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Each week my 8 year old is tasked with choosing something super cute from our stock of miniature items to secretly place in the garden.
Those items will be  bit expensive so keep your eye out at all times for ANYTHING that might work as a fairy item. The Mac Kid Team and even some family members will be using a program called Body By Visalus to lose weight. Independence, self-discipline, and self-motivation are the three most essential factors for success in college, and it's not a coincidence that those three factors are also imperative for success in cyber school. Pittsburgh CLO Presents: Sunset Boulevard Audiences will be captivated by Andrew Lloyd Webber's fiery story of love, fame and Hollywood in Pittsburgh CLO's debut production of Sunset Boulevard, July 24-29 at the Benedum Center. North Fayette Community days are coming and this wonderful family event is calling your name! Macaroni Kid and Findlay Township are once again joining together to bring you a unique community event this fall that's FREE and that benefits our local Western Allegheny Community Library! Frames of Infinity is so pleased to offer upcoming 2012 Beach Mini Sessions at Presque Isle State park in Erie, PA. KinderAcademy of Kennedy LLC is so pleased to be celebrating it's second year of business with Macaroni Kid and invites you to register your child for it's highly respected childcare facility in Kennedy Township. If you and I can be friends for 2 seconds then I will confide in you that I've threaten weekly to "GET A BIG BLACK GARBAGE BAG" if my children do NOT BEGIN PICKING UP THEIR TOYS. Click any of the article titles below to review information featured in our past publications! Listed below are some of the GREAT CAMPS that we have available in our Summer Camp Guide 2012. Whether you're starting from scratch or trying to bring some order to an existing garden, any landscape can benefit from a little bit of planning.
The best-looking gardens look like they were built in a day, but in reality they were planned years ago and had to go through many phases and changes to finally arrive at their 'finished' looking state.
I planted an evergreen hedge of native Simpson stoppers along one fence for privacy, to hide the ugly fence and to attract wildlife; and another two to grow as trees.
With enough creativity, patience and determination, you can design the kind of garden that others only dream of. I've always kept a plant wish list in my notebook, but have now made a board on Pinterest where I can collect them as links and photos. Make lists of all the plants you have, all the plants you want and all the features you'd look for in a plant (Pinterest is good for this) and then try to think of where they would go. Once you've gotten an idea of what your garden is like, (you might want to take a photo or copy of this for future reference) you can start drawing 'bubbles' to represent the different spaces and gardens you want. Those innocuous little trees in 1-3 gallon pots grow a lot faster than you'd think, and so do many of the other plants from the nursery. Gardens are supposed to be a respite from the busy world, but without enough space for your eyes and feet to wander, a garden quickly turns from an escape to a panic attack inducing jumble of chaos.
Chris Dailey put a lot of thought into the plants used in his sanctuary, but left room to enjoy them. Chris Dailey's backyard has no lawn and only a small patio, but it has lots of spots where visitors and himself can rest their weary legs.
So keep that bottle tree in the backyard where only a privileged few can enjoy its unique beauty. A big chunk of my own yard, for example, is rootbound and doesn't allow much room for plants, but while it does have standing water during rains, it drains away quickly. This side of the lawn is overgrown with weeds, still has junk from the previous owners and has absolutely no privacy. Since anything you plant now will have more time to grow, it's a good idea to choose plants that you wouldn't mind seeing more of.
Lilyturf (Liriope) isn't a glamorous plant, but it's evergreen and easily massed in sun and shade. When we bought our house, it was absolutely imperative that we had a good citrus tree to feed our family and friends in winter. It can be difficult to translate a garden into a flat overhead view on a sheet of paper, but there are tools to help you visualize the end product as you draw.
Instead, I pulled up the satellite view of my property on Google Maps and copied down the locations of the existing patio, trees, etc. This is a drawing that I started when we first bought our house when I was daydreaming about what I'd do out there. If you're stumped as to how to go about digging beds and getting started once you've devised a plan, check out my post Planting a Garden from Scratch.
Dave ThompsonJune 25, 2015 at 2:11 PMI have always wanted to start my own garden since I bought my own home. Woolly Pockets is bringing the Garden of Eden indoors with their incredible planters for your walls and floors. Woolly Pockets were featured throughout Dwell on Design this weekend in a variety of applications. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
The last time I walked through my favorite craft store, I noticed that they had an entire aisle devoted to adorable items you could use in a fairy garden. Take four long lengths of wire and clip one pair of wire pieces in the clipboard.  Spacing them out, clip the other pair of wires in to the clipboard, to make four wire lengths, two on each side as shown.
