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Adventure Game Studio allows you to create your own point-and-click adventure games, similar to the early 90's Sierra and Lucasarts adventures. The game interface is fully customizable, with classic Sierra and Verb Coin templates provided by default. Set up your rooms, characters and sprites visually in the editor, then add some script to handle game events and you're done! Head on over to the Games page and try some out, or check out the showcase links on the right of this page.
To build your own, custom PC-in-a-desk, follow this all-in-one tutorial for a fantastic workspace mod. It consists of an easy-to-use editor to create your games, and a run-time engine to play them.

You can even create a standalone EXE file containing your entire game, which you can then distribute to your adoring fans worldwide. In order to make your game respond to the player's input, you'll need to learn the scripting language. The Compudesk is built from scratch and is made of aluminum and glass with green and blue illumination. If you want to build one, the discussion thread is very well detailed with some superb high resolution photos. That's right, AGS is free, and you can even create commercial games with it (subject to license terms).
Whilst we try to make this as easy as possible, some people will always find themselves more suited to scripting than others.

But the Compudesk is not just a computer built into a desk with pretty lights – there’s some serious hardware (Intel Core i7 980X processor, two 17”, and one 27” monitors) storage (10TB), and all of it is completely water cooled. Don't be discouraged, just don't expect to make the best game ever in your first few weeks!

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