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This family has taken the time to make full-regalia outfits to resemble the four Pevensie children from Narnia (Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy). Gauntlets and chain mail attire can be seen with a girl dressed as a princess in the gallery above.
Implications - Consumers enjoy crafting their own products because they feel the effort required in creating their own items adds intrinsic value that store-bought goods do not provide.
The wardrobe in The Lion, Witch & Wardrobe is an essential part of the story, so I decided to turn my foyer into the wardrobe using a white bed sheet and some brown acrylic craft paint.
Each party guest received a red cloak and shield of armor before being knighted a King and Queen of Narnia. After opening gifts it was time to say goodbye to Narnia and head back through the wardrobe.

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I penciled the outline first, then painted it in before cutting a slit up the middle for guests to walk through.
Although Petting Zoo To U didn’t have any fauns, lions or talking gophers, the guests loved the goats, bunnies and ducks.

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Yes, that’s a rolling coat rack just beyond that sheet with fur coats hanging on it… faux of course! Narnians hopped on their scooters and rode off to battle before slaying the White Witch (otherwise known as the pinata hanging from the basketball hoop).
I opted for the cotton after carefully weighing my options for creating snow, from falling paper confetti to a snow machine- no thanks.

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