.
Replenish the fuel and wood chips and manage the vents as needed to maintain the target temperature. Note: When burning wood only, good airflow is essential so the smoke flavor doesn’t overpower the meat. One good place to start is the Barbecue Board; our community has lots of experience with offset smokers and lots of strong opinions about which are best.
In any case, I always recommend buying more grill or smoker than you think you’ll need—this will inspire you to stretch your imagination and grow your skill set. The last step was simply to hang the hamper by the twine, and then fill it with dirty clothes! Weight is more of a concern for the hook you hang and how that hook is anchored than a concern for the hoop.
Traditional hampers have always been, too big, too ugly, and too expensive, but this is perfect! Now, thanks to mass-market models available at stores like Home Depot and Lowes, they’re bringing their own particular aura of machismo to American and European backyards.
This heavy perforated metal plate slides back and forth under the food on the grate in the smoke chamber with smaller air holes closer to the fire and larger holes further away. This makes offset smokers a bit more labor intensive than set-it-and-forget-it pellet grills, but for many people—count me in—this is part of the fun. Close the lid—make sure the cooking chamber lid is closed as well—and preheat the smoker to the desired temperature (usually between 225 to 275 degrees). The objective is to force the heat and smoke downward, thereby minimizing the temperature differential.
I used screwless hooks instead and it saved time and holes in my door :) Thanks for posting this!
Attach the hoops to the bag ensuring the draw string is not wrapped up with hoop, knot the string to stop it from pulling up so it won’t put weight on the hoop. If the temperature is too high, partially close the vents and allow the temperature to settle; if too low, add more charcoal. It will keep the smoking environment (and your food) moist and reduce the temperature near the firebox. With December now begun, why not make your own wreath to hang on the door without needing to buy anything but the framework? They produce lovely flowers and then chunky, crimson-purple bean pods, several together on a stem, from July until December. Every four to five days, float the wreath in a sink of water overnight to prolong its life.

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