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Building your own custom sofa may seem like a daunting task because there are so many frame styles, materials, builders and upholsterers from which to choose. A sofa, often called a couch, is an upholstered piece of furniture with a long seat and arms.
I did a little tweaking on the design to decrease the cost to build (my sister wanted double cushions for the look) and also to increase the storage compartment. Build Your Own (5000 Series) Leather Sectional with Panel Arm & Turned Legs by Smith Brothers.
Our shipping and processing charges are intended to compensate our company for processing your order, handling and packing the products you purchase, delivering them to you, related overhead and other items.
Most purchases, except those requiring Home Delivery or Home Delivery + Assembly service (see below for details) are shipped from our Distribution Centre by UPS to arrive to your home according to the following timetable. When my mother-in-law came to visit back in October, my husband and I spent a really busy couple of weeks getting our apartment together.
Then it hit me…we crafted our own dining table, so why not try to make our own DIY couch that could double as a guest bed? Here are the supplies we used to complete this project and some photos of it coming together.
American made, solid wood furniture crafted from North American hardwoods such as Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut. All our furniture is solid wood or a mix of solid wood with hardwood ply (used typically for structural purposes, where extra strength is required). If you're not taking your bed with you, and not everyone wants to take their old bed with them, you are going to need a new bed. With so much emphasis being placed on using reclaimed materials wherever and whenever possible, making a bed using reclaimed wood saves you money to spend on other essential items for your first apartment. Unless you plan of using your new bed as a sofa you will have to go shopping for a sofa or lounge suite.
ABOVE: Some pine pallets and fabric covered foam and you have a lounge suite without spending or doing much.
While a small apartment may not have space for a full-in dining area, you have the option of making your own dining table and chairs, or shopping around for a secondhand bargain. You will find plenty of ideas on Home-Dzine for making a modern dining suite, as shown above, to something more rustic using reclaimed materials.

In a small apartment, look at ways to incorporate a cosy seating area with a built-in dining nook or eat-in kitchen arrangement.
You will find affordable crockery and cutlery at most home decor stores and you can start off with the basic essentials.
You will find plenty of tips, tricks, techniques and projects in our Beginners DIY section.
Buying a basic set of hand and power tools will set you up for making your own furniture, adding a few accessories here and there, and making sure you can fix up along the way. Go to the local library and get some upholstery books that show a sofa stripped down to the wood. Choose from over 50 styles of sofas, sectionals, sofabeds, loveseats, chairs in any size, fabric, and configuration. We will confirm delivery the day of the scheduled appointment and provide a two-hour time window for arrival. We had moved into a new 2-bedroom plus loft in August and pretty much ignored getting our place in order for the first two months while we were busy working.
I headed to Ana White’s blog, but since the only couch was more of a storage couch, we took the basic idea and expanded on it.
It's a big step for anyone moving into their first apartment, so we decided to put together a guide of things you will need and how to go about decorating your first apartment - on a budget ! Depending on your style, you could buy yourself a secondhand bed and give it a couple of coats of paint in your choice of colour. If you want to build a bed using reclaimed timber or wood, select the best pieces that you can find. While you could also buy this at a bargain price at a secondhand store or online auction, after you have spent money on upholstery materials and such, you could have bought a new one.
PAR pine or hardwoods, foam and fabric and you can make your own sofa or couch for around R3000.
If you're buying secondhand or restoring a hand-me-down, follow these steps for repair and restoration. A set of white crockery can easily be dressed up for special occasions and can be mixed up with grandma's old set for a quirky or eclectic look.
With all the money you saved by building your own furniture you can now afford that flat screen TV and all the accessories for full-on entertainment.

Wait for seasonal specials at your local Builders Warehouse to be able to spend a bit more on quality tools that will last a lifetime. Its loose seat cushions, soft curves and lumbar cushions offer superb comfort, making it ideal for entertaining friends or cosy film nights. If no one is available at your address to take the delivery, we will return the product to our facility. Most complete beds are delivered via our standard carrier; select beds are delivered via home-delivery service. You also have the option of using PAR pine that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. If you need someone to place your new TV and accessories, knock up a TV stand or entertainment unit using a few materials and power tools. If you have money left over, buy a few appliances to kit out your kitchen and living spaces. If you're not sure what tools to buy, visit our Power Tool section, where you will find advice on tools and how to use the tools. We're happy to place headboards, in their original packaging, in any room you desire, but we are not able to unpack or inspect them, or attach them to existing bed frames. I mean, I couldn’t have my mother-in-law stay in an apartment that looked and felt as if we just graduated college.
And our second bedroom was already filled with desks, computers, and guitars so a real bed or even a futon would not fit. Let's be honest, you don't actually sleep on the bed frame and more often than not it gets covered up anyway. Later on in this feature we look at investing in a few essential power tools if you plan to make your own furniture, because by investing in power tools you will be able to whip up your own furniture and decor accessories in no time - at little cost. A plywood frame topped off with high-density foam cut to fit and topped off with a slipcover that can be removed and chucked into the washing machine when it gets grubby.
Please note that the installation of appliances and other electronic equipment is not included.

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