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Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. After communicating with the listing owner, RH and I made the trek out to what I would call “the country” in Gainesville, north of the metro Atlanta area. If you’re crazy to try this yourself, remember to determine how many doors you need, wear proper shoes, make sure the doors will fit in your car, and bring a friend—these doors are frequently solid wood, so they can be very heavy! I filled the first bucket with warm water and a mild detergent and the second bucket with clean warm water.
While I’m sure Timmy Termite and Paul the Powder Post Beetle would love to join us for dinner sometime, I knew I had to do something to make sure a host of creepy crawlies didn’t infiltrate our place. There are many options for treating unfinished wood, including commercial products like Boracare and Timbor, but I didn’t feel comfortable using them on a headboard—which would be very close to our heads every night—especially since the homebrew version of Boracare contains antifreeze. The day after scrubbing the doors and board clean, I decided to treat the wood using a Borax solution. I mixed 3 cups of Borax into 1 gallon of warm water and stirred to dissolve as much of it as possible. Using latex gloves and a sponge, I coated the surface of the wood, making sure to cover every exposed piece of the doors I could reach—front, back, top and bottom. After treating the wood with the Borax solution, I let the doors and board dry all day outside and then for another six days inside since I had to wait for another weekend to continue the process.
So, I covered the guest bathroom with the plastic drop cloth and brushed down the wood board in the tub. I brushed down the doors, with the key word being brushed down. Downward strokes ensured that the crystals and any remaining dirt fell down onto the drop cloth instead of flying through the air.
If I wanted to stain the wood, I would have done that after thoroughly cleaning the wood from the Borax treatment.
The true test came when I moved the decorative pillows that were leaning up against the doors. We fell in love with barn-style track systems that are hanging gorgeous doors in and on all the design magazines and websites right now.
So Scott spent weeks designing and putting them together himself, for a total of less than $120 (not including tools). He is so extremely thorough and pays so much attention to detail it kinda makes my head spin. Click here to access the materials list, which includes the tools needed (the big ones being a miter saw and bench grinder). To start, you’re going to attach the track wheels to the bars that will hold up your doors.
The rod and the flat bar need to be held in place (preferably by someone else standing on them) as you continue to hammer the flat bar until it’s folded. Please be careful when you cut the excess off at the top near the wheel that you don’t hit the wheel with the blade. The key ingredients for the track system are the wooden backboard, the steel track, and the spacers between the two, which rest atop the washers. For two or more doors, you’re probably not going to find a steel piece long enough to have a continuous track. To make our own spacers, we bought a steel pipe and cut it to length using the miter saw with the masonry blade. We left specific measurements out of the track design because it’s going to vary based on your specific use. If you want to stop the doors in the center of the track, repeat this process with two stoppers in the middle like we did. We aren’t including instructions on how to make the doors in this tutorial, though we hope to have them up shortly in a separate tutorial. We laid the doors back down to get them out of the way, and Scott used that line to attach the track to the wall, lining the top of the back board up to the line.
To attach the wheels and bars to the door, we set the doors back on the drywall sheet, and I held them against the closet as Scott placed the wheels over the track and marked where he wanted them to be bolted to the doors. You’re going to have to re-measure for each wheel because the measurements may vary slightly. One final safety feature we added to ours (after my many visions of our rambunctious children somehow managing to pull the doors down on top of themselves) are these back door roller assembly pieces and an aluminum c-channel strip.
The rollers attach to the wall, near the corner of the door opening, and the c-channel strip runs the width of the door along the backside. While we tried to be as thorough as possible with this, it’s certainly possible we missed some things, so please chime in in the comments section with any questions you have. Christina - I wish your husband would consider actually making the hardware system and selling it on Kickstarters.
