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The extra workmanship and materials that go into our wooden toy boxes set us apart from others. We also offer a range of Bespoke Toy Boxes, which allow you to choose your own design, please click here to see some examples.
Our wooden toy boxes are a generous size, 92cm long x 47cm deep x 47cm high, providing ample storage space.
Solid brass or aluminium handles for ease of carrying the toy box rather than cut out holes.
The toy box base has been kept flush with the floor to prevent small items or dust gathering underneath the toy box.
Each toy box has 3 special slow drop hinges fitted which allow the lid to stay open at any desired angle.
All our finishes are sealed in layers of acrylic matt varnish so that the surfaces can be wiped clean. All the bases for our wooden toy boxes are hand painted in a choice of six Farrow & Ball heritage colours (shown below). The toy boxes can come with a plain natural wooden lid, which gives the box a very nice traditional feel or with our standard girls and boys illustrated lids which are stained and silk screened with specially commissioned, exclusive images designed to capture every child's imagination. If you have a particular colour in mind that you would like to be used on the base, other than those shown or any special requirements then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

The inside of the toy box is also sealed and hand finished so it is very smooth to the touch. We felt that this was an important part of the toy boxes and so decided on a unique way of personalising each toy box by carving the child's name into the wood, rather than simply painting it on.
If you have a special requirement for the carving then please contact us and we will advise on what can be done. We are often asked to supply brass or silver plaques engraved with a personal message which we fix onto the inside of the lid so that it can be seen each time the lid is opened. Wordle – beautiful word clouds, Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. We use a no-nails construction and drill holes for wooden dowels that we glue in place with wood glue. By the way, I first woodburned the details in, which is the woodburning signature style I developed with my Woodmouse toy line and then used acrylic paints. Our robot box is our dress-up box, while our amp box is used for musical instrument storage. I hope you enjoy using these free toy box plans to build your own custom design to match the interests of your little one! When Michael W made this lego table and shared the plans with us (thank you Michael for your generosity!), we had quite a few emails asking for sketch up diagrams to match as many of you like to see a diagram with each step.

It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.
I saw something similar on extreme home make over except they made a bunch and created a bed frame, and full bedroom suit out of them.
I recommend painting the sides and tops of the circles only, this will aid in getting the circles to attach to the top better in the next step. Once that is complete, sand the piece smooth and attach the circles with Wood glue, and screws.
The only problem is that adding those 24 circles of wood will increase the weight of the lid dramatically. If you don't want to use casters, then set the bottom on a flat surface and attach to the rectangular box. I guess I woudl just fill that with a dowel or something to make it appear solid when finished. I guess they could be cut with a jigsaw, but that seems to provide too much variable on how the circles turn out.

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