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This entry was posted in Blocks and Bricks, Cape Brick, Concrete Industry, Green Building, Recycling, sustainability and tagged Building Blocks, Cape Brick, Concrete, DIY Project. If gardening is your hobby and it is always your free time priority to take care of your plants, plant new seeds and keep your garden maintained then a potting bench is a must-have for you.
Once you are happy with the placement and size of the seating, temporarily remove the wood beams. After the concrete adhesive has dried, feed the wood beams through the top holes of the building blocks. Spruce up your garden with a beautiful planter, give your old patio furniture a makeover or have fun creating some eye-catching lighting displays.

Run the cord through the four corners of each basket, knot them so the baskets remain separated and then find a good spot where you can hang them. Use a hanging pocket shoe organizer, a pole and some hanging hooks to make this simple vertical planter. Divide the barrel into thirds, cut through the wood staves and then trim wood to match the curvature of the barrel. Just remove the glass and install hooks to hang he planters from.Gardening projects.View in gallery Did you know you can make a garden sprinkler from a plastic bottle? Get a role of wire fencing and two or three rolls of wooden fencing, depending on how big is the area you want to surround with this lovely little fence.

To make the swing you need a piece of wood for the seat, another one for the top, rope, wood glue, clamps and paint. For example, you can recycle a cable spool and turn it into a beautiful table for the patio.

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