I am not a handiperson, nor is my spouse, so we can’t do what your husband does here. Cathy Minner - We just bought the barn door hardware and paid the $400 and yours is just as good. Round Barn Door Track - […] DIY Barn Door Track Tutorial Between the hardwood floors, our entire home office, the kitchen table, and now these closet doors, hung from a barn-style track system that he designed and engineered himself, we have saved tens of thousands of dollars to get such custom touches in our home. I thought I would share what I’m doing with my limited budget (after the recent price increases in materials over the last month). If youre hanging a rod inside the window trim you dont have to find any studs or any solid wood to screw into?
No matter whether it’s the bedroom, kitchen or the garage, a good barn door kit is enough to escalate the interior of the house to an altogether new level. Developing your own replacement wooden shed doorways using a good established of ideas will aid anybody resolve their greatest problem them self. Drop Doors cause much more problems for the get rid of proprietor then anything at all else. Some folks may complain about skylights leaking and which is from incorrect set up and can be mounted by re-installing it the correct way. The problems begins with poor development of the unique door and is multiplied by the get rid of operator not using proper treatment of an presently poor high quality door. When this occurs, extra force is used to open and near them and that loosens all the fasteners that keep the doorways with each other resulting in a door that appears to be slipping apart. Even although get rid of doorways cause complications that no a single wants, negative doorways is not a reason to get rid of the drop. Because of this, it helps make a lot of feeling to maintain the doorways repaired or to replace them when needed.
A good established of drop door ideas will have a material, components and resources necessary list to present you what you will be endeavor before you begin. They must also have a stage by step plan that points out how to construct the body of the door and how to set up the trim pieces as well as how to install the hardware.
And last but not minimum the drop ideas ought to clarify how to put in your new picket shed doors. Shield the worth of your property and substitute rotten, sagging and un-safe doorways before the poor weather conditions sets in..

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As new college students are getting ready to move into their dorms and campers are getting ready for their summer fun, demand for furniture for dorms & quarters and summer camps is at its seasonal high. Often, no matter where you purchase your bunk beds they are made by the same source and just packaged under private labeling. For example, most wood bunk beds that are sold and distributed from overseas weigh in at a slight 120 lb. So when its time to order those last minute bunks within budget, it is essential to really understand what you are buying.
Durable, high quality bunk beds designed and manufactured for colleges and camps are available from contract furniture providers who specialize in high-use environments.
When looking for quality furniture that is durable and budget-friendly, many buyers have discovered that crate furniture has re-emerged as an industry must-have. Solid as a rock, crate style seating and lounge furniture has stood the test of time as a tried and true workhorse that delivers beauty and comfort. Eliminates the need for separate ladders that take up valuable floor space and can become playthings with campers. Years of safety testing and engineering have resulted in a super simple ladder end design that gets campers up and down a bunk easily.
Ladder end bunk beds come in a variety of widths (including the space-saving 30a€? and more typical 39a€?) to fit cabins of all sizes. If your camp or conference center hosts adults or families at any time of the year, the single-double or single-queen bunks are excellent solutions for sleeping both adults and kids.
Furniture Concepts dedicates themselves to filling the gap by creating a new line of "crate style" furniture. For 20+ years, Furniture Concepts has remained committed to providing furniture Solutions for any type of group living environment. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. The barn was an honest-to-goodness barn, complete with the charming stench of horse manure. Because I live in a loft-condo, I’m very limited in the options I have for cleaning large items like these doors. I dipped the brush into the soapy water and began scrubbing the doors down, alternating every now and then with clean water to rinse off the soap and dirt. Theoretically, any pests in the wood will either dry out or eat the borate in the wood and die.
My plan was to lay out a huge plastic drop cloth on my patio, move the doors back outside, and brush the crystals off.
Then I realized that there was no way the barn doors were going to make it into the guest bath tub gracefully, so I moved the drop cloth and set up a little work area in the living room. I vacuumed the drop cloth with my DustBuster a few times while I was working, and when every surface of the doors had been brushed, I rolled up the drop cloth and stuffed it into a garbage bag.
