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If you look at Pinterest, you'll see a zillion projects that people have made with such pallets.
And yes, it'd be ideal if this table would be higher, but I've been unable to find a matching pallet to stack one on top of another. Are you looking for a versatile and functional table to fit the various needs in your house?
Unlike the traditional coffee table, the modern lift top coffee table has various features that give it an edge.
Versatility – Due to the fact that the height is adjustable, this table can be used in the living room and dining room alike for different tasks.
Storage benefits – The coffee table with lift top offers more storage advantages than the ordinary tables.
Styles and shapes – The lift top coffee table is available in a number of styles and shapes, and made of various materials. Very ideal even with kids – Since this table is adjustable, it can be used with kids without any difficulty. Many people don’t entertain too often, so their coffee table is rarely used for coffee or cocktails.

This high quality lift-top coffee table is constructed of wood veneer, rubber wood, and aluminum. Order the Cota-18 Coffee Table in Dark Walnut for $282.44 (29% off the list price) with free shipping from Wayfair.
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I used it to hold a few books, remote controls, a random candle and some dishes from my table.
Then I decided to get a piece of plywood to nail to the bottom of the pallet so that I can actually put books inside. Additional features such as extra compartments and drawers provide extra space to store items such as remote controls, books, magazines and kids toys.
As for shapes, from rectangle to square and round to oval, you are sure to get the exact shape that you want. All these materials can be made into elegant tables, which have high aesthetic appeal in your house.
When you are not dining, you can use the coffee table to do your projects on your laptop easily and comfortably.

He has a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has worked at a range of high-tech companies from research powerhouse Bell Laboratories to leading semiconductor companies and Silicon Valley startups. I guess now I know ;) The screws for the wheels would have cost me about $6, but I had a $5 coupon at Ace Hardware! Unlike the traditional coffee tables, this table has an adjustable height to suit various needs in your living room. Therefore, all the things that you regularly use are concentrated in one area, making their accessibility easy.
They are also available in a wide array of fun colors, the most popular being the black lift top coffee table. Normal coffee tables are so low that they make for an uncomfortable and messy eating experience.
Besides, it is available in numerous designs that can be used to greatly enhance the interior decor of your home.

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