I used spray paint for this fence piece so it would hold up in the weather.  two years old, so far! Fairy gardens are the play places for youthful dreams: whimsical settings where sprites sip on tea and roving gnomes come to rest. Designers can construct fairy gardens in outdoor settings such as in a grotto of flowers and ferns or even around an old tree stump. Fairy spaces often mimic settings for humans, and planning involves ensuring that fairies have all the amenities. Designers may consider creating furniture that blends in with its surroundings, or use sparkling items and flashy colors to entice fairies that prefer Elle Home Decor to Country Living.
Designers can find some natural material, like peat moss, from an online retailer or from the floral department of a craft store. Polymer clay, Popsicle sticks, wood, moss, and sparkly items are ideal for creating fairy garden furniture and accessories. Little nimble fingers can easily shape clay into items such as birdbaths, birds, or baskets of food. Designers can purchase the materials required to make fairy garden furniture from sellers on eBay.
April 23, 2014 By Karen Sandoval 6 Comments My first fairy garden, Magic Mushroomville, was so much fun to put together.
Although I love Magic Mushroomville where it is, my second Fairy garden is going to be constructed in a mulch bed around a tree, where I will have plenty of room to work and play.

Lesson Two: People WILL notice it! All these years I’ve been gardening, I’ve been showing the men in my life around to see if they can tell what is new in the gardens, to point out plants and new flower blooms. I finished Magic Mushroomville on Sunday afternoon, after Michael had stopped at the garden center and picked up a few surprises for me. Oh, that sounds wonderful for a dolls house, that would be such a smaller scale than these. There are no set rules for the placement of basin fountains in the Japanese garden and there are many ways to set them up. You can always find us there for lunch and then a jaunt to Giggles and Smiles during all months!
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The days are warmer and longer, the sun is brighter, and the evening breezes are ripe with the smell of flowers blooming. You might have missed some great show announcements, articles of note or great table time activities! Please click each image to find out more in detail about the company, the local representative and the opportunities waiting for you!
Citrus trees went in the front yard where they'll get lots of sun and their fruit won't land in the yards of neighbors. Walk from your back door to points of interest like a compost pile, a patio or a hose bibb and try to visualize where paths and openings will go. Think of other plants that would live in the same beds and think about how they'll look in winter. Just draw a simple sketch of your yard as it exists today, along with any big trees, paved areas or structures that are there to stay. In my own bubble sketch I've made a bubble to represent the open area that gets a lot of sun, the area shaded by maples and neighbor's trees, a portion of the yard that are too rootbound for me to add plants, etc.
Research how large and how quickly your plants will grow before planting them, and give them plenty of room to spread out.
I knew that the plants would eventually grow and need to be moved, but I had no idea that they would grow so quickly!
That's why lawns have been popular for so many years and why 'outdoor rooms' are quickly gaining pace; they provide a place from which the garden can be enjoyed!
Another thing to consider is making sure that the entry points to your garden  (and home) are wide open and accessible. A runaway plant sprouting on the other side of a fence, on the other hand, is a sure way to make an enemy. Chris Dailey keeps the landscaping in his front yard simple and showcases his eclectically awesome taste in the backyard where he can go all out.
My first garden had a dry and sunny front yard and a back yard that alternated between dry and flooded.
If you're just now getting started on a garden, take some of these points into consideration: Size, shape, soil type, moisture, drainage, sunlight angles and amounts throughout the year, what lies beneath your topsoil, your neighborhood's written and unwritten guidelines, and anything else you can think of that will affect your garden's success. You can do this by divvying up the garden into different sections and planting them one at a time, or you can start along the edges and work your way in. While I wait to get my act together and for the trees to grow, I can still use this space to grow vegetables. If you'd like to have an evergreen groundcover in your garden to provide winter interest and continuity, choose one that you wouldn't mind dividing and spreading throughout your garden in the coming years.
Rather than just buy any old citrus, I did my research and decided upon one that would be cold-hardy, resilient and tasty, and shopped around at local nurseries until I found the perfect citrus tree for my garden - a 'Kimbrough' Satsuma - and gave it pride of place in my front yard.