I tried various configurations (the “Z” facing the wall, facing out, hinges open, hinges closed) before RH helped me find the winning look. Since they are white, I honestly expected them to show at least a little red dirt, but they were spotless!
To see even more details from her DIY barn door headboard, or check out her other DIY projects, visit Sweet French Toast.
That said, most of the tools would likely be found in your garage if you’ve done a few home-improvement projects. Scott started the bend by laying it over a piece of the bent angle steel on the floor with about 6-8 inches sticking off one side, standing on top of the steel bar. Hammer the flat bar another 90 degrees until the bar has completely folded over.  Keep the rod in the seam of the bend the entire time so your bend is curricular to allow head space for the wheel.
Using a crowbar, pry the bent end of the bar away from the straight end to make room to insert the wheel.
I held the doors in place while Scott placed the track on top of the doors, resting the bottom of the steel bar of the track directly onto the top of the doors.
These are steps you can only take AFTER you’ve assembled your doors and attached the wheels to them.
A DIY Barn Door Track Tutorial that will leave you with a gorgeous custom piece that looks like something out of a design magazine. Please be sure to leave your comments in the blog comments portion and not the Facebook comments portion since I don’t receive notification of Facebook comments on here and may miss your question. I too have been a fan of the barn door look but price tag steered me away from the thought. An Easy Pennant Tutorial - […] felt and I hot glued them to ribbon to make streamers for our background, which was set against our barn doors in the office.
Today barn doors have become a part of interior decoration in many houses as they look stylish with their rustic finish. One will get a variety of glass barn door kits that are superb and provides a feeling of openness yet dividing the spaces clearly. They save a lot of space unlike the traditional door that are attached to the hinges to enable opening and closing mechanism.
It consists of a hardware piece that is placed above the door to hold the door in proper place. Of training course Mom Mother nature can cause a difficulty from severe wind and shingles acquiring blown off the roof but it will not occur as often as get rid of doorway difficulty.
Yet another principal contributor to problematic drop doorways is the settling of the shed.
The drop is fundamentally built like a house with studded partitions and if the roof is held in good shape and the drop is painted for protection, it will last a long time.
Great doors will maintain the price of the shed from going down and will add safety to the items you have stored.
They ought to also have a stage by stage strategy that will describe how to reduce the wood and the dimensions needed for the different elements. There might be a good chance your present components is nonetheless great so don’t toss any of them away unless of course they are broken beyond fix or usability. A excellent set of programs must cost in the variety of 20 bucks and be in a position to be instantly downloaded in just a few minutes after buy. Wood that is properly dried will have a lower moisture content and will have less chance of splitting over time. The ladder end design still gets a person to the top bunk but a larger, double or queen bed on the bottom offers the space a€?maturea€? campers wants.
Domestically made, solid wood bunk beds from reputable furniture suppliers are always the best choice for the money a€“ you know that you are getting a dependable bed, not a cheap import that might not stand the test of time. So when we saw this salvaged barn door headboard from Sabrina at Sweet French Toast, we wanted it to give it a big Bob Vila Thumbs Up.

It took me a couple of hours to scrub down the barn wood board and both doors, front and back.
This weekend was insanely windy though, and I was worried about the crystals flying into my hair and my eyes, even though I am a safety nerd and wear the oh-so-stylish safety goggles and dust mask while I work. I don’t have any photos of that, but it seriously looked like a HazMat area with everything covered in plastic and me waving around my gong brush while decked out in goggles and a face mask.
The doors are a little crooked, so I placed a single barn wood board behind the middle of the headboard, where the two doors should meet and instead leave a rather large gap.
We searched high and low for a tutorial that would tell us how to re-create the rustic-meets-modern look of this exposed hardware, but couldn’t find any that were detailed enough or produced the look similar to the kits we would buy if we had a limitless budget. Again, use motor oil if needed to keep your bit from dulling, and use the grinder to re-sharpen your drill bit as you work. With a little tweaking here and there I removed a pocket door and replaced it with a 5’6″ door that looks awesome!
In usual case the door is simple and there are no excess gap or lack of space for bifold door structure. You should know about your essentials before purchasing such a kit as that way you can avoid over spending on your barn door.
Sheds are heavy and will settle into the floor throwing the plumb of the door opening off which results in difficult to open up and close doorways.
There is a lot of doors, in a small space, and to get all the way in the laundry room you have to close the door. What started out as a fortuitous Craigslist find was transformed into an incredible DIY headboard.
That might have worked, but I would have been worried about damaging the wood and metal hinges. And hopefully you can understand why it’s taken over a month to get it up after I let you all peek at our doors this summer. To prevent from burning out your drill bit, you  may want to dip your drill bit periodically into some engine oil. You can also use the grinder to smooth out the cuts at the ends and where the holes are drilled. There is a public photo album of my finished product on fb that shows how these instructions can be used to create a rail system of any size.
By getting a sliding barn door hardware kit, you can make your home look very hip by giving it a modular feeling. By getting a barn door track kit, one can install the door on his own without taking help from a professional as that will cost more.
And for anyone afraid of the potential pests, dirt, or splinters that could come from using reclaimed wood, read on to see how Sabrina breaks down the process of making perfectly good materials look perfectly at home in a bedroom. Those planning to buy the kit online can compare between various kinds of barn door hardware kit before making the purchase.
Thus anyone outside won’t be able to enter the room easily without approval from the owner. The flat track barn door kits come with hangers which are responsible for keeping the door in position. Barn door rollers come in numerous shapes thereby giving a customer the liberty to make his selection. No matter whether it is a glass door or a wooden door, the barn door are strong enough to hold them in position.
The materials in a kit may vary from modern light weighed wood to bulky rustic wood, but planning ahead will help a lot in making the right choice. With the availability of sliding barn door hardware kit, installation of sliding barn doors has become a hassle-free task. There are a wide range of sizes for barn doors and hence one has to choose as per his room requirements. It would solve my problems and add some style to my hallway.View in galleryThe plan was to make it 7 ft tall, and 3 ft wide door. Safety and security of the house is an important consideration while choosing a barn door track kit. There is no window in my hallway or laundry room, so I wanted to add a window to the top of the door. I also am going to continue the detailing on the door that is running down my hallway, a board and batten wood detail across the door. They can be purchased at many online retailers.View in galleryThe first step is cutting the plywood down to size.
I used a table saw, measured the sides and cut it to my desired length and width.View in galleryNext was using the long 3 inch wide and 1 inch thick boards. Cutting 4 down to the length of the plywood.View in galleryOnce they were cut, I set them in their spot to make sure it was the correct length.
Using enough to make a line of glue along where the board will lay.View in galleryPressing down for a few seconds to make it stick. Then I have a air nailer I used in a few spots, Just to make sure all is secure.View in gallery Next step is to add the detailing for the bottom and the top of the door.
All of this is up to personal preference, do what will work for your home and your space.I set the plywood down, measured and cut the size I wanted.
Gluing it down and securing it the same way.View in galleryThere was one portion of this project I was nervous about, cutting the glass I had purchased. This way once it is cut I can wipe away the marker line.View in galleryTaking a tool oil and smearing it over the line written. You can snap it by setting one edge of the glass off of the counter and then pressing down. Measuring the length of the glass and cutting them to fit that length.View in galleryThen with the newly cut boards, I needed to make a small cut out line to have the glass set in. So go me!View in galleryThe door hardware I had provided door stops to go on either side of the ends. Moving the door back and forth to see where the stoppers needed to be then screaming them in. Making it as easy to attach as possible.Setting the handle and marking it with a pencil through the holes. And some style, using the white paint and dark barn door hardware makes this stand out so much. Really any style works great.View in galleryView in galleryThere is a few ways to simplify this process and still get a barn door.
I broke it down for the people who are looking to create their own hardware or seeing what it is all about.

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