The pros start out by measuring and triangulating the distance between each door, window, tree, fence, sidewalk and fire hydrant, but since I spend all day hanging out with my baby, doing this was a bit harder than I had planned.
My two-year old son, however, is my biggest and most exhausting accomplishment.If you're stuck waiting for another one of my blog posts, fear not! These breathable little pockets of green are composed of 60% recycled plastic bottles and are made entirely in the USA. Links to any page on this blog are always appreciated and photos may be used with a link back, provided that full and clear credit is given to Sherri Osborn at Mother's Home. Wired together fencing like has the advantage of being able to be bent and curled around your miniature garden scene. With a little ingenuity and common craft supplies, children and adults can construct picturesque settings to welcome the little sprites. Flat bonsai plantersare ideal for making container gardens, and builders can stack them to create a terraced hillside, or fill these pots with sand or gravel pathways leading the fairies to their sitting area.
Designers should make a list of furniture and decide whether items can be made with objects found around the house, or whether to purchase certain supplies.
To preserve the natural look, adults or children can collect materials from the yard such as sticks and twigs, moss, seashells, stones, bark, and nutshells.
Polymer clay is a good choice for making these items because it comes in many colors and can be baked or air-dried to harden.
Architects can use themto construct frames for houses, or to construct picket fences and sign posts for the garden.
To make a four-poster bed, children can gather twisty twigs from outside, and glue a palette of Popsicle sticks together. Designers can wrap small trinkets such as dangling earrings or sparkly craft supplies with wire to create attractive wind chimes, or use marbles to make crystal gazing balls for the lawn.
I did learn some things that I want to share, to make it easier for you when you start your fairy own garden. I really thought I had an ideal spot picked out for my fairyland, but as I was nearing completion, adding the final touches, I had to find my inner ballerina and grace that I didn’t know I had in me to avoid stepping on things. And to be honest, I got a lot of “oh, that’s nice”, with looks of feigned interest or silly looks of confusion and “what’s different”. I just found a couple of christmas ornaments- one is a watering can with flowers in it- some miniature chili peppers, a tall fairy that came with a planter someone sent years ago, and a bench from my Lizzie High collection (that might not go outside). I decided to name the pool Brookside, but it needed a creek, because Brookside was a creek fed pool with obscenely cold temperatures where I played during the summers when I was a child. I’ve started, I made a Zentangle spiral, and started putting the fairies out, but then it got to be winter again.
Included is a brief history of the Japanese garden stone water basin and several styles of construction set-up.  With included several examples of the fountain placement in the garden to give you few ideas for your Japanese garden creation! He claims to have flown by the seat of his pants and just uses the space to play around, but given that he's the horticulture manager at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, one would suspect that he knows what he's doing.
While planting these trees and shrubs didn't take a lot of work, I put a lot of thought into the plants themselves and where they would be planted since they'll be there for many years to come. Are you wanting to grow your own veggies, show off a collection of plants or just create a peaceful place to kick back at the end of the day? Now make a list of plants to use with winter interest, and while you're at it, plants with spring, summer and fall interest.

Now lightly draw an outline around any areas that are shady, wet, dry, rocky, rootbound or have a steep slope, as well as any issues you'd like to resolve such as poorly drained areas or eyesores.
Within those bubbles I was able to plan a shade garden, paths, areas for sitting, a lawn and hedges. This doesn't mean that you have to let weeds or mulch occupy the empty spaces between them, however. I've even had to turn off the fountain so that the water doesn't drain away on the plant's leaves.
If you're the impatient type who wants to instantly replace all of your grass with other plants, this is a good excuse to take your time.
It's tempting to plant all along the edge of the driveway (I'm guilty of this one) but is there enough room for visitors to get out of their cars?
Before you try to recreate the towering cobalt blue bottle tree you saw on Pinterest right along your fence, consider what your neighbor  might think of this garden art. There are so many fun and creative things I'd love to do in my front yard, but the truth of the matter is that others in my neighborhood are affected by my garden too. If you'd like to build a garden shed in the corner of your yard but don't yet have the funds, plant something that will be easy to destroy when you hustle up enough cash.
If you want to replace a lawn with gardens, you can also slowly chip away at them by planting island beds and borders and extending them until there's nothing more than a grass path that can be replaced by mulch, hardscaping, gravel or groundcovers at your leisure. It is small now, but will become the most dominant feature of the front yard several years from now. A low-tech but useful alternative for 'eyeballing it' is to stand on your roof or a ladder and take photos from a bird's eye view. A piece of paper folded up into eighths is great for jotting down ideas and plant lists when you're at work, and a regular #2 pencil is all you need for drawing. There is no imaginary landscape architect sitting over your shoulder to scold you for your unfinished and sloppy scribbles, so just have fun with it! Subscribe to my blogs on Burpee, Tuesday Morning and Zillow, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily photos of my garden and art.
I did manage too drag myself away without any of it once I convinced myself I could make a fairy garden using stuff I already had at home. Designers should plan whether they want to create an indoor or outdoor fairy garden, what kinds of furniture to create, and then gather supplies to make fairy furniture that withstands the test of time. The location of the fairy garden may dictate the type of furniture that fits best in the garden.
Artists can invest in modeling tools to sculpt the fine details of outdoor plants and furniture. Peat moss creates a soft mattress, while see-through cloth or ribbon over the bed will give an ethereal look. Searching eBay to find products for fairy garden furniture also allows designers to find pre-made items such as dollhouse miniatures, and see what other articles crafty artists use to make attractive fairy gardens. Around the tree’s mulch bed, I’ll be able to lay on my tummy to arrange things, which will probably make it much less stressful than bending and stretching. I think it looks like it’s missing something, so once the weather clears up a little, I’m going to line the creek with quartz stones. Put some garden boots on those cold feet and turn your yard into a beautiful garden with these 12 creative tricks and ideas.
While the relaxed approach certainly works, it's also useful (not to mention a lot of fun!) to start with some sort of a plan. For example, some of the things that I wanted in my garden were fruit, shade (but not too much), privacy and wildlife. Start your garden plan off the fun way by listing off all of the things you want to create, problems you want to solve and plants you simply have to grow. Eventually I realized that I really could do it all, just as long as I plan out the important stuff from the start.
This step is important because it will determine where you plant your garden beds, make paths and choose to grow your plants.
You can plant perennials or annuals between the plants to keep the space looking attractive and relatively weed-free while you wait.
Whether it's made of turfgrasses, mulch, stone or gravel, leave an open space in the garden where you and visitors can gather or step back and take it all in. Is there enough room for you to walk side-by-side with a friend in your garden or do you have to squeeze in single file? If you'd love to plant a peach tree at the edge of your property, make sure that your neighbor also likes peaches enough to harvest those on their side of the tree. You don't have to be boring; just be the kind of thoughtful neighbor that you yourself would like to have. My current and third garden has it's own set of challenges - erosion, rootbound soil and a total lack of privacy, to name a few - but I prefer to look at these as opportunities.
A vegetable bed would be useful and easily replaced after a frost, while a fast-growing and short-lived shrub would provide height and substance in place of the shed and could be cut down at construction time. If you're not sure of which plants are the best, trust your gut and plant more of the bulbs that you loved in your mother's garden as a child, or the confederate jasmine whose heady aroma brings back memories to this day. You can also take photos of the garden from important vantage points like your back yard or the street, and sketch over them with a drawing app on your phone, tablet or computer. A ruler is nice for drawing straight lines and stencils are ideal for the circular shapes of trees, but the edge of a cardboard box or the rim of a medicine bottle will work pretty well too.
Once the clay has dried, artists should paint it with acrylic paint and then varnish with a sealant such as shellac. Designers can set the table with dishes made from carved-out walnut and acorn shells, and fill them with a clay feast. My husband Michael liked it so much, he showed it to our next door neighbor Bob, and he thought it was pretty fabulous too!
As it turns out, a handful of shrubs and small trees were able to accomplish all of those things! Keep an eye on your own garden and look for any plants that seem to have gotten too big for their breeches.
A congested garden makes visitors feel as if they're not allowed to explore, so open up those paths up and let them wander. The most useful tool you can own, however, is an eraser, and the plastic ones sold at arts and crafts stores are the best at erasing without smudges. While many plants can be dug back up and relocated the next season, it's more difficult to move established trees and shrubs without setting them back a bit or killing them outright.

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